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Utah College of Massage Therapy


The Utah College of Massage Therapy is owned and managed by the Steiner Education Group, which runs about 200 spas and salons across worldwide. The college is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training (ACCET). It is one of the best massage therapy colleges in the US. If you want to start a flexible and rewarding career in massage therapy, you should give this college a thought.


A career in massage therapy has vast scope; you can work in resort spas, health clinics, day spas, sports clinics and a variety of other industries. The trainings will equip you not only with the technical skills in massage therapy, but also business skills, so you can grow in your profession or easily start your own massage therapy business. No matter which program you enroll in, you will get high quality education at UCMT.


Campus Locations:

25 South 300 East
Salt Lake City, UT 84111


Tempe, AZ
1409 W. Southern Ave., Suite 6
Tempe, AZ 85282


Orem, UT
143 N. State Street
Orem, Utah 84057


8991 Harlan Street, Suite B
Westminster, CO 80031


2381 E. Windmill Lane, Suite 14
Las Vegas, NV 89123


14107 East Exposition Avenue
Aurora, CO 80012


10000 N. 31st Avenue, Suite D-100
Phoenix, AZ 85051


Career Services

UCMT is committed to not only provide you high quality education and training, but also help you to start an exciting career in massage therapy. The college’s career services will start to develop your skills from day one and when you graduate, you will find a good opportunity waiting for you. UCMT extends its career services to you whenever you need help in your professional life.


The Steiner Education Group has already developed a huge network of employers in the massage therapy sector, which means that you can have access to thousands of job opportunities. The right fit is already out there, and the college will help you to avail an opportunity that best fits your career goals and aspirations. The college has educated and trained thousands of people to date, who have been recruited by the top employers in a variety of industries.


Enrollment Process And Financial Aid

If you want to enroll in one of the programs at UCMT, all you need to do is submit a completed online application form on the college website. After your application reaches the college, an Admissions Representative will get in touch with you and help you complete the admission process.

The college truly understands that your investment in education is an investment in your future; therefore, it has made education very affordable for you. Additionally, you can apply for financial aid to cover the cost of your education. You can avail the following financial aid opportunities at UCMT if eligible:

• Title IV Federal Student Aid
• PELL Grant
• Federal Direct Loans
• Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loans
• Federal Work Study

Remember, if you want to apply for federal aid, you’ll be required to fill in and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.


Programs Offered

- Professional Massage Therapy Program
- Master Bodyworker Program

- Professional Massage Therapy Program


UCMT is offering the following Professional Massage Therapy Programs;

1. Full-time program: 32 weeks long
2. Part-time program: 52 weeks long


The full-time and part-time options give you the flexibility to complete your education at your own pace. If you are already working and don’t want to leave you job to attend full-time classes, you can enroll in the part-time program, which allows you to work and study at the same time.


No matter if you enroll as a full-time or part-time student, UCMT will prepare you to start an exciting career as a professional massage therapist. Under the program, you would get broad knowledge of the diverse massage techniques and supporting theories from around the world.


The program curriculum has been designed not only to enhance your conceptual
knowledge in the field, but also develop and sharpen your technical skills. You would get training in performing an eclectic class of remedial massage that is grounded in Swedish theory and practice. That training would lay a foundation for you to master a variety of bodywork modalities. Moreover, you will get education and training in popular Eastern bodywork models like acupressure and a number of modern practices like structural bodywork, and sports massage. Along with massage the teen residential treatment also is very helpful for having a more relaxed mind.

The courses also include anatomy, kinesiology, and physiology. Your education would not be limited to just the massage theories and concepts at UCMT; you would also get education and training in business management, career development, legal procedures and regulations in addition to business law. These additional courses would make it sure that you can kick off an exciting career in any business sector and even start your own business. The good news is that the program has been designed to exceed the minimum standards set by majority governments for licensing in massage therapy.


Master Bodyworker Program

UCMT’s Master Bodyworker Program is available only for SEG graduates at the Salt Lake City campus. The 10 weeks long program is advanced in nature and entails multidisciplinary methods. It will prepare you to practice massage therapy in a multipronged and diverse settings. After you complete the program, you will be ready to avail a promising career opportunity in any industries.


The program involves modality-specific evaluations that would improve your effectiveness and performance in clinical settings. You would learn how to make clinical analysis and apply advanced procedures and techniques in massage therapy like sports injury management, myokinetic techniques, rehabilitative protocols, and hydrotherapy spa treatments.


It is pertinent to mention here that this program requires you to have every course available in the Professional Massage Therapy Program in advance. If you haven’t yet completed the professional program, you can’t apply for the Master Bodyworker Program. The program will develop your technical skills, conceptual knowledge and personal traits, so you can make transition to any industry and work environment with ease.