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The College of Westchester strives to be a college of choice for students and employers alike. Through internships, training programs and a vast selection of business networking opportunities granted through the college, graduates from Westchester’s programs have a better chance of career fulfillment through transformative and purposeful education and experiences. Professors at the College of Westchester have a great deal of experience in the professional fields of study. CW remains committed to student-centered academia and maintains a culturally diverse campus and student body. Through providing high-quality curriculum, students are encouraged to pursue entrepreneurial thinking and shape their lives and futures through rewarding regional employment. The College of Westchester encourages career advancement, good citizenship, academic and professional integrity and excellence.


The College of Westchester promises students will learn curriculum relevant to each specific career in an effective learning atmosphere. Faculty provides continuous critique and assessment for students to help each individual hone their skills and improve their abilities. Students are followed and provided with assistance and support from instructors, faculty and staff. Students will have access to help throughout enrollment, training and after graduation as their careers progress. Students are granted admission to the College of Westchester based on their level of motivation, level of commitment and potential for success.


A degree or certificate from the College of Westchester will give graduates a competitive upper hand in the work force. Expectations are clearly communicated and measured so that internal stakeholders and college partners have the ability to reach out to qualified and motivated students for future employment opportunities.



School of Business:

The College of Westchester’s School of Business provides well-framed and defined curriculum providing students with the academic tools and job-specific academic knowledge needed to equip themselves for real world career experience and advancement. Westchester students are strongly encouraged to look into associate level internships to provide extra context and business opportunities to apply the curriculum they are learning. At the same time, school of business bachelor’s degree students, upon completion of internships, will receive the accreditation granted by each field of study sponsored by the College of Westchester. The long-term goal of Westchester’s school of business curriculum is to supply students with educational tracks that provide general and well-rounded accreditation and deeper understanding with which students can pursue their desired careers.


At the same time, the College of Westchester’s faculty is full of successful and talented professors and practitioners. Students will have the opportunity to learn from experience from the best instructors in each academic track and program offered. Curriculum provides context for each industry-specific training program through allowing students to analyze real world problems and addressing newly pioneered course-specific skills for application in the work force. Student progress will also be defined by the inclusion of local panelists, supervisors, guest lecturers, local professionals and fake clients so that students may better develop their skills. Effective communication and student feedback is a cornerstone of the College of Westchester’s curriculum. Westchester’s School of Business provides students more chances to practice relevant career-related skills as they study in a new and innovative way that promotes career success.


Programs include:
-BBA - Business Administration (on ground)
-Bachelor of Business Administration Degree (BBA)
-BBA - Business Administration – Concentration in Digital Marketing & Design
-BBA - Business Administration – Management (Online)
-Bachelor of Business Administration Degree Program (BBA) - HEGIS Code
-AAS - Business Administration – Management/Marketing
-Associate Degree in Applied Science (AAS) – (On-ground) 
-AAS - Business Management/Marketing (Online)
-Associate in Applied Science Degree (AAS)


School of Accounting:

The College of Westchester’s School of Accounting provides degrees and certificates include associate, bachelors and other certificate level programs.
The highly defined academic objectives are created to equip students with the skills needed to apply after graduation in many different facets of business. Students are advised to pursue many associate-level internship opportunities through the college in order to better qualify for subsequent positions. Bachelor’s degree students are urged to complete internships as needed by their particular field of study. A variety of accounting, business and general education courses are offered to students so that they become well-rounded graduates.


Programs include:
-BBA - Accounting
-Bachelor of Business Administration, Accounting (BBA)
-AAS - Accounting
-Associate in Applied Science Degree (AAS)
-Certificate - Intensive Accounting/Computer Applications


School of Allied Health:

The College of Westchester’s School of Allied Health is an innovative educational leader responsible for providing a great many allied health professional certifications across the region. Medical Assistant Management and Health Information Management graduates will be ready to fill the needs of employers in highly in-demand fields. Community and healthcare service fields demand graduates with the ability to transfer their technical know-how to real world situations and problems. The College of Westchester is committed to providing curriculums that ready students for positions within the college’s extensive network of advisory council members and clinical educators within the regional healthcare circle.


Programs include:
-BBA – Health Care Administration
-AAS – Medical Assistant Management
-AOS – Health Information Management
-Medical Assistant Specialist
-Medical Office Specialist


School of Information Technology:

The College of Westchester’s School of Information Technology provides certifications and degrees that prepare students for diverse and innovative professional careers in the realm of Information Technology (IT). Students will be equipped to satisfy the needs of industry professions and network with employers in the fields of administration, network technologies, service and support roles.


Through Westchester’s lab and classroom theory environments, students will be able to demonstrate practical applications if academic principles. Westchester’s Computer Network Administration degree program and Computer Networking Specialist certificate opportunity allows students to learn many highly applicable technical skills. Through gaining theoretical know-how pivotal for understanding the current needs of employers in IT settings and better fill network technology roles. Students can better and interpret emerging technological trends. At the same time, students will develop a greater aptitude for critical thinking, teamwork, problem solving and, communication.


Additionally, CW is recognized by over 10,000 Cisco Networking Academies in roughly 165 countries. The Cisco Networking Academy is known for comprehensive and up-to-date curriculum delivery so that students are equipped with the building blocks necessary to work in professional facets of information and communication technology (ICT). At the end of CW training programs, students will have the skills needed to design and construct networks.


Programs include:
- Computer Network Administration
- Computer Networking Specialist
- David’s NBA/Cisco Experience


School of Digital Media:

The College of Westchester’s School of Digital Media prepares students with the creative and technical tips necessary to become media specialists. Graduates from Associate degree programs offered by Westchester’s School of Digital Media will possess the tools necessary to construct game design, web design & development, graphic design, and digital video & animation. Through the School of Digital Media, students may receive a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), which will allow them to integrate industry-specific skill sets to their creative ventures including backing n finance, management, problem solving, project management, technology and general management. Students will be able to apply academic principles to their own creations after studying curriculum providing global context to media, technical innovation and profitable media-related career tracks. Numerous careers await qualified graduates of media programs offered at the College of Westchester.


Programs include:
BS - Interactive Digital Media and Marketing
AAS - Digital Media
Digital Media Specialist


School of Online:

Through CW, more students are able to pursue degrees and certification in professional career niches on their own time. Westchester professors understand and address the needs of distance students and online degree seekers and stand ready to assist students in their journey through online education.


Programs include:
BBA – Business Administration-Management
AAS – Business Management/Marketing
BBA – Health Administration


Financial Aid

The College of Westchester provides tuition and financial assistance to undergraduates, adult education students, online students and veterans. Registration for official FAFSA (federal aid) can be done through the college itself or through independent application using the school code- CW's Federal School Code: 005208. The College of Westchester wants to make college more affordable and offers several scholarship opportunities in addition to general financial aid and counseling.