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The Jolie Academies


The Jolie Academies



About the Jolie Hair and Beauty Academy
The Jolie Academies is a family of beauty schools. The Jolie Hair and Beauty Academy offers a range of programs to students in the fields of hair care, beauty, and healthcare. The college recognizes the natural talent of students and develops their skills, so that they gain confidence to succeed in their respective professional lives. The experienced industry instructors of the school give special attention to each student, while providing a personalized teaching environment. These teachers know the latest techniques and styles in the healthcare and cosmetology industry, which in turn help students to gain the adequate knowledge.


The Jolie Hair and Beauty Academy was established in 1976. Since then, it has been training students to make a career in the beauty and healthcare industry.


The Jolie Health and Beauty Academy is credited by the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences (NACCAS). NACCS is nationally acknowledged by the United States Department of Education as an accrediting organization for cosmetology schools.


Financial Aid
The Jolie Health and Beauty Academy provides various financial assistance programs, including federal Stafford loans, federal Pell grants, workers’ compensation, veterans’ benefits, and MA trade agreement. These programs are available to only those students who qualify. In order to apply for the federal programs, you must fill in the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA),


Career services
The Jolie Health and Beauty Academy offers numerous career services to its students, ranging from resume writing, interview preparation, to job placements. These career services are available for both current students as well as alumni of the school.


The Jolie Hair and Beauty Academy provides six beauty courses and three allied health courses.


The Cosmetology program provides classroom knowledge and technical training in various areas, such as hair coloring, haircutting and styling, makeup application, permanent waxing, pedicures, and manicures. In addition, students are prepared to sit for the state board examination and begin their career as professional cosmetologists.


Esthetics / Skin Care Specialty
The program in Esthetics or Skin Care Specialty is the same, it just has different names. The course teaches various important skills to students and covers topics like skin analysis, advanced esthetics techniques, makeup application techniques, microdermabrasion, hair removal techniques, chemical peels, spa treatment procedures, facial masks, etc. Apart from this, applicants learn about salon management, health and safety practices, and communication skills for a well-formed experience. Upon successful completion of this program, students can take the state licensing examination. They can choose from plenty of career options, such as makeup artist, image consultant, professional esthetician, salon owner, etc. Skin Care Specialty and Esthetics students can also provide revitalizing spa treatments in resorts and cruise ships.


Nail Technology
The Nail Technology program provides extensive knowledge about all the aspects of natural as well artificial nail care, for instance pedicures, manicures, nail art, overlays, tip application, aromatherapy, and silk wraps. No matter if you want to get employed as an airbrush nail artist or become the owner of a nail salon; with this course, you can create stunning manicures and express your creativity through nail art. Additionally, the hands-on training provides technical, timing, and dexterity skills that can help students to become successful nail technicians. The training takes place in classrooms as well as the student clinics, so that students can learn and practice in a professional salon environment. After completing this course, students can pass the State Board Exam and earn their professional license.


The manicuring program provides students theoretical knowledge as well as hands-on training to perform great manicures on their clients. They learn about artificial and natural nail manicures, creative nail art, paraffin treatments, hand massage, etc. Through this program, students express their creativity in nail artistry, by creating spectacular nail designs. Additionally, students are prepared for the licensing examination, so that they can work as licensed manicurists in day salons, spas, hotels, vacation resorts, and the nail art industry.


The Barbering program teaches the latest hair styling trends to students, along with the knowledge of clipper cutting, straight edge razor techniques, and fine art of styling mustaches. The course curriculum includes all facets of the barbering vocation, such as hair coloring, hair cutting and styling, basic skin care, men’s shaving and grooming, facial massage, etc. Applicants also get to learn various management and business skills, so that they can succeed in any kind of barber shop or salon environment.


Cosmetology Teacher Program and Training
The Cosmetology Teacher Program and Training is for professional cosmetologists who have patience, knowledge, and who want to share their industry knowledge. This teacher training program enhances the career opportunities of qualified instructors in areas of cosmetology, nail technology, and esthetics. Graduates get to learn how to manage and work with students, by getting hands-on training in preparing coursework, teaching methods, delivering lessons, testing and evaluating, supervising students, developing a teaching portfolio, etc.


Nurse Aide
The Nurse Aide program teaches students about the role of a nurse. It deals with various tasks that a nurse is required to perform, such as changing linens, providing mealtime assistance, helping patients with daily grooming tasks, helping patients to walk or move, answering call signals of patients, assisting doctors and nurses to perform diagnostic practices, and observing a patient’s condition. The course curriculum covers several aspects of the medical industry, including anatomy and physiology, basic nursing skills, medical terminology, personal care skills, care of cognitively disabled patients, infection control training, emergency and safety procedures, etc. Upon successful completion of this course, graduates can get jobs as home health aides, nursing assistants, personal care assistants, or caregivers in nursing homes, hospitals, and other health care facilities.


The Phlebotomy course curriculum includes topics like micro collection techniques, venipuncture, anatomy and physiology, first aid and CPR, common complications, medical terminology, infection prevention, blood collection, clinical laboratory procedures, etc. Students get to know how to draw blood from patients, in order to conduct transfusions and laboratory tests. They learn about collecting contributions from blood donors, blood collection, drawn samples labeling, quality assurance, confirming patients’ identification, and patient safety. These blood specimens and samples, in turn, help doctors to diagnose and treat medical conditions of different patients. Students get classroom knowledge as well as practical training in capillary sticks and venipunctures. Additionally, students are prepared to sit for the licensing examination, which helps them to become a licensed Phlebotomist.


Patient Care Technician
The Patient Care Technician course provides theoretical knowledge as well as hands-on training to students. Students learn how to give basic nursing care to patients. The clinical training covers areas like venipuncture (phlebotomy), electrocardiogram (EKG), monitoring vital signs, basic patient care, etc. Students learn how to assist doctors and nurses in performing various medical tasks and interact with other health care professionals. They get theoretical training in medical terminology, emergency procedures, fundamentals of long-term care, infection prevention methods, safety protocols, reading vital signs, etc. Upon successful completion of this course, students can take the national certification examination and get jobs as patient care technicians in hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, nursing homes, and home health agencies.


The Jolie Academies Campus Locations:

Woodcrest Plaza Unit 21
1490 Haddonfield Berlin Rd.
Cherry Hill, NJ 08003


1057 N Church St.
Hazle Township
Pennsylvania, PA 18202


44 Sewall St.
Massachusetts, MA 01056


801 Tilton Rd
New Jersey, NJ 08225


5200 NJ-42
Washington Township
New Jersey, NJ 08012


125 North Wilkes-Barre, Blvd.
PA 18702