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The Centre for Digital Arts is one of the reputed institutes located in the Massachusetts, which imparts education in the field of digital arts and media. Today, we cannot imagine a television show without visual effects and even the film world brings out excellent animation movies for us every week. As a result, the animation and VFX industry has grown leaps and bounds. Naturally, such a growing industry needs thousands of talented skilled and trained people for various fields related to digital media like animation studios, video processing and editing, advertisement, and social media marketing, etc.


The Centre for Digital Arts
274 Moody Street Waltham
MA 02453


The Centre for Digital Arts (CDA) help the students build up a reputable career in this field by providing top class and state-of-the-art education. The college offers a variety of courses in animation filmmaking, web designing, multimedia, game designing which prepares you for an exciting career in the digital field.


The CDA has beefed up its curriculum so that it reflects the competitive and dynamic job world a student is going to step into. The students can turn their artistic talent and passion in an enticing career under the effective guidance of the faculties. The faculty is comprised of reputed industry leaders, scholars, and experts who are equally trained in teaching and bringing real world experiences inside the classroom.


The CDA is aimed to train the students in each and every aspect of digital arts. With this objective, the center has initiated a Practicum Program to train the students in a real-world job environment. The students collaborate with non-profit and charitable organizations for the advancement of the digital media which helps to establish the organization’s reputation.


This program is aimed to give the students a taste of practical work experience. They either work individually or team up under a faculty and work on an allotted project. They have to conceive the project and complete it according to the rules of this program.

The Centre doesn’t only prepare the students for the future job world. They study the demand of the current job market and collaborate with a host of professionals which establishes job opportunities at reputed companies for the students.


Students are taught how to face interviews, how to manage the clients, get a knowledge of teamwork through participating in workshops and even undergo individual coaching which helps them towards developing a long lasting career.


The CDA hosts a number of programs in digital media for the students. These include 3D Animation, Audio Production, Filmmaking, Graphic & Web Design, Photography, and Web Development.

3D Animation
The integrated 2D and 3D Animation course equips the students with all the technical skills required to create special effects in film, television series, commercials, web development, gaming, and other videos. This program is further divided into a number of courses.


1. Foundations for Digital Art and Design help the students to develop a perspective of what is expected of them through the 3D program. Students learn traditional arts like color theory and also modern technologies like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. They understand the differences between pixel and vector images, how to use Photoshop brushes, layers, masks and selection tool, illustrator’s pen, selection tools, layers, and shapes and learn the basic terminologies.

The Introduction to Maya teaches the students how to create and organize Maya projects, learn UV mapping techniques and the UV editor, use spotlights, point lights, and directional lights, etc.

Apart from these, there are other courses like
• Materials, Lighting, and Rendering
• Environment Design and Set Creation
• Intermediate 3D and Motion Graphics
• Intermediate Animation
• Interior Modelling
• Character Texturing
• Advanced Animation
• Portfolio Development


Audio Production
Students who are interested in pursuing a career in film, music and television media can pursue this course. One can learn everything, right from the art of music technology; learn audio therapy to have knowledge of studio operations. There are a number of smaller courses underneath this program:


1. The Introduction to Music Production helps the students develop practical and aesthetic knowledge of record production. They learn the evolution of the music from the ancient to the present day. Students complete a pre-production arrangement for recording two demo songs within a specific time. They also learn how to work with the musicians and deal with track recording and technical details of recording music.

2. A course on the Physics of Audio, Acoustics, and Psychoacoustics teaches the students the fundamentals of frequency, pitch, octave bands, harmonic series, amplitude and much more. Students examine signal interface and sound perception.

3. The Introduction to Post-Production provides the students an in-depth understanding of the post-production of music in motion pictures. Students are taught the concepts of storytelling conveyed through sounds, pre-dubs, attuned mixing levels, re-recording mixing methods, etc.

In addition, this program includes other courses like:
• Digital Audio Workstation
• Advanced Signal Flow and Recording
• Microphone Technique
• Production Sound and Field Recording
• Advanced Post-Production for Film
• Sound Design for Animation


The program on Filmmaking trains the students to be the next generation of professional filmmakers and storytellers. Students learn everything, right from pre-production details to post-production editing and touch-ups, cinematography to screenplay and other allied works of filmmaking. There are a number of courses available under this program:

• Introduction to Camera
• Production Sound
• Introduction to Non-Linear Editing
• Production for Documentary Group Project
• Story Forms and Functions
• Introduction to Narrative Cinematography
• Lighting and Camera Beyond Basics


Graphic and Web Design
The students learn to handle latest software and techniques for designing digital and web-based products. This program includes courses like:
• Introduction to Graphic Design
• Typography and Layout
• Form and Communication with Adobe Illustrator
• Digital Imaging with Adobe Photoshop
• Design Project
• Prepress and Color Management
• Introduction to HTML and CSS
• Tools of Web Design


Students who are willing to flaunt an illustrative career in commercials, portrait and event photography, advertising can pursue this program. After the completion of the courses, students are placed for training under renowned photographer and digital experts. This helps the students to create an exciting portfolio and gain an understanding of this field. The program is further divided into courses like:
• Advanced Camera and Workflow
• Introduction to Photoshop Tools
• Introduction to Light
• Practical Applications of Photoshop
• Product and Still Life Studio Lighting
• Integrating Photoshop into the Creative Studio
• Portable Lighting with Speedlights


Web Development
The Web Development Program is designed to give the students an insight into the world of web-based products like mobile apps, responsive design and many more. There are a number of courses that a student can enroll in:
• Introduction to Web Design
• Introduction to HTML and CSS
• Introduction to JavaScript and jQuery
• PHP and MySQL
• Introduction to WordPress


The students who are willing to enter the CDA have to sit for an interview where the student will be asked why she/he is interested in this field. Students must possess a high school diploma certificate or an equivalent GED scorecard. After the interview, the selected students are asked to complete an admission form for the completion of the process.