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Tulsa Welding School was founded in 1949 by two welders who recognized a strong demand for skilled tradesman in their industry. Over 60 years later, TWS has evolved into an educational institution that prepares students for various skilled trade careers with a multitude of specialties and applications. We train our graduates for the skills, knowledge, and the workplace attitudes that are essential when entering the professional world. Graduates who put forth the dedication, commitment to excel, and workplace experience in their welding, pipefitting, shipfitting, HVAC/R or electrical welding education, have the potential to obtain a lasting and rewarding welding career.


Tulsa Welding School Campus Locations:
2545 E. 11th St.
Tulsa, OK 74104

Programs Offered:
Professional Welder

3500 Southside Boulevard
Jacksonville, FL 3221


Programs Offered:
Refrigeration Technologies
Professional Welder
Electro-Mechanical Technologies
Electical Applications

243 Greens Rd.
Houston, TX 77060


Programs Offered:
Welding Specialist
Welding Specialist with Pipefitting

Welding Program
The Welding program has different disciplines, including:

 Professional Welder: This program, which can be completed in as little as seven months, offers hands-on training in welding techniques including Fluxcore, TIG, MIG, SMAW and more. Much of the program is interactive, with minimal time in a classroom setting, offering first-hand knowledge of various techniques. Use this program to train in structural welding, Pipe Welding, Airline Welding and more.

 Associate of Occupational Studies: A more comprehensive program, this one can be completed in as little as 15 months. This program offers students the chance to compete the Professional Welder Program and then get a more in-depth level of training. Students who complete this program will be able to perform non-destructive diagnostics, quality control and other leadership skills.

 Welding Specialist: For those who want to be trained for an entry level welding position so they can jump start their careers right away, this program is a good fit. In as few as seven months, students will learn the basics of different welding techniques. It is also a hands on program with much practical guidance.


HVAC and Refrigeration Training Program
Students of the HVAC and Refrigeration Program can choose between the following specialties:

 Electromechanical Technologies: Students in this program will learn all about heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration installation, maintenance and repair. In as few as nine months, you will gain functional knowledge of climate control systems. Tulsa Welding School also trains in newer technologies such as solar, so you will be able to adapt to changes in the industry.

 Refrigeration Training: Learn to be a Refrigeration and HVAC Technician in about seven months with this program. In this program, you will be instructed on the basics of diagnostics and repair with hands on training that will prepare you for your career.


Each campus has a different selection of programs available, so check the website or speak with an Admissions Representative to find out which school is the best to suit your individual needs.


School Admissions
Tulsa Welding School offers programs for high school students, military members and spouses and adult students, and the admissions process is a little different for each group. Students who have recently graduated from high school and want to learn a vocational trade. High school students should speak with Admissions Representative to learn about financial aid, housing assistance, part-time job assistance and more. The school understands that the transition from high school to working life is an adjustment and will help you find the resources you need to manage it successfully.


Military students can utilize their education benefits to train for a successful career at Tulsa Welding School. They also have access to resources such as housing assistance and part time job assistance, but active and former military personnel may also be able to access other benefits such as military pricing. The school works frequently with military members, and understand the challenges associated with re-entering civilian life. They will work with you to make the transition successful.


Adult Students who are interested in learning a new vocation and/or making a career change will love the flexibility and timeliness of these programs. Adult students should speak with an Admissions Representative to determine their goals and find a program that works with these goals while fitting into the student’s schedule.


Financial Aid
Tulsa Welding School sees its students as its best resource, and the financial air representatives are always available to help you assess your options. The school accepts many forms of financial aid and offers some scholarships. Once you’ve spoken with your Admissions Representative, set up an appointment with the financial aid department to determine the best option for you. The financial aid department can help you locate and fill out forms, assist you in determining whether or not you qualify for scholarships and help you understand your options. Financial aid is only available to those who qualify.


Career Services
Tulsa Welding School has been producing skilled and competent welding professionals for more than six decades, and it is a well known resource for many employers. The school has its own Employer Job Request portal in which prospective employers can submit information on various positions and be matched with a graduate who has the skills necessary to complete the job. Employees at the Career Services Department also offers services such as resume and interview prep and Employer Welding Test preparation. After utilizing these resources, students will be prepared to highlight their skills and unique experience and will be able to communicate to prospective employers why they are a great fit for the job.


Part Time Job Assistance
For students who need to work while they are in school and may have relocated to their chosen campus city, Tulsa Welding School offers part time job assistance. The school’s educational programs are developed around hands-on training. As such, the specialists will help you seek out a part time position once you have mastered the skills necessary to succeed on a job site. Specialists will work with you to jump start your career search, so you can begin working sooner while still completing your chosen program.


Housing Assistance
Students who have chosen to relocate may benefit from Tulsa Welding School’s Housing Assistance program. The school’s Jacksonville and Tulsa Campuses have recently partnered with EDURent – a service specifically for students that helps them find adequate housing that is affordable and conveniently located near their school. If desired, EDURent can also help you find a roommate to share your living expenses while you complete your diploma or degree program.


With a strong dedication to helping students succeed, staff members at Tulsa Welding School will be there for you at every step in your program from admissions to post graduation. The school has departments and professionals to ease some of the stresses of education by helping you find the right resources. Whether you’re in need of affordable housing or transportation to and from school, or you simply want access to career services to help you prepare for your job search, this school has the resources to help. Hands-on training gives students real world skills that they can use immediately upon completion of their program. You will be ready to enter any job site with ease, and your employer will know that your work will be of a high quality.


Career placement is not guaranteed and financial aid is only availalbe for those who qualify. Tulsa Welding School is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges.


For more information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the program, and other important information, please visit our website at, http://www.weldingschool.com/student-resources/regulatory-information/