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  • Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies
  • Master's Transformational Psychology
  • Master's Consciousness Studies

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University of Philosophical Research

UPR College’s Mission
Established in 2000 and accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC), the University of Philosophical Research is a renowned educational institute that offers graduate and undergraduate programs for the sole purpose of providing students with ‘rare’ access to the depth of the world’s “wisdom literature”. The university initially provided education related to human consciousness, but has expanded significantly to also offer transformational psychology and liberal studies with the main aim of nurturing an educational community via spirited interaction.


Campus Location:
3910 Los Feliz Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA 90027

UPR stresses on delivering high-quality education to students all over the world and also places huge emphasis on wisdom traditions that have emerged from diverse cultures, hence providing education with a global viewpoint. It also believes in enhancing the scientific knowledge of students for them to pursue a lucrative career and integrate into the ever-evolving understanding of the nature of reality. Students are taught the world’s wisdom traditions combined with an emphasis on modern issues to provide them a well-rounded base from which to work on when they start their professional careers.

Apart from this, UPR also has aims of enhancing students’ synthesis of skills with regards to written and oral communication, applying skills of criticism, analysis, and comprehension in scholarship and research, and application of theoretical tools in religion, philosophy, and psychology to facilitate better self-understanding in students. So, if you desire a challenging yet flexible approach to academics, enrolling at the University of Philosophical Research might prove a good option for you.

Programs Offered by UPR College

- Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies
- Master’s, Transformational Psychology
- Master’s Consciousness Studies

Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies Degree

The main aim of UPR’s Bachelor Program is to provide students with broad-based education in Liberal Arts. Teachers conduct both theoretical and practical demonstrations in four main subject areas: Religion, Culture, Psychology, and Philosophy. As a result, students gain the required knowledge regarding the human mind and can pursue lucrative careers as psychologists, counselors, advice workers, charity officers, and school teachers.

Therefore, the program is perfect for anyone seeking a flexible degree program that encourages them to bring together professional and personal goals in their academic major. However, before students apply for their Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies, they must complete an Associate of Arts Degree. A test also has to be passed which includes study of history and creative arts, science and technology, and anthropology and cosmology.

Earn Your Bachelor of Arts In Liberal Studies Degree With Specialization In:
- Historical as well as social, economic, political, and contemporary ideas and perspectives in assignments, papers, and other forms of student writing
- Applying classroom learning to real-life experiences in the private or public sector and critical thinking to interdisciplinary problems
- Explaining different types of academic training and how it helps individuals be an educated and participatory citizen

Master’s of Arts in Transformational Psychology Degree

The primary objective of UPR’s Master of Arts in Transformational Psychology is providing students with valuable education with regards to trans-egoic and transformation perspectives. The program focuses on modern western psychology with the practices of ‘Personal Human Transformation’ and implements real-life experiments in accordance to mystical traditions.

Teachers of Transformational Psychology have years of experience in the field themselves and are renowned internationally for their theory and practice of modern and ancient transformational disciplines. These teachers bring a unique and vital cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary perspective for teaching the programs’ principles.

Earn Your Master’s Of Arts in Transformational Psychology Degree with Specialization In:
- Understanding theories and principles related to archetypal symbolism and transformation with regards to alchemical practices, cultural symbols, divination systems, dreams, wisdom tales, and mythological traditions
- Approaching everyday human problems from the perspective of transformative psychologies to devise vital and creative oral/written solutions
- Understanding current research, traditional approaches, transcendence experiences, and paranormal possibilities to determine change of behavior or transformation

Master’s of Arts in Consciousness Studies Degree
The Master’s of Arts in Consciousness Studies Degree offered by UPR provides students with solid education and foundation in the area of consciousness. It explores the awakening, growth, and development of the human consciousness and enables students to examine diverse conceptions and theories of consciousness that lead to enlightenment and awakening. Students also learn to access embodied wisdom and intuition via transpersonal and personal knowing.
Additionally, through engagement with somatic awareness practices, students also develop a foundation of empowerment and discovery which leads to effectiveness and fulfillment. The program comprises of three main components: exploring the nature of reality from psychological and scientific view points, studying the transformation of consciousness, and then combining the two with a focus on social justice, sustainability, and ecology.

Earn Your Master’s Of Arts in Consciousness Studies Degree with Specialization In:
- Demonstrating abilities to apply the viewpoint of wisdom and philosophical traditions everyday human problems and subsequently device oral/written solutions
- Applying and synthesizing principles related to the nature of human consciousness and its transformation due to varied scenarios
- Understanding principle theories of modern science and discussing their implications in consciousness
- Demonstrating abilities to broadly reference major texts of classical philosophy and world wisdom
- Analyzing ideas in academic and philosophical terms and recognizing religious experiences
- Utilizing principles in relation to social transformation and world harmony
- Conducting syntheses of ideas and comparative analyses

Student Services
Apart from offering degrees, UPR also provides students services available at the primary administrative structure. The student service facility offers students assistance in the form of learning and tuition and it also helps them develop important skills and qualities needed to master the three degree programs offered by the university. Any student can utilize the service to gain useful tips in the processes of course scheduling, registration, enrollment, and admission.