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  • PhD in Education
  • PhD in Human Services
  • PHd in Organizational Development and Leadership
  • PhD in Psychology
  • PhD in Clinical Psychology
  • MA in Counseling
  • MA in Education
  • MA in Human Development
  • MA in Human Development
  • MA in International Leadership
  • MA in Organizational Development and Leadership
  • MA in Psychology
  • MA inPublic Sociology

University of the Rockies


University of the Rockies



The University of the Rockies was founded in Colorado Springs on June 18, 1998. Earlier named the Colorado School of Professional Psychology, the institution was aimed to train graduate students in psychology and help them attain a license as a psychologist. In 2007, the institute was renamed as the University of Rockies and started their online courses for two degrees- the Master of Arts in Psychology and the Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology. Along with these, three programs were also initiated- MA in Organizational Development and Leadership, MA in Human Services and the Ph.D. in Organizational Development and Leadership.


In 2012, the university started offering degrees in other disciplines like MA in Education, Ph.D. in Education and Ph.D. in Human Services. In 2014, the university opened another school- The School of Social, Human, and Educational Development. Three master’s degree programs - MA in Institutional Leadership, Public Sociology, and Human Development were approved by the Higher Learning Commission.


Campus Location:
University of the Rockies
1201 16th Street,
Suite 200
Denver, CO 80202


University Objectives
The University of Rockies is one of the premier institutes in the Colorado region for social and behavioral sciences. The university strives for excellence for all the students who aim big for their professions and goals. It provides access to learning opportunities for the individuals across the globe and helps them become distinguished leaders in their own field.


Integrity, Service, Excellence, and Diversity - these are the four core values that the university promotes. It aims to train the students well so that they can contribute their best to the development of the community and thus help in the welfare of the institution. It encourages a cultural fusion among its diverse students and promotes cooperative learning and thus help in enriching the experiences of the students.


Programs Offered
The university offers degrees in diverse social and behavioral disciplines which include:

1. Ph.D. in Education
2. Ph.D. in Human Services
3. Ph.D. in Organizational Development and Leadership
4. Ph.D. in Psychology
5. Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology
6. MA in Counselling
7. MA in Education
8. MA in Human Development
9. MA in Human Services
10. MA in International Leadership
11. MA in Organizational Development and Leadership
12. MA in Psychology
13. MA in Public Sociology


MA Programs
a. Public Sociology
The MA program introduces the students to the different social issues and social problems and how to tackle them by going over the textbook method. It stresses in discussion and debate which will help the students to gain an insight of the public issues from a sociological point of view. Stress is given to empirical problem solving of public issues and social problems.


b. Psychology
The students learn about human emotions, behaviors, thought process and motivation. Those who are pursuing the post-graduation degree in this subject will have a real world experience of human psychology in various fields like business, criminal justice, education, organizations, mental health counseling and sport. Specialization is offered in fields like Career Management and Counselling, Criminology and Justice Studies, Educational Leadership, etc.


c. International Leadership
This program stresses on developing leadership and communication skills among its students. Students learn about different cultures, the historical and the geographical boundaries, the economy, and polity of different nations. They learn problem-solving as a part of the curriculum and inculcate leadership principles. Apart from these, they learn accountancy and book-keeping methods, legal issues related to the global business environment and conflict management through teamwork.


d. Human Services
This course deals with the variables of human services- its genesis, courses and the ethical and professional standards attached to it. Students get knowledge about customer-employer behavioral patterns and how to supervise the work of the others. Stress is given on developing leadership skills, managing different mock projects and services, imbibing professional ethics, grant writing for human services and doing research in human services agencies.

e. Education
The course is specially designed for those who want to pursue a flourishing career in higher education. Students will learn about theoretical fo

undations behind adult education, design curriculum, and instructions by applying theories and models, evaluate models of assessment for decision making, legal and ethical decision making and analyze issues related to cultural diversity, etc.


f. Counseling
This course is almost similar to psychology and offers specializations in two fields- Clinical Mental Health Counselling and Marriage, Couples and Family Counselling.


Ph.D. Programs

a. Education
Students who are willing to achieve expertise in the field of higher education and attach themselves to teaching in any educational institution can pursue this course. A Ph.D. degree in education prepares them for several fields - school leader, program director, Dean of College, instructional coordinators, education policy analyst, educational consultant, school board member and many more.


b. Human Services
A Ph.D. in Human Services involves addressing the problems of population explosion, poverty, illness, drug abuse and other social problems. Students who are willing to earn a Ph.D. degree develop skills required to formulate policies related to diverse social issues.


c. Organizational Development and Leadership
A Ph.D. in this program provides the students with diverse career opportunities like Strategic Organizational Consulting, College and University Professors, Operations Management, Leadership Development, Human Resource Management and many more. Coursework includes training and development, gaining knowledge in human resource management, ethics, performance management, organizational change and many more.


d. Psychology
The Ph.D. program in Psychology is aimed to train the students in every aspect of emotional and mental development of the people with an application of statistics and research methodology. This course is also available in online mode.


All the students applying for the Ph.D. program will be selected on the basis of their MA result. Their doctorate will be declared complete once they submit their thesis in writing to their supervisor.


Online Admission
All the students willing to get admitted in the Masters Degree program offered by the university must possess a Bachelor’s degree from any affiliated institute with a GPA of at least 2.0 out of 4.0. Their degree will be considered complete once they have completed the credit hours required to be completed for each discipline.


Students who will enroll themselves in the Ph.D. program must hold a Masters Certificate from any accredited institute and have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher. Students who want to enroll in a different Doctorate program apart from the subject they too up in their PG must complete a survey course as a part of their program. Students who have earlier completed the coursework must contact the Register’s Office for a waiver from the introductory coursework.


Financial Aid
Students who are unable to afford the cost of studying can take help of the host of the financial aid program available at the institute. Students must visit the Federal Students Aid web page for further information related to the grants program. The students have to fill up an online application form where they will clearly state what kinds of grants are they willing to receive. It must be remembered, that the eligibility of receiving grants depends entirely on the respective students’ academic achievements. Students who are willing to receive the Veteran Benefits must contact the Financial Aid Office at the university.