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university of the potomac


The University of the Potomac in Washington, DC provides an amazing and diverse student climate. Students have unique access to headquarters for a great many international organizations, government and nonprofit headquarters and embassies with global reach.


The University of Potomac also offers online certification for associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s programs through their uniquely designed and easily accessible online learning portal.



The University of Potomac does more to ensure greater access to quality curriculum provided by the campus’s physical locations and online extension. Admissions criteria include successful completion of an interview with a University of Potomac admissions representative. Also necessary is a submission of a physical or online application. Any transcripts from other universities or previous colleges must be provided. University of Potomac requests than official transcripts are received in the first eight weeks of each student’s initial date of admission. Also necessary to include are any grade and scoring reports from prior college examinations of equivalency tests.


For admission to advanced placement programs, prior certifications from corporate training, educational or professional programs should be submitted with initial application paperwork. Students may need to register with ACE if official transcripts are not made available through the students’ company. This may be required for the determination process for student credits in corporate training/educational programs. Military training documents from previous academies or colleges attended in the past may be necessary.


Certificates and Degrees Offered

Master’s Degrees

Masters degrees available through the University of Potomac include:
Master’s of Business Administration (MBA)
Master’s of Science in Information Technology (MSIT)
Master of Science in Healthcare Administration (MHA) – The MHA is a more specialized degree which places a greater emphasis on healthcare. To get a great overview of the differences between the MHA and MBA, check out the article, “MHA vs MBA: Which You Should Choose?“

These degrees are available both through the physical campus and in part through online courses sponsored by the university.

Bachelor’s Degrees

Bachelor’s degree options sponsored by the University of Potomac include:

Bachelors Accounting Degree
Accounting Degree
Bachelors of Business Degree
Business Degree
Digital Forensics Degree - Bachelors
Cyber Security Degree
Government Contract Management Degree
Government Contract Management Degree
Hospitality & Tourism Management Degree
Hospitality and Tourism Management
Information Technology Degree
Information Technology
International Business Degree
International Business

Associates Degrees


Associate’s degrees from the University of Potomac provide the logistical and educational framework for a lucrative and rewarding career in a variety of professional fields including:

Associates Degree in Business
Associates Degree in Information Technology
Information Technology
Associates Degree in International Business
International Business
Associates Degree in Network Security Management
Network Security Management

Advanced Certificates

Certification is an increasingly necessary part of any career assessment and prerequisite for a great many professional industries. The University of Potomac offers certification programs and training opportunities in:

International business
Information Technology
Cyber Security
Hospitality and Tourism
Contract Management
MBA – Master of Business Administration
MHA – Master of Healthcare Administration
MSIT – Master of Science in Information Technology

Campus Locations and Online Extension

Vienna, Virginia Campus

A mere 15 minute drive from Arlington, Virginia, this campus is an ideal location for students to pursue any form of degree offered, from bachelor’s and associate’s degrees to MBAs or specific certificates. This chapter of the University of Potomac provides special access to certificate programs in a great many professional realms including IT, business, project management and health systems. Another incredible bonus of this campus location is close proximity to a great many sites, events, historical landmarks and sources of entertainment. Sites include, but are not limited to:

-Meadowlark Botanical Garden
-Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts
-Reston Zoo
-Fairfax Museum
-Historic Feeman House Museum
-National Firearms Museum

Downtown Washington, DC Campus

Ideally situated in the heart of Washington DC, this University of Potomac campus location positions students incredibly for sight-seeing, travel trips and educational opportunities. Nearby attractions to the campus include:

The White House
The Capitol
The Supreme Court
The Lincoln Memorial
The Washington Monument
The Dr. Martin King Jr. Memorial
The Jefferson Memorial
The Smithosonian Museum
The National Geographic Museum
John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Art
The famed Woolly Mammoth Theater
The Folger Shakespeare Theatre
The Spy Museum
The Holocaust Museum
The National Gallery of Art
The National Air and Space Museum
The National Park Stadium
The Alexandria City Waterfront
Historic Georgetown
Great Falls Park


The cost of student attendance id reliant on basic and additional payments for books, basic tuition and fees, expenses for cost of living and expenses estimated by indirect federal guidelines and estimates provided by the University of Potomac.

Students are billed for tuition based on credit hours. Supplies and textbooks will not be included in basic tuition charges. Students will be billed in full for any semester in which they opt to add or drop courses past the free period for addition and withdrawal. Non-tuition charges are similarly not refundable.

Once student FAFSAs are processed by the U.S. Department of Education, they will be sent to the University of Potomac with the Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) of each student. These documents and information will then be used to determine student eligibility for financial assistance. If deemed a candidate for financial compensation, students will receive a packet of information with student financial aid resources and information. Financial aid packages will not exceed the students’ cost of attendance.


Financial Aid

Within the University of the Potomac, students are always encouraged to pursue the most opportunities and have more opportunities to have their personal financial standing assessed. The financial advisors at Potomac offer special counseling and tout students on to a variety of financial aid opportunities sponsored through the university. The best way to gain insight into financial aid programs and registration options is to meet with the counselors at the on-campus Financial Aid offices.


Forms of financial aid offered through the University of Potomac include:

-Federal Pell Grant Program (Pell)
-Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (SEOG)
-Federal Direct Loan Program
-Parent PLUS Loan
-Veterans Benefits (VA)
-Chapter Benefits
-Yellow Ribbon Program


Additional sources of funding sponsored or recommended by the University of Potomac include:
-Employer Based Tuition Assistance programs
-Private Loans


To get started with the basic process, students are encouraged to fill out a FAFSA application, complete the required University-specific forms including required authorization and reference sheets (available online or on-campus). From there, students are required to complete entrance counseling.


Students will then complete a federal loan application, wait for financial aid offices to review the application and verify the Student Aid Report (SAR) through the university’s year-specific academic grant verification worksheet. Additional documents may be required to submit with application and a financial assistance exit interview will be conducted with each student upon acceptance before any distribution of funds.