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Vatterott College


Vatterott College

Established in 1969, Vatterott College is a training institute which offers programs in the fields of Veterinary, Personal Fitness, Legal, Dental, Cosmetology, Trades, Technical, Medical and Business, with continuing education and career opportunities. It is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC) with a mission to “provide quality career training to students seeking career skills for a better life”, hence offering variety of training programs that are industry-relevant and accredited.

It is owned by the private equity firm, TA Associates, and is operated by Vatterott Education Centers, serving a diverse student population across 19 different locations in 9 states. It also caters to a vibrant online community and offers distance learning programs, known as ‘eCompanion Courses’, which enable students to earn degrees, diplomas, and credits online. The college also believes in providing accelerated and focused training to students and this is why it only hires qualified and certified instructors that have years of experience working as technicians in their fields.


Campus Locations:
- 5025 E Royalton Rd, Broadview Heights, OH 44147
- 7730 Carondelet Avenue, Suite 400 Clayton, MO 63105
- 7000 Fleur Dr, Des Moines, IA 50321
- 110 Commerce Ln, Fairview Heights, IL 62208
- 809 Illinois Ave, Joplin, MO 64801
- 4131 N Corrington Ave, Kansas City, MO 64117
- 8580 Evans Ave. St Louis, MO 63134
- 5537 Northwest Expy, Warr Acres, OK 73132
- 3609 N Marx Dr, Quincy, IL 62305
- 3850 S Campbell Ave, Springfield, MO 65807
- 3550 W Clay St, St Charles, MO 63301
- 3709 N Belt Hwy, St Joseph, MO 64506
- 12900 Maurer Industrial Dr, St Louis, MO 63127
- 4343 S. 118th E. Ave., Suite A, Tulsa, OK 74146
- 8853 E 37th St N, Wichita, KS 67226


As a result, the college continues to grow by looking for opportunities to improve and expand its student services, offering additional degree and diploma program, and setting up new locations across the country. It is because of these endless efforts by the college it was also recently named a “G.I. Jobs Military Friendly School”.

Degree Programs Offered by Vatterott College

Business Programs

- Business Management Training – Students receive training from experienced professionals in the field of Business Management to open their own startup companies or become a manger.
- Better Green Business Training – Students learn how to prepare businesses for environmental changes and eventually become more "green”.

Trades Programs

- Wind Energy Technician Program – Opens up career opportunities for students in wind power, green economy and renewable energy.
- Welding Training Program – Students receive training from professional instructors regarding how to weld, cut, solder, and join metal parts.
- Plumbing Training Program – This program teaches students the basics about maintaining, installing, and repairing general plumbing in residential and commercial buildings.
- HVAC Technician Training Program – Students learn how to install, repair, and replace parts of the HVAC systems in residential and commercial buildings.
- Electrician Training Program – Prepares students for entry-level electrician jobs by teaching them how to install, repair, and maintain common electrical appliances.
- Building Maintenance Training Program – Students learn about all the vital aspects of building maintenance and can earn lucrative positions as building maintenance managers or supervisors.

Legal Programs

- Paralegal Training Program – Introduces students to legal environment, legal training, and law application, while also examining employment, family, and business law.
- Legal Assistant Training Program – Students learn about vital state laws with regards to business, real estate and a variety of other fields to become a legal assistant.
- Criminal Justice Training Program – Prepares students regarding important administrative, management, criminal law and procedure, and delinquency and crime skills needed in order to find the culprit or criminal.

Technology Program

- Web Design Training Program – Students learn about the latest Java and HTML coding techniques for efficient and appealing graphic and web design.
- Network Technology Training – This program enables students to learn about the skills, strategies, equipment, and tools needed to install, manage, and monitor different networks.
- Information Systems Security Training – Enables students to learn about computer-related technologies, security tools, and other IT related tasks.
- Computer Technology Training – Provides students training regarding local area networks, operating systems configuration, peripheral repair, software support, and user support.
- Computer Programming Training – Prepares students for employment as entry level Web Developers, Computer Programmer, or Software Developers.
Health & Beauty Programs
- Massage Therapy Training – Enables students to learn about the best massage and rubdown techniques to secure jobs as massage therapists.
- Personal Fitness Trainer Program – This program teaches students about anatomy and physiology, fundamental nutrition concepts, and personal wellness for them to gain jobs as personal fitness trainers.
- Cosmetology Training Program – Prepares students for employment as entry-level skincare specialists, pedicurist, manicurist, and hair stylist.

Automotive Programs

- Power Sports Mechanic Program – Prepares students for employment as a mechanic, technician or installer at small engine service or repair shops.
- Diesel Mechanic Training Program – Students learn about the basics of how diesel works in a variety of machines and can become professional diesel engine mechanics.
- Commercial Driver’s License Program – Provides students the training needed to secure a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL).
- Automotive Technology Program – Teaches students the necessary skills to gain employment at a range of facilities, including repair companies, dealerships and independent automotive shops.
- Autobody Technician Training – Prepares students for entry-level employment in Alternative Fuel Vehicle maintenance and repair and/or Auto Body Repair.

Medical Programs

- Veterinary Technician Training – Students learn how to take care of different pets to earn entry-level jobs as a veterinary or pet nurse.
- Pharmacy Tech/Assistant Training – Introduces students to basic medical language and office fundamentals, including medical ethics and billing.
- Medical Billing & Coding – Students learn about handling medical records, claim processing, medical insurance billing, drug administration, and medical terminology instruction.
- Medical Assistant – Students receive hands-on training regarding medication mathematics, medical writing, clinical instruments, electrocardiograms, and radiology procedures.
- Dental Assistant – Students learn real-world applications of dental assistance via comprehensive externship, lab training, and technical hands-on training.

Audio Visual Programs

- Graphic/Web Design Training – Students are provided training regarding video creation, iWork applications, social media, audio creation, web design, and different Adobe software.
- Dance Training Program – Enables students to take their dancing career into the next level by learning ways to coordinate, move flexibly and use their whole body while dancing.
- Recording Engineering & Producing – Provides students training in recording, audio editing, live and corporate sound, digital audio workstations, and critical listening.
- Media Business & Entertainment – Students learn about importance of marketing, management, public relations, and advertising in the entertainment industry.
- Recording Engineering & Producing – Prepares students for efficient sound equipment operation and maintenance, audio editing, contracts and publishing, mixing, videography, advanced beatology, media training, electronic media, principles of finance, and critical thinking.

Career Services
Vatterott College understands the career difficulties graduate students face when they enter professional life. The college places great emphasis on enhancing existing skills and inculcating new skills in students, so they can enter some of the most lucrative job fields. This is one of the main reasons why Vatterott College offers numerous services to students, which include:

Mock Interviewing
Vatterott College has its own ‘career services’ team that help students with a variety of job securing skills. One of them includes developing effective interviewing skills in students and teaching them how to avoid most common mistakes. The college also helps students strengthen their communication skills and also develop the confidence to talk during the ‘mock’ interviewing process and helps them utilize a number techniques and strategies to create a positive first impression.

Resume Review
The college knows any job-securing process first involves being noticed by employers. The only way one can do so is creating a professional resume which encourages them to talk to you. Subsequently, Vatterott College helps students in developing a professional resume which allows employers to quickly notice the soft and technical skills they are seeking. Teachers also help with the overall formatting which also enhances the overall appearance of your resume.

Resume Referral
One of the best services Vatterott College offers to students is ‘resume referrals’ that provides renowned employers with qualified applicants. Subsequently, the college matches job descriptions and employer’s needs to student resumes. Additionally, once a student’s abilities and skills have been identified, the college contacts employers who have hired previous Vatterott graduates to understand and identify the latest employment needs.

Financial Aid
The major concern for most high-school graduates is how they will actually manage to pay for college. Well, have no worries! Vatterott College offers a financial aid program which helps the less privileged students obtain the same high-level education as others. The process is simple: any student currently enrolled or accepted for admission can apply for financial aid.

Once they have applied, students must fill out all necessary forms and submit them to the Financial Aid Office. This department, upon analyzing and inspection of documents will determine the amounts and types of Financial Aid students can qualify for and will assist them in processing the application. However, regardless of the payment options, every student is responsible for his/her own taxes, tools, uniforms, books, fees, tuition and other related costs with regards to education.

Military Educational Services
Those looking for military educational services can also apply at Vatterott College. The institute has been selected as a “G.I. Jobs Military Friendly School” and ranks nationally in the top 15% of all schools providing military educational services. The college also enables military personnel to apply and gain superior education with regards to armed services and military training.