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About Triangle Tech

Triangle Tech specializes in a variety of technical training programs that allowed students to earn a Specialized Technology Associate’s Degree in as little as 16 months. Each 16 month training program is packed with applicable and useful knowledge to help students advance themselves and gain access to quality career skills including Computer-Aided Drafting and Design Technology, Maintenance Electricity and Construction Technology, Carpentry and Construction Technology, Refrigeration, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Technology and Welding and Fabrication Technology.


Campus Locations

1940 Perrysville Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15214

2000 Liberty Street
Erie, PA 16502


222 East Pittsburgh St Suite A
Greensburg, PA 15601


225 Tannery Row Road
Falls Creek, PA 15840


191 Performance Road
Sunbury, PA 17801


3184 Airport Road
Bethlehem, PA 18017


Triangle Tech’s main Pittsburgh location is situated in Northside, just minutes away from the Pittsburgh downtown area. Triangle Tech is based on an 8-acre area made up of 9 buildings. Collectively, Triangle Tech’s Pittsburgh buildings total 51,000 square feet. Each building is made up of comfortable and well-controlled air-conditioned classrooms, shops and labs. Student parking is made available on the grounds with campus security included. Each Triangle Tech classroom is able to hold between 15 and 30 students with shops and labs providing limited access (usually roughly 20 students per room maximum). Prospective students are encouraged to make a visit at the Pittsburgh technical school’s physical location and schedule a tour. This can be an excellent first step in deciding to pursue a technical career through Triangle Tech. Specialized Technical Degree (AST) Associate’s degrees are offered.



Within Triangle Tech, advisors and professors are dedicated to helping students succeed and gain a place in the work force in a variety of desirable and in-demand careers. Financial aid opportunities are also made available to qualifying students at Triangle Tech.


Triangle Tech chain of well-established technical training schools holds title of leading technical schools in the state of Pennsylvania. Through the hands-on approaches to training conducted by industry-experienced professionals and instructors, students are ideally positioned to learn the skills necessary to gain employment and exceed the expectations of prospective employers. Triangle Tech is nationally accredited through sponsorship by ACCSC. As such, Triangle Tech provides unique and fast-paced training opportunities in computer-aided drafting and design, electricity, carpentry, refrigeration, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, and welding. Each training program delivers quality education and up-to-date technical know-how. Triangle Tech has delivered on the promise to provide students with the best possible opportunities in technical career niches for over 68 years.


Triangle Tech wants students to find a job they are satisfied with. The instructors and faculty at Triangle Tech technical college work to ensure long-term student success through job placement consultations with qualified specialists. The specialists and Triangle Tech pool resources and employment connections to help students network with the best job for them.


Most Triangle Tech graduates have moved forward to great jobs even prior to completion of training programs. Students are frequently hired for careers relating to electricity, welding, CADD, RHVAC and carpentry prior to graduation. The Career Advising Services at Triangle Tech provide continuous advice and networking advantages to students throughout the accreditation process.


Triangle Tech also offers an unprecedented Student Success Program in which students can learn about loan management, housing plans, expense budgeting and receive tutoring and assistance. Triangle Tech works to accommodate more students than ever before through a variety of highly accessible and student-friendly locations across the state of Pennsylvania. Triangle Tech’s mission is to keep students up to date and ready to enter the job market equipped with the best and latest industry-specific skill sets.


Programs Offered at Triangle Tech

Triangle Tech offers a variety of 16-month training and certification programs in a variety of desirable technical career niches. Computer-Aided Drafting & Design Technology: this degree track features programs combining mechanical and architectural design and drafting principles. Upon completion of the curriculum, students will be able to view themselves as skilled CADD professionals who can interpret and create precise CADD drawings. Through Triangle Tech’s postsecondary technical training programs, students will be able to maintain competitive advantages in the world of CADD software application and gain the valuable skill set necessary to go to work in the industry. Gradates will be ready to pursue exciting careers in the field and gain the confidence and education necessary to succeed.


Graduates will possess associates degrees in Specialized Technology (AST Degree).

Computer assisted drawing program objectives and highlights include:

Drafting Principles
Fundamentals of Mechanical Drafting
Computer Applications & CADD I (AutoCAD 2D)
Mfg Processes, Mechanical Design and Cost Estimating
Cams, Gears, & Kinematics
CADD II (AutoCAD 2D & 3D)
Residential & Commercial Architectural Design Theory
Residential & Commercial Architectural Engineering & Cost Estimating
Statics & Strengths of Materials
CADD III (AutoCAD Revit)
Job Communications, Specifications & Technical Writing
Fabrication, Welding, Structural & Piping Drawings
Mechanical & Electrical Systems
CADD IV (Autodesk’s Inventor)

Opportunities in CAD related employment include design training and computer-aided drafting jobs as CAD operators, specification writers, entry-level drafters, technical salespeople and other positions related to technical drafting.


Maintenance Electricity & Construction Technology:

Students have the opportunity to become responsible for keeping power on, troubleshooting potential problems in preventative electrical maintenance, track and fix electrical problems, work with professional electricians and make industry connections with those who have years of on-the-job experience. In this day and age, employers are increasingly broadening their searched for above-average qualified electricians who possess the skill set and knowledge needed to get the job done right. Thin the help of Triangle Tech, students will be able to more than satisfy employer criteria in the in-demand professional field of electrical service.


Electrical service is a field that promises to stay highly in-demand and increase in job opportunities for years to come. Through hands-on educational training encompassing a mix of academic tutorials and real-world electrician training, the highly applicable curriculum at Triangle Tech provides the basis for a successful career as an electrician.


Graduates from Triangle Tech’s associate degree program in Maintenance Electricity & Construction Technology will be provided with an Associate Degree in Specialized Technology (AST Degree). Degree highlights include:

Residential Wiring
Residential Construction Design
Electrical Services Installation
Power Transformers
Power Distribution
Motor Controls
Programmable Logic Controllers
Industrial Controls
Computer Applications
Power Generators
Electric Lighting
Three Phase Motors
AC/DC Motors
Cost Estimating
Conduit Installation
Low Voltage Wiring

Future employment prospects upon graduation from this training program will include entry-level job opportunities as construction electricians and maintenance electricians. Extra emphasis will be put on the development of student’s skills in cost estimation, electrical troubleshooting and safety, coordination of work with other tradespeople in interrelated electrical work fields and more.


Refrigeration, Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning )HVAC):

Graduates from Triangle Tech’s associate degree program will be provided with an Associate Degree in Specialized Technology (AST Degree) in Refrigeration, Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning. Degree highlights include:

Refrigeration Theory
Residential Refrigeration
Electricity and Electronics
Commercial Refrigeration
Refrigeration Troubleshooting
Heating Systems
Ventilation Systems
Air Conditioning
Blueprint Reading
Pneumatic Controls
Cost Estimating
Digital Electronics
Sheet Metal Fabrication
Environmental Controls
Transport Refrigeration
Environmental Engineering
Direct Digital Controls

Technology, Carpentry & Construction Technology:

Graduates from Triangle Tech’s associate degree program will be provided with an Associate Degree in Specialized Technology (AST Degree) in Technology, Carpentry & Construction Technology. Degree curriculum includes:

Tools and Safety
Blueprint Reading
Construction Sitework
Floor Framing
Wall Framing
Roof Framing
Drywall Installation and Finish
Interior Millwork
Cost Estimating
Construction Contracts
Construction Remodeling
Cabinet Making
Related Trades
Stair Construction
Exterior Finishes
Roofing Techniques

Welding & Fabrication Technology:

Graduates from Triangle Tech’s associate degree program will be provided with an Associate Degree in Specialized Technology (AST Degree) in Welding & Fabrication Technology. Degree objectives and principles discussed include:

Arc Welding Processes
Fuel Gas Processes
AWS Welding Codes
Blueprint Reading
TIG Welding
MIG Welding
Metal Surfacing
Structural Steel Weld Certification
Pipe Weld Certification
Computer Applications
Pipe Welding
Pipe Fitting
Weld Inspection
Piping Systems
Metal Identification
Structural Steel Layout
Steel Fabrication

Financial Aid

Triangle Tech offers a wide array of financial aid benefit packages to help students succeed in achieving their long-term career dreams. Available programs include: -----Federal and State Aid
-Grant - Federal Pell Grants
-Grant - Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant
-Grant - Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA)
-Grant - VA Dependents Educational Assistance Program
-Grant - Vocational Rehabilitation Program
-Loan - Federal Perkins Loans
-Loan - Federal William D. Ford Direct Loans
-Loan - Federal William D. Ford Direct PLUS Loans
-Loan- Triangle Tech's Installment Payment Plan (IPP)
-Scholarship - Triangle Tech Scholarships