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TTY Career College is located in the heart of downtown Phoenix near the Encanto stop along the Phoenix Light rail across from the Heard Museum. They offer many different services to help with career advancement or to get an organization started in the right direction about technology and management. Accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools, the goal of faculty and staff is to provide students with certification opportunities that include applicable educational experience and the skills needed for breaking into the technology industry or for a promotion with your current company. Contact can be made through the website by filling out the form found on the home page or by phone.


Campus Location
2200 N. Central Ave. #400A
Phoenix, AZ 85004

TTY was founded in 2003 and has proven itself to be a leader in Project Management and Information Technology. Originally founder and CEO Tim Smith started this institution in 1986 as a corporate training company. Decades later, it has been expanded as a school whose clientele mostly include organizations who wish to improve operations and gain higher results and individuals whose goal is to advance to the next level in their careers. Now, TTY is currently an authorized testing center for Pearson VUE and Certiport.

Career Services Department
Director, Elizabeth Erwin, and the staff of the Career Services Department are ready to assist students and graduates with their job search. Services that are provided include:
• LINKEDIN profile development and updating
• Social media and networking strategies
• Resume review and tips for cover letter writing
• Interviewing skills and techniques
• Mock interviews
• Soft skill set development

The Career Services staff provides these services on a one-on-one basis or for groups in a workshop setting. Additionally, students and graduates have access to an internal online job board that is updated every week. Individuals can peruse through the list of job openings and actually apply directly to the site.

Enrollment Process
Applicants can access an online form to submit on the school’s website. Also, they can print out the form to fill out and mail to the school’s address listed above. Proof of high school diploma or GED needs to be provided along with other pertinent employer information and areas of interest. A TTY team member will contact the applicant via phone or email within one business day to discuss the next steps.

Financial Aid
TTY Career College provides and assists with tuition and program affordability. Students and/or organizations will be able to work with a TTY representative to seek out opportunities for financial help. Some possible avenues for obtaining help with related expenses include:
• Benefits Programs including V. A. benefits
• Discounts
• Grants
• Vocational Rehabilitation
• Trade Adjustment Assistance

With written verification of employer assistance or reimbursement, students can receive a 10% discount off of the total cost of the program. Also, students can receive the same percentage off if they pay the total amount of tuition on or before their start date. Depending on the benefits received from their employer, students may not attain any out-of-pocket expenses other than travel, lodging, and meals. However, there is a $5250 for employers who wish to grant these benefits per section 127 of the Internal Revenue Code. Benefits can cover books, supplies, equipment, and of course, tuition and fees. For further information, feel free to visit the TTY website and consult with your supervisor.

TTY also honors VA Education benefits for veterans, enlisted members, and when eligible, their spouses and family members. One such program is the Post -9/11 GI Bill, which offers assistance with housing, books, and supplies. Eligibility requirements include:
• 90 days of aggregate active duty after September 10, 2001
• Currently on active duty
• Honorable discharge
• Discharge as a result of service-connected disability.
Another program recognized by TTY is the Montgomery GI Bill, which offers tuition assistance for active duty members (MGIB-AD) or reservists (MGIB-SR). Eligibility involves:
• Having at least two years of active duty for the MGIB-AD
• Six-year commitment to actively drilling in selected branches of the reserves (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine, and Coast Guard) for the MGIB-SR
• Members of the Army and Air National Guard are also eligible for the MGIB-SR
More programs for veterans and reservists include:
• REAP—Reserve Educational Assistance Program for Reservists who are called to active duty due war or natural disaster
• VEAP—Veterans Educational Assistance Program for those made contributions toward this program from their military pay. The government matches those funds on a 2-for-1 basis.
• Survivors and Dependents Educational Assistance Program—for dependents of veterans who are completely disabled due to a condition or injury suffered while in combat or training or who are deceased as a result of military exercise or combat.
• Veterans Vocational Rehabilitation—Education and career counseling to set goals and to plan pathways toward employment.

For more information on these programs and benefits, please visit the VA website
Another option is the TTY internal education plan loan, which is not based on credit score or employment. Students pay 10% of their tuition and fees, and while actively enrolled, will receive a 0% interest rate. Upon completion, students will then receive a 7% APR 45 days after their final day of attendance and repayment terms of up to 60 months.

A chart illustrating the number of months allowed for payments and the respective balance for each plan can be found on TTY’s website, or you can contact a representative for more details on this loan program. TTY Career College also accepts grants through the WIOA program (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act) for displaced workers and individuals who qualify for adult education and literacy programs, VR (Vocational Rehabilitation), programs for Native Americans, as well as help for members of Job Corp, Youth Build, and migrant or seasonal workers.

Other services might be provided to assist individuals with severe disabilities who otherwise cannot work in traditional employment. Specifically, Vocational Rehabilitation is geared toward individuals whose disability would otherwise prevent them from working in the traditional employment setting. Services can be provided developing job skills, career counseling, and resume development and employment accommodations.

Another grant that TTY accepts is through the Trade Adjustment Assistance program. This program helps employees who lost employment through foreign trade. To receive this assistance, a group of workers must file a petition with the Department of Labor. (This petition can also be filed by another individual on their behalf.) The department then investigates to see if and how much foreign trade factored into the job loss or reduction in wages. For more information on this particular program, feel free to visit your local office for the Department of Labor.

Information Technology Programs
TTY Career College offers various courses and programs in the area of Information Technology. In today’s world, more organizations need employees who possess technological skills to keep with the latest trends and developments. TTY meets this challenge tailoring programs to fit the needs of both students and their employers. Some events are offered both during the day and evening.

On the website for TTY Career College, programs are listed by date, name, and location. Otherwise, the landing page consists of the current month with a list of programs and courses and a synopsis. Examples of programs and events include the following:
• Computer Service Technician Program—courses relate to hardware, troubleshooting, and maintenance
• Cisco Certified Network Associate Day/Evening—for advancement in IT by gaining experience in working with a Cisco networking system in as little as eight weeks
• CompTIA Network + Program Overview—centers on basic design principles and networking technologies
• CompTIA Security+ -- a program geared toward a solid foundation in computer security and protection of corporate data.

Project Management Program
A student or group has a choice of evening or daytime schedule for this program as well. As the Information Technology Program, this can take up to 8 weeks. The Project Management Program presents students with opportunities to learn about and gain experience in the complexities of working with set schedules, budgets and scope to reach a successful completion of a venture.

Students will also learn to effectively initiate, execute, and monitor on an on-going project. This program also involves learning strategies of risk management and analysis of data. All programs are geared toward preparation for their respective certification exams. Furthermore, they all may be offered online, on-site, or a combination of the two, with knowledgeable instructors to lead the way.

Certification Pass Pledge
All in all, one of the main goals of TTY Career College is put students on the right path for gaining the certifications of their choice and thus, advancing in their career fields. The objective of all courses is not only to gain the necessary skills but to successfully pass certification exams. Therefore, TTY has posted their Certification Pass Pledge on their website. As part of the pledge, students are entitled to the following:
• Vouchers exam re-takes
• Additional repeats of courses
• Exam-prep appointments with a tutor (per instructor’s recommendation)

These benefits last for up to six months after completion of a program without additional cost. For more information, please feel free to email or contact representatives by phone.