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Touro University Worldwide is a primarily online based education system that also offers campus based help and learning through Touro College and University System. The goal of TUW is to help students become effective in their chosen careers as well as excellent citizens of a global world.

TUW makes the application part of getting into college easy. Simply visit the admissions page on their website to start filling out an online application at any time. It is also recommended that you review any requirements for acceptance before completing an application.


Financial Aid
Loans, grants, and scholarships are available to Touro students through a variety of mediums. If you feel like you deserve or qualify for financial aid programs, or if you would like to find out if you do, request information and talk to the school today.


The online programs offered through TUW are divided between four different schools. These are the School of Business, the School of Psychology, the School of Health and Human Services, and the School of General Studies. The School of General Studies offers an Associate’s Degree and also represents a prerequisite of obtaining any of the Undergraduate Degrees mentioned below, replacing what is usually referred to as the core curriculum required on top of specialized education.


The School of Business

The TUW School of Business helps prepare students for careers in an increasingly competitive global business world. There are programs available for both Undergraduates and Graduates.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Management
This program gives students the education they need to get a jumpstart in a business related career, or to advance a career they have already started. The skills and principles taught through this program will help graduates compete in a wide range of business related endeavors.


Multiple specializations are offered depending on what the individual's interests and goals are. This allows graduates to not only have a general understanding of today’s business environment, but also have the specific skills they need to achieve their personal goals within the broader framework of business.

Specializations include:

- Accounting
- Entrepreneurship
- Human Resource Management
- Marketing
- Project Management
- Homeland Security EDM

Master of Arts in Industrial & Organizational Psychology
This program is specifically designed to help graduates understand people and how they interact to a higher degree than other people. The interaction of individual employees between each other, their bosses, and those below them is vital for the proper functioning of any business.


Graduates of this program will learn how to train employees and structure companies or divisions in order to maximize productivity and profitability. These are important skills for individuals wishing to run an efficient business or earn a high management position within a large corporation.
Students can choose to concentrate on one of three areas:

- Coaching and Consulting
- Human Resource Management
- Occupational Health Psychology


Master of Business Administration
TUW prides itself on offering a extensive MBA program that prepares graduates with the knowledge and theories needed to advance their careers and earn important positions within global companies. The skills and knowledge taught through this program encompasses advanced business theory, techniques, and problem solving that enables graduates to excel.

Students get to choose between the following specializations:

- Accounting
- Finance
- Global Management
- Health Administration Management
- Human Resources Management
- Marketing
- Nonprofit Management (for Jewish Leadership)


The School of Psychology

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Anyone interested in human behavior would be interested in studying psychology and pursuing a related field. Students gain the knowledge and insight needed to understand and analyze the whole spectrum of human activity. This type of knowledge can translate into helping others achieve better mental health or even helping a business achieve greater profits.

All students get to choose one of the following concentrations for their coursework:

- Industrial/Organizational Psychology
- Elementary Education
- Secondary Education
- Special Education

Master of Arts in Psychology

This program is designed to expand students’ understanding of fundamental psychological principles that are learned in undergraduate level programs. An emphasis is placed on understanding the real world use of these principles in order to directly correlate to improved career opportunities and applications.

This type of degree can open the door for Doctorate level coursework or a very wide range of different careers.


Students can choose to focus on either Media Psychology or Educational Psychology.

Doctor of Psychology in Human and Organizational Psychology
This is a degree for individuals who really want to distinguish themselves in their career as a true expert. Organizational psychology in particular is being recognized at an increasing rate by large businesses as vital to the proper functioning of their workforce. This type of degree can literally open nearly any door on your chosen career path.

Students can choose to focus on one of three areas:

- Individual Change and Development
- Organizational Change and Development
- Leadership and Innovation


The School of Health and Human Services

Bachelor of Arts in Social Work
This is a general degree for individuals who have a fundamental desire to help others. Social work represents a wide range of potential careers, from non-profits to schools to counseling centers. Graduates will finish with a thorough knowledge of a spectrum of topics relating to problem solving, guidance, counseling, and many other human related services.


Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences
Students who are interested in health and helping others but do not wish to enter the healthcare field as a nurse, doctor, or other related technician may want to consider a degree in Health Sciences. This type of degree qualifies the graduate to work in a healthcare setting, but more on the administration side of things.

Available specializations include:

- Health Care Administration
- Health Education
- Long-Term Care Administration

Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy
This program focuses on the principles and knowledge needed to help families work through problems. Students who enjoy helping other people may be interested in this line of work. Graduates will be qualified to help married couples and families work through a variety of problems such as substance abuse, emotional disorders, mental disorders, and even other less severe problems.


Master of Science in Health Sciences
A Master’s Degree in Health Science prepares students for advanced level work and administrative positions related to health sciences. There are two specializations available for students to choose between, Health Education and

The School of General Studies

TUW has a unique approach to their core curriculum. They represent completion of this core with an Associate’s Degree in General Studies. This provides students pursuing higher level degrees, including Undergraduate degrees, the ability to start receiving better pay even before they finish their full degree program. The Associate’s Degree in General Studies represents a thorough liberal arts education in a wide range of subjects that students need to advance both their careers and personal lives.