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  • Patient Care Technician
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Tucson College


Tucson College is a trade and technical school in the heart of Tucson, Arizona. Offering a wide variety of programs for certificates or degrees, there is a career path designed just for you. The educational focus is on preparing you to launch into your career immediately after you graduate, whether you choose the healthcare, technical or trade field.


To prepare students for career-focused employment by delivering relevant career training.

Programs and Courses:

Healthcare Training Programs can prepare you for a variety of positions in the healthcare field, such as nursing assistant, medical assistant, or medical billing and coding. You will be well versed in anatomy, medical equipment, lab procedures and more upon completion of the program you choose.


Campus Location:

5151 E Broadway Boulevard
Tucson, AZ 85711



Certified Nurses Assistant


Learn a variety of skills in the healthcare field such as medical terminology, proper specimen collection, chart notations and essential vitals recording. You will also gain communication skills, learning how to care for patients in a compassionate and professional manner. In as little as two months, you can have your certificate and be prepared to enter the workforce as a CNA.

Medical Assistant Program


A program that can land you a position as an ophthalmology assistant, medical assistant or medical office assistant. You will be trained in medical terminology and concepts as well as office duties like basic accounting and documentation. At the end of the program, you will also have legal and policy regulation knowledge such as HIPAA laws.

Medical Office and Billing Coding Specialist


Aside from being trained in medical terminology, regulations and legal knowledge, as well as office duties, you will complete an externship, putting your skills to a real world environment. This program opens many doors to a wide variety of positions with companies such as hospitals, doctor's offices, HMO's, insurance, schools and many more.

Patient Care Technician


Study medical terminology, medical testing and monitoring, anatomy and patient care, such as wound care, patient handling, and enteral feeding skills. This program will prepare you to work directly with patients, going from classroom work into an externship so you will be confident in your skills upon graduation.

Pharmacy Technician Training Program


A program that will teach you how to handle and dispense medications and the laws that surround them. Learning pharmacology, the use and effects of prescription medications, can prepare you for a career as a pharmacy aide or technician. You will take courses in ambulatory pharmacy, which is all about generating prescription labels through interpretation of prescriptions and inventory of the medications. You will learn admixtures and compounding of medications, all necessary to take you confidently into the field upon graduation.


Technology Programs are suited for those interested in working in fast paced, corporate environments. Tucson will prepare you to take on positions such as office clerk, administrative assistant, executive assistant, receptionist and more. With hands on experience, you will be confident in the skills you develop in this program, such as optimizing computer hardware and payroll functions within QuickBooks Pro. Here are the programs available in the tech field:


Administrative Assistant/Computer Applications Specialist


Prepare to enter the business world, capable to keep offices running smoothly when you finish this program. You will not only learn QuickBooks Pro, but all Microsoft office applications, how to properly optimize computer hardware, and various business applications. When you graduate, you will have the skills to be a valuable asset to any company.

Skilled Trade Programs are geared towards students who want to pursue a career in renewable energy or construction industries. You will have hands-on training, developing skills such as basic electrical concepts, home and commercial wiring, solar panel installation, and much more. These are the programs offered, which you can graduate from in as little as 4 weeks:


Electrical Technician Training


Teaches you how to apply your skills in a wide variety of environments. With base knowledge of the National Electric Code, you will build skills such as circuit design, switching and other electrical concepts. You will learn various wiring concepts for both home and commercial environments, using “smart technology”, giving you an upper hand on cutting edge technology. You will be qualified for a maintenance electrician position or even a fire alarm installer upon graduation.

Photovoltaic Training


The wave of the future rides in solar panels. Harnessing the sun's energy, solar energy is gaining rapid popularity and companies need capable, well trained installers. You will learn how solar energy works, Ohm's law, solar PV systems, site analysis and cost economics. Expecting to grow 24% from 2012-2022, getting your certification in photovoltaics will offer s solid career path.


One of the best features at Tucson College is the Flexible Class Options. Designed with the knowledge that in today's world, students often are working full time, have families, and want to work on a degree in their available, in-between times. The length of time required to earn a certificate or diploma is entirely up to the student. Tucson College works with each individual to create a successful plan to attain every student's goal.


Also, externships are available through many of the programs at Tucson. While many students in college learn the theory of a career path, very few have actual experience in their chosen field. The externships offer you hands-on, real world experience that will help you become a viable and valuable candidate for any company.


Financial Aid

With the cost of living on the rise, the price of education is climbing with it. Tucson College understands not everyone can afford to spend a hundred thousand dollars or more on continuing education. However, it is an important investment in your future and almost everyone qualifies for some form of financial aid to help you realize your dream of a degree.


The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is easy to fill out, and nearly every financial aid institution and scholarship award committee uses this application for selection and funding. Also, if you served in the military, you are eligible for the GI Bill and funds are available for your spouse. Tucson College will help you sort through the documents necessary and assist you in getting your aid.


Career Assistance and Services

Because Tucson College's goal is to prepare and place each student into their chosen career, they offer extensive services to help from the start. New Student Orientation will get you started on the right foot. Throughout your course study, career services will help you build a Career Portfolio which is a compilation of work samples, achievements, and letters of recommendation.


Career Readiness Workshops are also an important feature that will help you build the skills necessary to enter the work force. You will learn how to write an eye-catching resume, dress for success, and interviewing skills. All of these seminars will prepare you to launch into your career after graduation.


Another great tool that is available to all students is the “Lifetime Career Assistance” which aids in everything from job placement and resume revisions to mock interviews. Not only that, but you can also audit classes as a refresher throughout your entire career, in case you need to brush up on skills, or prepare for a promotion.


Alumni Services can help you along the way, whether you are a new graduate or a veteran alumni. Tucson College has spent decades building a strong network of alums with which you can connect. Attending alumni events will help you further your career, moving you up the career ladder one job at a time.

Community Outreach is just as important in networking as connecting with businesses and alumni. As a graduate of Tucson College, you will find a strong connection with Tucson community, opening doors for you to begin your career immediately after graduation.