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University of Management Technology


University of Management Technology

The university’s primary objective is to provide excellence in technology and management education and most courses focus on modern business management and technology issues. All instructors are professionals in their field and possess a balance of practical and scholarly insights to ensure students learn about all the important aspects of the chosen career. UMT also believes in utilizing the latest state-of-the-art equipment and technology for teaching purposes and is strictly committed to employing modern teaching techniques for students.

Operating in more than 40 countries and offering online courses, UMT also works with major government agencies, nonprofit organizations, large enterprises, and universities to provide employment opportunities to students who excel in their education and career. Apart from this, the university’s faculty and staff have extensive international experience (working in more than twenty countries) and implement a unique and modern perspective to all course classes. In simple words, the university believes in providing education and training with a global outlook or viewpoint.


Campus Location:
1901 N Fort Myer Drive

Arlington, VA 22209

Programs Offered by UMT College
UMT offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs in various fields. The courses listed in each program are focused on attaining academic knowledge and/or professional skill development.

Associate Degree Programs

Associate of Science in Homeland Security

The ASHS Degree Program by UMT places strong emphasis on emergency management, preparedness, terrorism/counterterrorism, and homeland security to provide students a foundation for their entry into the BSHS program.

Associate of Science in Information Technology

The ASIT Degree Program provides students with valuable knowledge and training with regards to managing information systems, data communications, and programming to prepare students for their progress into the BSIT program.

Associate of Science in General Studies

UMT’s ASGS Degree Program is perfect for students who have completed their General Educational Development (GED) test and are looking to gain higher education with regards to IT, humanities, social sciences, mathematics, and English.

Associate of Science in Engineering Management

UMT’s ASEM Degree Program enables students to learn about basic statistics, business mathematics, technology management, technological entrepreneurship and economics for their entry into the BSEM program.

Associate of Science in Criminal Justice

Students learn about the laws in their state and also gain knowledge regarding preserving the incident scene, arresting victims, anti-terrorism strategies, and weapons certification for their advancement in a BSCJ program.

Associate of Science in Computer Science

This program is perfect for students interested in computers and related technologies. Students are taught via both theoretic and practical classes how to program, manage, install, and configure computers, servers, and networks.

Associate of Business Administration

The ABA Program offered by UMT is ideal for students who have interests in starting their own business or firm. Most of the courses focus on the principles of marketing, business management, economics, and accounting tasks.

Bachelor Degree Programs

Bachelor of Science in Homeland Security

The BSHS Degree is an advancement of the ASHS program and involves training students regarding international relations, maritime security, critical incident response, criminal investigation, forensic science and a variety of other security aspects.

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

The BSIT Degree prepares students to manage large IT networks and upon completion allows them to secure employment in large business firms, hospitals, stock exchange, and marketing companies.

Bachelor of Science in General Studies

An advancement of the ASGS Degree, the BSGS program helps students enhance their abilities to size up significant issues by assessing strengths and weaknesses, summarizing key components, and researching facts carefully.

Bachelor of Science in Engineering Management

The BSEM Degree is perfect for anyone seeking entry into the world of engineering. The program focuses on a variety of engineering management principles, including project management, technological entrepreneurship, and business mathematics.


Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

Students learn about criminal evidence management, community policing, criminal justice ethics, criminal courts systems, and juvenile justice to become a professional criminal justice lawyer or investigator.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

The BSCS Degree focuses on three aspects of computer science: software engineering, information technology, and information systems for students to secure employments in large firms where a computer professional is required.


Bachelor of Business Administration

The BBA Program can be carried out in several majors, including marketing management, IT management, International Management, HR management, Health Administration, and Engineering Management.

Master Degree Programs

In addition to offering Master Degree Programs in Homeland Security (MSHS), Information Technology (MSIT), General Studies (MSGS), Engineering Management (MSEM), Criminal Justice (MSCJ), Computer Science (MSCS), and Business Administration (MBA), the University of Management and Technology offers Master degree programs in:

Health Administration

MHA is a graduate degree specifically designed for administrators and managers in the healthcare industry. Students are provided valuable knowledge and training regarding health management, financial health, health services marketing, organization behavior, law and ethics in health services, and a variety of other health administration related studies.

Public Administration

MPA is a graduate degree program designed for students with interests in developing an effective functioning society. Once the program is completed, students will gain job opportunities as public sector managers, dealing with high-impact and complex issues in a wide variety of areas. Students may also be able to work in local, state, or federal government agencies, foundations, charities, and organizations.


UMT College’s Mission
Established in 1998 and chartered by the State Council of Higher Education of Virginia (SCHEV), the University of Management and Technology (UMT) is an accredited institution of higher education that offers associate, bachelors, and master degree programs in a variety of fields. It is an institutional member of the Council of Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) and offers graduate and undergraduate-level education to teenagers and adults desiring to excel in their field and operate effectively and efficiently in fast-paced, complex, and modern enterprises.