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Sunstate Academy of Cosmetology & Massage



Join the exciting world of cosmetology or massage therapy at the Sunstate Academy of Cosmetology and Massage. At this school, you will learn the skills needed to help people look their best through hair, makeup, skincare and other spa services such as massage therapy. Helping people make themselves over can improve their confidence and enrich their lives, and this school will train you to be a part of that transformation. Sunstate Academy of Cosmetology and Massage will train you in the latest and greatest hair and makeup techniques, allowing you to hone your skills so you will be ready to enter the world of spa, hair and beauty upon completion of your program.


Tulsa Welding School Campus Locations:
2525 Drew St.
Clearwater, FL 33765


Fort Meyers
2040 Colonial Blvd.
Fort Meyers, FL 33907


Cosmetology Training Program

Learn the fundamentals of hair, makeup and skincare with this flexible program. Cosmetology students will learn about cutting, coloring, shampooing, perms, relaxing and straightening, waxing, manicuring, pedicuring and makeup application techniques. With 3 day a week schedules, this program is easy to fit into your schedule, and offers a comprehensive knowledge base of everything you need to know to find an entry level position in a salon or spa. The Cosmetology program also offers a separate Spanish language program.


Spa Therapies Training

For students who’d prefer to work on the spa side of the beauty industry, the spa therapies program offers training in massage therapy and skincare techniques. You will learn fundamentals like the basics of human anatomy along with the intricacies of performing spa services, such as equipment sterilization techniques. This program is also a 3 day per week schedule, making it easy to fit into your busy life.


Nail Technician

In this program, students get a more in depth education in manicure and pedicure services, learning technical skills such as acrylic and gel application, polish application, decals, jewels and more. The program combines hands-on experience with theory, leading to a well-rounded education that will help you meet all of your clients’ needs.


Massage Therapy Program

Students who want to focus solely on massage will love this intensive program that covers all of the basics and then gets more in depth on various massage techniques. From learning about human anatomy to practicing on clients, you will learn everything you need to know to become a licensed massage therapist. You will be able to practice on clients and refine your skills, ensuring that you can determine and fulfill the pressure and technique requirements of every client. Techniques covered include hot stone, hydrotherapy, prenatal massage and more.


Full Specialty
Whether you haven’t yet narrowed down your chosen area of expertise or are interested in learning about skincare and nail technology, the Full Specialty program has you covered. In it, you will learn about various skincare and nail techniques such as manicures, microdermabrasion, facial peels and more. Upon completion of this program, you will be able to treat clients from head to toe from treating their skin issues to making them shine with a beautiful manicure. With a combination of real-world experience and theory, you will be able to provide clients with the best service for them.


Barber Styling

Available at the Clearwater campus, the Barber Styling program will teach you everything you need to know about working with male clientele. You will learn techniques such as the basic fade, shaving, razor cuts, taper cuts and more. The program also offers education on women’s hair cutting techniques, giving you a range of skills to work on many clients. Upon completion of this program, you will be able to take your skills to any barber shop and help your clients look and feel their best.


Barber Styling-Cosmetology Combination

The Fort Meyers Campus combines Barber Styling with Cosmetology for those who want a full knowledge base of cutting, styling and treatment techniques for men and women alike. Following this program, you will have the skills needed to perform a wide range of hair styling services from cuts and color to blowouts, fades and much more.


To start the admissions process, potential students must meet with an Admissions Representative and a Financial Aid officer to review personal goals, learn about the programs and determine financing options for their education. Prospective students must also submit required paperwork and schedule a meeting with the Campus Director. To be admitted to the program, you must have a high school diploma or equivalent or a passing grade on the Ability to Benefit exam. Students interested in joining the Nail Technician program must also take the Wonderlic Scholastic Level exam and pass with a minimum score.


Financial Aid
To determine your eligibility for financial aid, you will meet with a representative from the Financial Aid Department who will work with you to assess your options. Programs that may be available include Federal Pell Grants, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant and school scholarship match, William D. Ford Federal Direct Loans and more. Members of the financial aid department can also give your resources for finding other scholarship and grant opportunities that may be available to you.


Career Services
Sunstate Academy of Cosmetology and Massage employs a Student Services Director who can help you with various aspects of career planning. The Student Services Director has a database of potential employers and can help you evaluate your career goals to determine which type of environment is best for you. The school’s alumni have gone on to work in a variety of environments from top name salons to self employment. Meeting with the Student Services Director will give you a clear picture of your potential and possible employers who may be a good match for you.


Continuing Education
For current practitioners of Massage Therapy who want to brush up on new skills and techniques, Sunstate Academy of Cosmetology and Massage offers Continuing Education courses. Massage therapists can choose from a variety of classes that are convenient and easy to incorporate into any schedule. Some courses include Reflexology, Prenatal Massage, Deep Tissue and more. These certifications will help to enhance your credibility as a massage therapist and will assist you in meeting all of the needs of each individual client. The program is a convenient, affordable way to keep up with new techniques to remain current on your skills.


Salon Solaris
Students nearing the completion of their program can train with real clients at Salon Solaris. For a discounted fee on services, clients will have their hair, makeup, nails or spa services completed by a student under the supervision of a qualified instructor. Students get the advantage of putting their newly honed skills to use in a real environment while having access to experts that can help in all steps of the way. Clients are treated to quality services at a discounted price, making the experience more affordable. The salon often offers promotions and specials, such as coupons for product. For students who really want to flex their creative muscles, the Salon also offers specialty events such as Halloween face painting and Zombie makeup during the Halloween season. The school also participates in various competitions which is fun for students who want to get creative with hair design.


Once you’ve finished your program at Sunstate Academy of Cosmetology and Massage, you will be ready for a career in the hair and beauty industry. With your training, you will be available for a number of job prospects from working in a traditional spa and salon setting to creating high fashion looks for runway shows. Cosmetologists and massage therapists are in demand, and you get the added benefit of helping someone look and feel amazing. With real world training combined with theory, convenient class schedules and comprehensive education, Sunstate Academy of Cosmetology and Massage will help you launch your career.