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Webster University is oriented towards academic excellence in multiple countries sponsoring global programs at a multitude of Webster Groves worldwide locations. Each Webster University location provides programs with flexible scheduling and a diverse academic environment for faculty and students alike.


Obtain a quality education with a higher degree of one-on-one consideration and counseling within a diverse global academic community. Webster University provides a unique student experience that is ideal for personalized training whether it is in the United States or in sponsored programs available in over 100 different countries.


Many students are awarded specialized travel opportunities that promote the core values of broadening the overall experience of students in international scholarships and professional training programs. Webster University curriculum is globalized and distinctive to ensure the most balanced academic progress that get students thinking beyond their own personal backgrounds. Being exposed to a worldwide student body in areas like US, Asia, Europe and Africa provides excellent networking opportunities. Webster's five colleges and schools include:


- Arts and business
- Education
- Fine arts
- Communication
- Business & technology


Webster University is a tier 1 private nonprofit organization with primary headquarters in St. Louis Missouri. Each campus creates a unique and consistently quality oriented academic experience offering convenient access to education for graduate and undergraduate students alike. Students are able to form more powerful and beneficial relationships with other students and faculty as they globally network to facilitate the best possible opportunities. Sponsoring over 17,000 students in a collective network ranging from Europe to Asia and Africa to North America, Webster University is able to place students closer to their passion, wherever that may be.


Webster University's mission is to provide a worldwide learning institution that ensures a captivating and high-quality academic experience that Webster’s students will find transforming. International opportunities- Webster University sponsors programs in Europe, Asia, Africa, Four Continents and North America.


Degree Programs

Undergraduate Degree Programs
The undergraduate degree programs available through Webster University offer a phenomenal array of majors and minors.

Majors include, but are not limited to:

Accounting (BS), Acting (BFA), Advertising and Marketing Communications (BA),
Animation (BA), Art, Audio Production (BA), Biological Sciences (BS), Biology (BA), Business Administration (BS), Computational Biology (BS), Computer Science: Information Technology (BS), Concert Design (BFA), Costume Construction (BFA), Costume Design (BFA), Criminology (BA), Cultural Anthropology (BA), Dance (BA/BFA), Directing (BA), Economics (BA), Education, English (BA), Entrepreneurship (BA), European Studies (BA), Exercise Science (BS), Film, Television & Video Production (BA), Film Studies (BA), Finance (BS), French (BA), Games and Game Design (BA), General Studies (BA), German (BA), Global Journalism (BA), History (BA), Information Management (BS), Information Systems (BS), Interactive Digital Media (BA), International Human Rights/Relations/Studies (BA), Journalism (BA), Legal Studies (BA), Lighting Design (BFA), Management (BA), Mathematics (BA/BS), Media Communications (BA), Mobile Computing (BS), Music (BA/BM), Musical Theatre (BFA), Nursing (RN to BSN), Philosophy (BA), Photography (BA), Political Science (BA), Professional Writing (BA), Psychology (BA/BS), Public Relations (BA), Religion (BA), Scene Design (BFA), Scene Painting (BFA), Scriptwriting (BA), Self-designed Interdisciplinary Major (BA), Sociology (BA), Sound Design (BFA), Spanish (BA), Speech Communication Studies (BA), Sports Communications (BA), Stage Management (BFA), Technical Direction (BFA), Theatre Studies and Dramaturgy (BA), Wig and Makeup Design (BFA) and Women and Gender Studies (BA).

Graduate Degree Programs
The graduate and postgraduate programs at Webster University include certification and degree programs in Masters degrees, educational specialist degrees (EdS), doctoral programs and certificates.
Masters degree programs include:
- George Herbert Walker School of Business & Technology
- School of Communications
- Leigh Gerdine College of Fine Arts
- School of Education
- College of Arts & Sciences
- Educational Specialist
Educational Specialist Degrees (EdS) include:
- Applied Educational Psychology: School Psychology (EdS)
- Educational Leadership (EdS)
- Educational Technology Leadership (EdS)
- School Systems, Superintendency and Leadership (EdS)

Doctoral Programs
Doctoral degree programs through Webster University include:
- Doctor of Management (through the George Herbert Walker School of
- Business & Technology)
- Doctor of Education (through the School of Education)


Certification Programs
Webster University offers a wide array of certification opportunities at the undergraduate and graduate level. Areas of certification include:
- Technology & Business
- Digital Media & Communication
- Healthcare
- Education
- Cultural Studies
- Fine Art


Financial Aid

Webster University is committed to making every effort to address the personal financial considerations of every student. Through a variety of grants, scholarships, loans and work-study programs, Webster University bends every effort to help students make steps towards accessing the opportunities and degree programs they are passionate about. The financial aid programs availability include FAFSA counseling, eligibility assessment and application services. Webster University provides free assistance and consultation with FAFSA application forms and other grant/scholarship forms and application processes.


School Admissions

Prospective/current students are considered eligible whether or not their status is:
-U.S. citizen
-U.S. national
-Permanent Resident
-Residing permanent in Trust Territory of Pacific Islands, Commonwealth or Northern Mariana Islands.
-Attending Webster University on a part time basis at least.


Webster University provides unique access to degree seeking students through a variety of opportunities and course scheduling options Freshman have the opportunity to choose from over 100 areas of study in extensive programs both in America and abroad. Webster University offers campus visits and tours, admission services, student housing, financial aid and everything a freshman needs to get started.


Transfer students are similarly welcome in the Webster community as they transfer from community colleges or other 4-year universities. Webster works to assist in student orientation and free evaluation of transfer credits, necessary prerequisites and required remaining credits.


Evening students have access to a wide array of certificates, majors and minors. Each in-depth study course is centered on one subject in an all-encompassing and comprehensive course administered over an 8-week period. Webster University offers five terms per year in January, March, June, August and October.


International students coming to the United States or attending programs overseas in one of Webster’s many international locations will be welcomed with open arms. Webster’s commitment to global education allows students to get the most out of their learning experience from all sides of the compass.