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Trevecca Nazarene University Programs

  • School of Arts & Sciences
  • Skinner School of Business & Technology
  • School of Education
  • School of Music & Worship Arts
  • Millard Reed School of Theology & Christian Ministry
  • Business Administration MBA
  • Clinical Counseling - Teaching and Supervision PHD
  • Clinical Mental Health Counseling (MA)
  • Curriculum & Instruction M.Ed)
  • Education Leadership (M.Ed)
  • English Second Language (M.Ed)
  • Instructional Design and Technology M.S)
  • Leadership & Professional Practice (Ed.D)
  • Library & Information Science (M.L.I.S)
  • Marriage & Family Counseling Therapy
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Physician Assistant
  • Religion (M.A)
  • Special Education - Visual Impairments
  • Teaching (M.A.T)

Trevecca Nazarene University


trevecca nazarne university




Undergraduate schools and colleges include: School of Arts & Sciences, Skinner School of Business & Technology, School of Education, School of Music, Millard Reed School of Theology & Christian Ministry and Worship Arts. Also available through Trevecca Nazarne University offers a wide array of Associate Degrees, Undergraduate Majors, Undergraduate Minors, Undergraduate Certificate Programs
And Undergraduate Continuing Studies Program.




Graduate degrees available through Trevecca Nazarne include:

Business Administration (M.B.A.)
Clinical Counseling: Teaching & Supervision (Ph.D.)
Clinical Mental Health Counseling (M.A.)
Curriculum and Instruction (M.Ed.)
Curriculum and Instruction for Christian School Educators (M.Ed.)
Leadership & Professional Practice (Ed.D.)
Library and Information Science (M.L.I.S.)
Marriage and Family Counseling/Therapy (M.M.F.C./T.)

Continuing Studies

Organizational Leadership (M.O.L.)
Physician Assistant (M.S.M.)
Post Baccalaureate Programs
Religion (M.A.)
Special Education: Visual Impairments (M. Ed.)
Teaching (M.A.T.)

Educational Leadership (M.Ed.)
Educational Leadership and Turnaround School Specialist (Ed.S.)
English Second Language (M.Ed.)
Instructional Design & Technology (M.S.)

Associate degrees available through continued studies at Trevecca Nazarne include Business Management (A.S.), General Studies (A.A.) and Human Services (A.A.).

Bachelor Degrees available as continued study programs include Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry, Bachelor of Arts in General Studies, Bachelor of Arts in Management and Human Relations, Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Technology, Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration, Bachelor of Science in Health Information Technology and Christian Ministry - Salvation Army.


Interdisciplinary Major and Minors Programs

Interdisciplinary studies at Trevecca Nazarne are conducted through the university’s School of Music and Worship arts. Associate degrees are available in Praise and Worship. Bachelor’s degrees are offered in majors such as Social Justice (B.S.), Worship and Church Ministry (B.A.), Worship Arts (B.A.) and Worship Arts Seminar Series. Bachelor’s degree minors provided through the School of Music and Worship Arts include Leadership Studies, Praise and Worship, Social Justice (B.S.) and Worship Arts (B.A.). Additionally, certification programs are available in general Praise and Worship.


Trevecca Online

Trevecca Nazarne provides the unique and sought after opportunity for students to earn degrees fully online. Degrees available through Trevecca Nazarne’s online extension include Associates, Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral programs. To apply, students must complete a FAFSA and send in transcripts. Additional admissions processes are dependent on the type of certification or degree each student is interested in pursuing. Trevecca Nazarne provides additional support to military graduates and individuals needing student financial aid counseling.


Military graduates have responded with a great deal of positive feedback for the services and programs offered at Trevecca Nazarne’s physical campus and online extension. Treveca takes pride of the service, leadership and personal sacrifices made by U.S. Armed Forces students and works to represent and assist them at all turns. Through offering tailor-maid associate, bachelor’s, master’s and even doctoral degree programs, Trevecca represents commitment to serving military students. Trevecca recognizes the difficulties in serving the U.S. military and pursuing educational advancement.


In 2016, Trevecca was named a Military Friendly School on a national ranking of influential military-assistance universities in the United States. Military students are encouraged to apply and work hand-in-hand with the university so that they pursue the best possible opportunities after graduating from Trevecca Nazarne’s degree and certification programs. Trevecca was also recently awarded a place in the Yellow Ribbon Program at the program’s highest level. Trevecca allows students to enjoy high quality academic opportunities while honoring and supporting military graduates.


Worship Arts Seminar Series

Trevecca Nazarne University works to maintain a strong spirit at the Center of Worship Arts by providing a seminar series especially tailored for worship leaders, pastors, choir directors and any who share a passion for increasing their knowledge and awareness of historical and biblical Christian worship principles. Seminars encourage students and participants to learn more about the practical application of biblical principles and gain unique and useful insight in the field of ministry.


Trevecca Nazarne’s worship arts seminars consist of a program sponsoring four events and a final project at the end of each seminar series. The seminar series is also offered completely online, meeting the needs of students who are unable to attend but wish to further their awareness and academic background in the realm of worship arts. When students complete the requirements, each participant will be offered documentation of completion from the Worship Arts Center. Participants will have the ability to pay for seminars separately or bundle seminars. Cost per seminar is $300 and cost for full training series is $1000.


Curriculum design breaks down into four courses. Course 1 involves the Theories and Histories of Worship, orientating students in a fast-paced and comprehensive historical and biblical curriculum to ground them in the patriarchal period all the way up to the postmodern era. Participants will have the building blocks necessary to understand how religious models, patterns, modes and historical practices factor into contemporary models of worship. Through learning such principles, students will be better able to adapt and apply religious principles into modern practice.


Course 2 involves practical application and conceptualization of worship in a variety of contemporary expressions of worship in facets of culture and society. Special care will be paid to each period of worship in correlation with modern interpretations and context. Students will be encouraged to reflect on theology and plan worship in their individual realms of religious service. Understanding each function of the Christian calendar as it applies to worship with congregations. Through applying theological and biblical principles in each weekly planning module, students will have the framework necessary to put more useful historical principles into practice.

In Course 3, arts of worship, students will develop a deeper understanding of a variety of worship styles. As students study the historical applications of worship arts, they will gain greater insight into the key outlets filled by the art of worship. Through analyzing worship music in relation to biblical fidelity, sound theology and congregational application in song (ease of performance) students can apply greater leadership skills as part of worship team. This course will form a strong core and basis for applied theology and performance art as participants help others find their voice and inform their choices in applied worship art.


In course 4, the sacred and the missional in worship, students are introduced to ways in which they can provide form and maintain creative enthusiasm as they apply their mission the real world. With the logistical and theological inspiration in the course modules, students will be able to better adapt and apply Christian tradition while articulating the roles of service in church life. Through truly understanding and interpreting the world of worship and its place in history, graduates from the worship arts seminar series will be able to return to rewarding opportunities in discipleships, pastoral care, spiritual formation and worship leader roles.


For the final project in the seminar series, students will incorporate the principles they have learned as they create a project that represents the ministry context of the seminar series. Each project must demonstrate unique and personal application of theology and worship in a way that can be carried out in a worship setting. Students should apply visual and written components to the project. Each project proposal should be submitted to the curriculum instructor within two weeks of completion of worship seminars.



Prospective students are asked to fill out an online application through the Trevecca Nazarne online extension and make a call to the university’s admissions office at 844-TNU-GRAD. After applying, students are asked to send in any prior transcripts or applicable transfer credits. Applications should be sent to the physical mailing address of Trevecca Nazarne University at:

Trevecca Nazarene University
ATTN: SGCS Admissions
School of Graduate and Continuing Studies
333 Murfreesboro Road
Nashville, TN 37210


After these steps are completed, students will file a FAFSA on the web through the U.S. department of Education’s online extension at The Trevecca school code must be entered to federally apply. The Trevecca Nazarne school code is 003526.


Financial Aid

Financial Aid services through the Trevecca Nazarne campus and online extension provides even more opportunities for students to fund their education. The financial aid counselors of Trevecca Nazarene University are fully committed to assistant prospective or current students in designing plans to meet all educational objectives and goals.