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  • HVAC Degree
  • Professional Fitness Trainer
  • Veterinary Assistant
  • Medical Assisting
  • Medical Office Administration
  • Computer Systems Technician

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Our mission is to provide an educational link between a workplace that is constantly responding to new demands and a workforce that must constantly address new professional requirements. As the methodology of dealing with fundamental tasks becomes more technologically sophisticated, we continuously analyze such development in order to provide training that will prepare our graduates to perform successfully in the modern workplace.

Westech College offers Financial Aid for those who qualify, but don’t have enough resources for books, supplies, and course fees. In simple words, the college gives you all the skills you need in today’s competitive working environment for students of all ages and backgrounds with career options that can be completed for as little as 7 months. So, if you want to start a genuine career rather than working same old, ordinary jobs, Westech College is the perfect place for you.


Campus Locations:
- 14554 7th Street, Victorville, CA 92395
- 22515 Alessandro Boulevard, Moreno Valley, CA 92553
- 9460 Sierra Avenue, Fontana, CA 92335


Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) Technician Degree

Want to work for businesses that deal with residential and commercial HVAC systems? If so, let Westech College train you, so you can earn your HVAC Technician Degree.

The Westech College’s mission is to provide students with high-class knowledge and training with regards to HVAC, hence enabling them to offer their professional services to residential buildings and large, small, and medium organizations all over the world.

Earn Your HVAC Technician with Specialization in:
- Traveling to Worksites
- Improving HVAC Efficiency
- Replacing or Repairing Defective Parts
- Installing Controls and Electrical Wiring
- Testing Individual Components for Repairs
- Maintaining and Inspecting HVAC Systems
- Connecting Systems to Air Ducts, Water, and Fuel Supply Lines
- Using Design Specifications and Blueprints to Install HVAC Systems

Professional Fitness Trainer Degree

Need to learn how to motivate, instruct, and lead individuals with regards to fitness? Enroll yourself in Westech College’s Professional Fitness Trainer program.

The main aim of Westech College with regards to the Professional Fitness Trainer Degree is to prepare students for a career in helping, motivating, and inspiring people on losing weight and staying lean, fit and in-shape all the time. This degree can then be used to open up many new fitness centers and even provide wellness services to large organizations and industries around the world.

Earn Your Professional Fitness Trainer Degree with Specialization in:
- Providing Emergency First Aid
- Demonstrating how to carry out various routines and exercises
- Giving alternative workouts or classes for different fitness skills and levels
- Giving clients’ information about lifestyle issues, nutrition, and weight control
- Monitoring clients’ performance and progress to modify programs when needed
- Evaluating client exercises and directing them with regards to the correct technique
- Enforcing and explaining safe rules on the use of exercising equipment and sport activities.

Veterinary Assistant Degree

Do you want to play an important role in caring for animals in clinics, hospitals, and labs? Get into Westech College’s Veterinary Assistant Degree Program.

The Westech College’s main mission on the Veterinary Assistant Degree is to help students start a new career in helping animals that are in need. Students will learn how to perform veterinary practices in real-life environments and will even supervise different animals in clinics, hospitals, and animal laboratories.

Earn Your Veterinary Assistant Degree with Specialization in:
- Bathing, exercising, and feeding animals
- Applying and preparing splints and bandages
- Assisting in collection of fecal, tissue, urine, and blood samples
- Giving immunizations and medication for treatment of diseases
- Providing emergency first aid to injured or sick animals
- Caring and monitoring animals after performing extensive surgery
- Sterilizing and maintaining surgical equipment and instruments
- Restraining animals during laboratory and examination procedures
- Disinfecting and cleaning operation, exam, and kennel rooms

Medical Assistant Degree

Want to help healthcare enterprises support nurses, doctors, and hospital settings? Enroll yourself in Medical Assistant Degree, which is an advanced program for volunteering healthcare students.

Westech University puts great importance on the needs of appropriate medical care and offers its medical assistant degree with top-class and highly professional teachers to help students learn more about the healthcare industry. Students are taught how to support registered nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals.

Earn Your Medical Assistant Degree with Specialization in:
- Recording and taking personal information and patient history
- Scheduling patient appointments
- Assisting with patients injections
- Preparing patient examinations
- Performing vital signs

Medical Office Administration Degree

Enroll in Westech College’s Medical Office Administration Degree Program and work for various healthcare organizations to complete and assist with clinical and administrative tasks.

Healthcare organizations are in need of more working hands and as the scope is rising with regards to healthcare services, Westech College aims to provide reasonable Medical Office Administration Degrees to students. This way, they can help and assist health practitioners, such as chiropractors, podiatrists, and physicians.

Earn Your Medical Office Administration Degree with Specialization in:
- Protecting patient health information for data security, confidentiality, and access for treatment
- Recording data electronically for reporting, retrieval, analysis, store, and collection of information
- Reviewing patient records for appropriateness, completeness, and timeliness of data
- Tracking results of patients for quality assessment
- Maintaining data for registries and clinical databases
- Using software to assign clinical codes for billing

Computer Systems Technician Degree

Join the Computer Systems Technician Program offered by Westech College and gain skills for troubleshooting computer issues, installing software and hardware, and managing networks.

With the rising computer technology in homes and businesses, it is unlikely people aren’t going to experience technical problems. Westech College’s main mission with the Computer Systems Technician Degree Program is to provide support to users all around the world.

Earn Your Computer Systems Technician Degree with Specialization in:
- Maintenance, monitoring and deployment of failover clustering, network load balancing, federated services, rights management, identity management
- Configuring software environments including upgrading and installing applications, managing files, client devices and operating systems.
- Repairing, installing, and maintaining hardware with expertise to resolve, troubleshoot, and analyze a wide range of IT issues
- Maintaining a Windows Server 2015 infrastructure including troubleshooting and configuring
- Managing, configuring, and reconfiguring computers and associated networks
- Verifying, installing, and operating a basic IPv6 and IPv4 network
- Offering technical support via phone/email or on-site