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The LeMoyne-Owen College

About LOC
LeMoyne-Owens College is a small liberal arts college that has historically focused on serving black students, though any race is welcome. Their mission is to provide a transformative education that helps students achieve success in urban-oriented careers and lives.


LeMoyne-Owens College represents the merging of the individual LeMoyne and Owens colleges in 1968, but maintain the rich traditions each had developed over hundreds of years of service to the local community.


The joint college now shares the focus of giving students a rich liberal arts education in a Christian setting. While the college represents and strives to embody many Christian principles, students of any religion are welcomed.


Campus Location
LeMoyne-Owen College
807 Walker Ave
Memphis TN 38126


While historically the college has focused on the underserved black community, absolutely any race and religion are encouraged to apply to LOC. The requirements for acceptance can vary depending on the program a prospective student wishes to enter, so it is recommended to review their website to ensure that you meet these.


Also, individual contact information is available for those interested so that you may get all of the information you may need to help make a decision. Anyone who is considering attending LeMoyne-Owens College is encouraged to schedule a campus visit. This will provide potential students with the opportunity to meet staff and experience the culture of LOC first hand.

Financial Aid
LeMoyne-Owens College recognizes that the cost of education can be prohibitive, so encourages anyone who cannot afford a full tuition to review the available financial aid options to them, including grants, loans, and scholarships.

The academic programs at Lemoyne-Owens College are all focused on cultivating the skills and knowledge students need to find success in their careers and personal life. These programs are separated by ‘divisions’ which represent different fields of study.


These Divisions each have their own Majors and Minors associated with them. A general overview of areas of study are provided below based on what Division they fall under.

Division Of Business and Economic Development

Students who are interested in working in business or finance related field should pursue a degree from this division. Graduates receive a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and are armed with the skills and knowledge needed to find success in today’s modern urban business environment.


While only one Major is available through this division, students can choose to specialize in one of several different concentrations. These concentrations include:

- Accounting
- Economics
- Management
- Finance


A degree in business can open up many different career pathways for motivated individuals. With large corporations representing nearly every different subject, interest, and hobby in the present world, a business degree can help students obtain a career in nearly any area they are interested.


The skills obtained while earning this degree will help students achieve success on a professional and personal level, while also setting them up for further education in the future if they desire.

Division of Education

The Division of Education prepares students to become educators at an introductory level and to pursue further education that will allow them to advance their careers beyond this level. Students can choose to focus on one of these areas:


- Early Childhood Education
- K-6 Interdisciplinary Studies
- Middle Grades and Secondary Licensure Programs
- Special Education (K-12)
- Visual Arts Licensure (K-12)


All graduates, regardless of concentration, are armed with the general knowledge and skills needed to become an effective educator in any career path they end up pursuing.


Careers in education can be especially rewarding as educators are tasked with helping convey knowledge, skills, and abilities to a new generation of individuals.

Division of Fine Arts and Humanities

This division represents a diverse range of studies such as art, language, philosophy, and religion that all feature a common thread between them. They all address fundamental elements of being human, whether that is ways we represent ourselves, ways we communicate, or the ways we think and develop. Fundamental questions addressed by humanities and its related studies can be as important as ‘What does it mean to be human?”


Majors from this division include topics such as:

- Art
- English
- English/Language Arts
- Humanities
- Journalism and Mass Communications
- Music


The importance of this type of study is often overlooked, and this Department places a special focus on showing students how relevant the knowledge gleaned from these topics are to success in the modern world. Regardless of student's chosen Major, all graduates will receive a Bachelor of Arts degree in their field of concentration.

Division of Natural and Mathematical Sciences

This is another Division that represents a wide range of potential studies and career opportunities. The goal of this Division is to produce graduates who have advanced knowledge and skillsets that allow them to excel in a specific field of their choosing.


Bachelor of Science Degrees are available in Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, and Mathematics. These degrees can be leveraged in a variety of ways, depending on the career aspirations of individual students. The Division also coordinates with the Division of Education to help students obtain teaching certifications in their chosen Major so that they can teach the subject at the secondary school level.


If a prospective student knows they wish to pursue further education in a specific professional field, pre-professional programs are also available. These include:

- Pre-Nursing
- Pre-Engineering
- Pre-Pharmacy
- Pre-Medicine
- Pre-Dentistry
- Pre-Medical Technology


Regardless of the focus of their studies, the Division strives to give students the general knowledge and skills needed to excel in these type of careers.

Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Social and behavioral science study can open the door for a variety of interesting careers. Students who find themselves interested in helping other people or who enjoy studying human behavior may find this Division rewarding.

Specific majors that are available to students include:

- Criminal Justice
- Criminal Justice- Accelerated Degree Program (ADCP)
- History
- Political Science
- Social Work
- Sociology
- Social Science
- Urban Leadership & Social Justice


These majors can lead to fulfilling work in a variety of exciting careers.
Accelerated Studies for Adults and Professionals. This program is specifically designed for adult students who have other responsibilities to attend to beyond their education. Students can attend class as little as one night per week and work towards a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management degree or a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice degree.


Many students entering this program transfer some amount of credits from prior learning experience that satisfies core requirements. Also, there are opportunities to receive credits for prior work experience that can help students fulfill their credit hours even faster than usual. This is an excellent program and option for anyone who would like to advance their career without taking time off to attend school.