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Sullivan College of Technology and Design


Sullivan College of Technology and Design


Sullivan College of Technology and Design, formerly Louisville Technical Institute, was founded in 1961 by George Dumbaugh in an effort to repay kindness shown to him while achieving his educational goals in becoming an engineer. Beginning with 10 students over 50 years ago, Sullivan College has grown into a well-respected school regionally and nationwide. Technology is a dynamic field and Sullivan College stays on the cutting edge, educating students on their multi-million dollar campus. As a career focused college, students get real world, hands-on experience with instructors who bring their own knowledge to the classroom to share. Sullivan College prepares you first for your career, and students can earn an Associate Degree in as little as 18 months, then continue towards their Bachelor Degree while working in their chosen field.


Campus Location:

3901 Atkinson Square Drive
Louisville, KY 40218


Financial Aid

With the cost of living on the rise, the price of education is climbing with it. SCTD understands not everyone can afford to spend a hundred thousand dollars or more on continuing education. However, it is an important investment in your future and almost everyone qualifies for some form of financial aid to help you realize your dream of a degree


SCTD offers flexible payment programs in addition to standard grants, loans and other aid. This is extremely helpful especially when entering the workforce and earning your degree at the same time. Their administrators will assist you in filling out the necessary paperwork to get you on a plan that is reasonable, affordable and keeps you on track to your goal.


The Application for Federal Student Aid is easy to fill out, and nearly every financial aid institution and scholarship award committee use this application for selection and funding. Also, if you served in the military, you are eligible for the GI Bill and funds are available for your spouse. SCTD will help you sort through the documents necessary and assist you in getting your aid.


Career Services

Sullivan College of Technology and Design is dedicated to helping you get the job. With assistance in interviewing techniques, job listings and networking, career services will help you find the career you desire. It doesn't end at graduation either. SCTD offers career assistance for your entire life, and you can contact them anytime you are looking to advance your career.


Advanced Manufacturing Technology


This program introduces students to the principles of the three main types of engineering, mechanical, electrical and industrial. There is a wide variety of industries looking for graduates with this skill set such as mechanical, industrial and electrical engineering, pharmaceutical and medical manufacturing, and automotive manufacturing and technology just to name a few.


An Associate of Applied Science Degree or a Bachelor of Science Degree in Advanced Manufacturing Technology prepares graduates to design, troubleshoot and repair a wide variety of electronic and industrial equipment. Students learn to use science, math and engineering theory in industrial and technical environments.


Architectural CADD

Every object around us in life exists because it was created through computer aided design drafting. This program will educate you on the latest technology in the CADD field, and prepare you for a career as a design technologist, estimator, drafting supervisor, and managers of drafting departments.


Earning an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Architectural CADD (Computer Aided Design Drafting) will teach you how to create unique drawings and structural blueprints as well as develop plans for almost any structure type. Students learn to use time-proven techniques in drafting for various applications.


Computer Engineering Technology

If you love solving problems using math and science combined, this program is for you. Learning in lab environments equipped with computer hardware and software that is most prevalent in businesses today, you will prepare yourself for a career in Computer Engineering Technology. You will be trained to pursue positions such as project manager, support analyst or systems specialist.


An Associate of Applied Science in Computer Engineering Technology will prepare you to sit for certifications such as the A+ and NET+, and 17 IPC. Graduates are ready to troubleshoot and resolve software, hardware, and networking issues that arise in any technological environment.


Dynamic Web Development

If you are searching for a program that goes beyond basic web design, this one is for you. Earning a degree in Dynamic Web Development, students learn the skills to create high functioning web sites with rich content and many types of scripting tools. As a two plus two program, you will quickly earn your Associate's degree and while working towards your Bachelor's, gain a position in your field to give you hands-on experience. Earning an Associate in Applied Science Degree will give you the confidence to enter your chosen field knowing you can create beautiful, interactive sites knowing a wide variety of computer languages.


Graphic Design

As a student of this program, you will learn a wide range of skills, including print layouts, video production and 3D modeling. Many of our students have won awards while still in school. Graduates have gone on to work in a variety of graphic design jobs, including one who works for Marvel Comics. You can earn an Associate's or Bachelor's degree in graphic design from Sullivan College, preparing you for a career in just about any industry you desire.


Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC-R)

In the ever demanding field of HVAC-R, this program prepare you to install, maintain and repair residential and commercial HVAC-R systems. Hands-on training is the main focal point of the program, and students train in our new, industry-standard HVAC-R lab with experienced instructors. There are also opportunities for learning on the job with an apprenticeship or externship.


You can complete this program in as little as NINE months, earning you a certificate in HVAC-R and with an additional nine months of course work, you will have your Associate of Applied Science Degree. Major HVAC-R companies such as Harshaw Trane recruit directly from Sullivan College for immediate positions in the industry.


With your Associate's degree in HVAC-R, you will have your pick of the jobs available in a wide variety of working environments, from commercial to residential, as well as any industry. You are part way to a Journeyman's license, and will have your Apprentice license upon completion of the program.


Interior Design

Students in this program learn the ins and outs of spatial and interior design, understanding how the environment and ergonomics affect productivity levels of employees as well as market value of any structure, commercial or residential. Earning a Bachelor of Arts or Associate of Applied Science degree will give you experience and knowledge needed for a position as a designer.


Mechanical CADD Training

With the skills you will learn in the Mechanical CADD (Computer Aided Design Drafting) program, you will be prepared for a career in industries such as industrial equipment production and material fabrication to name a few. Students have the opportunity to learn with the most state of the art CADD and 3D drawing software to hone their skills.


Additional Information:
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