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The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

  • Graduate Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis
  • M.A in Psychology
  • M.S in Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Ph.D. in Applied Behavior Analysis
  • M.A in International Psychology
  • M.A in Psychology
  • Ph.D in International Psychology
  • B.A in Psychology
  • Certificate in Industrial and Organizational Psychology
  • M.A in Behavioral Economics
  • M.A in Organizational Leadership
  • Ph.D in Busines Psychology
  • Ph.D in Organizational Leadership
  • M.A in Clinical Mental Health Counseling
  • Ed. D in Educational Psychology and Technology
  • M.A in Forensic Psychology
  • Master of Public Health

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology


the chicago school of professional psychology



Why Choose Us?
The Chicago school of professional psychology prides itself in being person-centered more than anything else. The institution focuses more on the students themselves. The school provides more of an emotional and educational experience the same time. In this institution, you will be given valuable skills that you will carry throughout your professional career. You will be able to practically apply what you have learned in real life situations both in the professional and personal setting. Additionally, students will be given the opportunity to continue developing their own ideas regarding psychology and medical researchers along the way.

Available Training
In this particular institute, the students will be able to experience hands-on training from the best instructors and experts in their field. As a student, you will get to experience how it is to do community service in the most remote areas in the country. Students will not only be spending time learning the theories behind the psychological schools of thought. You will also learn more about the practical application of these psychological tenets sooner rather than later.


Campus Locations:
4199 Campus Dr. Suite E.
Irvine, CA 92612

750 First Street, NE
Washington, DC 20002-4242


401 W. A Street at 1 Columbia Place
San Diego, CA 92101


750 First Street, NE
Washington, DC 20002


325 North Wells St.
Chicago, IL 60654


1 Drexel Drive
New Orleans, LA 70125

International Network
With the Chicago school of professional psychology, you will be able to experience how it is to work alongside students from all over the world. With affiliations from over 50 countries, students in the institute will be able to experience how it is to interact with different individuals and cultures in a safe and open environment. In connection with this, the school also has a Center for International Studies that allows students to learn psychology effectively and eventually apply them on a more global scale. It aims to serve the much more remote areas and communities in other countries as well as within the United States.

Related Services
As an international student, you will have access to counseling services when it comes to your immigration status, employment opportunities, and insurance. The professional career counselors will also be able to help you with the much-needed adjustments that you will have to go through along the way.

Available Training Programs
This highly accredited institution boasts a wide variety of educational programs that will help hone the students’ skills and abilities when it comes to handling psychologically related issues and situations. Here are some examples of available courses that could be explored within the institution.

Applied Behavioral Analysis
With this course, you will be able to understand and explore human behavior more closely. You will be able to learn more about human motivation and the reasons behind certain behavioral tendencies along the way.

Here, you will get to learn how to handle various psychological issues in a much more realistic setting. You will get to apply some of the theoretical ideologies that you will learn through possible interviews with individuals with similar problems.
In these situations, you will be given the opportunity to assess and recommend what kind of treatment would be more effective for these individuals. You will also learn more about the different kinds of statistical testing required for psychological assessment.

Child Psychology
You will learn to apply psychological theories and approaches for children. This particular course will teach you the basic differences between handling adult related issues compared to problems that usually occur during the developmental stages of growth.

School Psychology
In this course, you will learn more about the application of psychology within the school setting. This is highly useful if you are going to take up education. This course will teach you how to deal with teachers and students alike.
Also, the course will help you understand what it is like to be a parent. If you are constantly at a loss as to how should you handle irate guardians and parents, this is the course for you.

Related Behavioral Sciences
You will get to learn more about other related behavioral sciences in the course such as Philosophy, Ethics, Sociology, and Anthropology. How human behavior is generally affected by various events and ideologies within the society?

Explores the different ways by which psychology can be applied in various fields whether it be clinical, school, or medical in nature. You will get to have hands on and practical experience by having the opportunity to volunteer for various institutions housing different types of individuals with varying backgrounds and conditions.

Health Sciences
As mentioned earlier, this course pertains to the application of psychology in the medical field. You will get to learn about psychology as it is connected to other medically related industries such as nursing, medical technology, administration and the like.

The Learning Environment
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology is apparently known for its innovative school environment. What does this mean exactly? This means that any student who will enroll in this facility will be able to experience how it feels to use state of the art equipment in aid of learning. You will also get to experience working with instructors that are experts in their field. Aside from this, students will be given the opportunity to reach out to medical institutions that could potentially pave the way for them to have a lucrative career in the industry.

Speaking of the faculty members, they undergo massive amounts of training to ensure their efficacy as teachers. These instructors often receive year-long training sessions regarding the attitudes, skills and behavioral patterns that will help them died as students properly. In turn, this gives them the much needed professional strength to steer the students in such a way that they would learn more effectively.
Aside from the curriculum based education being offered, parents and students alike will be assured that the institute will develop not only their minds but also their physical bodies along the way. As a result, each student will become a well-rounded individual upon graduation.

The Forensic Center
In line with having a hands on experience within the institute itself, the forensic center will aid the students in reaching out to local organizations and medical institutions. These partner establishments will be able to help them enhance their experiences within the school by involving them in projects that will not only help individual patients. It will also help improve the community along the way.

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology has campuses all over the country. Therefore, you do not have to worry about not being able to enroll because of your location. Here are some of the available campuses listed below. If you want to learn more, just visit the website.
• Los Angeles
• San Diego
• Washington
• Irvine
• New Orleans

You can also apply online for further education if you want to. With these accessible locations, you will have no reason not to enroll for sure.

Working with Smaller Businesses
Aside from being connected to various institutions that could handle medical situations and emergencies, the Chicago School of Professional Psychology also works with small business owners to help improve the chances of success through leadership programs and develop strategic planning capabilities for the owners themselves.

Counseling Centers
Students especially those enrolled in the Los Angeles campuses will be welcomed to finish off their training hours at the local counseling centers. Here, they will be able to work with professional experts that can help them understand human behavior even more so in the clinical setting.

Mental Health Institutions and Affiliations
The Chicago institute of psychology has long been affiliated with mental institutions and establishments that aim to provide proper mental health care for the indigent and disadvantaged communities. In line with this, these affiliated mental health facilities regularly offer conferences as well as various activities that aim to help eliminate the stigma related to mental illness in the United States.

Career Services
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology also provides students with the opportunity to find lucrative jobs after graduation. The institution fulfills this by holding her RE related symposiums and activities that will help them find good companies to work with in the long run. This is why students, as well as parents, can have the assurance of achieving professional career paths even after the students are long gone. Aside from providing them with the necessary skills to get the job, the school also give them the opportunity to connect with the people that will be able to take them places within the industry of psychology itself.

Financial Aid
This particular institution prides itself further in ensuring that the students would be able to get a proper education despite any financial obstacles that they may have in the future. If you visit the website, you will learn more about the various financial payment plans that the school can provide for students in need of help.

These are just some of the many advantages of enrolling in this particular institution. In the Chicago school of professional psychology, you will not only learn how to become the best medical doctor that you can be. You will also become a well-rounded and compassionate individual that will surely be willing to help others in times of need.