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Stratford Career Institute


Stratford Career Institute


Stratford Career Institute is a private organization that was founded in 1991 to offer vocational trainings. Over the years, the institute has evolved in to a major distance learning institution in the US. If you have a busy life, and don’t have time to undergo on-campus trainings, you can avail Stratford Career Institute’s distance learning opportunities.

The institute has instituted technology-based correspondence educational programs that would allow you to receive high quality education and training while doing job. Stratford currently offers about sixty training programs in some of the newest and growing professions.

No matter what program you enroll in, you will get the skills required to excel in your field, profession and industry. The courses have been designed to develop and polish your skills, increase your earning potential, and help you grow in your career.


Career Services

When you enroll in a program at Stratford, it is your first step in a life long journey. Not only will you receive the highest quality of education, but also secure and brighten your future with the institute’s career services. When you graduate from the institute, you will receive career opportunities like job alerts, resume writing tips, and career growth tips in the email. Moreover, your job search and interview skills will be developed and sharpened during your training, so you can easily excel in your profession and industry.


Enrollment Process And Financial Aid

The admission process at Stratford starts when you submit your request for information on the institute’s website. After the admission representatives receive your request, they will contact you and answer all your questions. After knowing your aspirations and career goals, they will recommend you a program. You will then submit a completed application for admission on the institute’s website. Upon receiving your application, your educational funding needs and requirements will be scrutinized and you will be enrolled upon fees submission. If you need financial aid, you’ll have to ask your admissions representative.


Programs Offered:

High School Diploma

Administrative Assistant
Business Management
Funeral Service Education
Hotel and Service Management
Real Estate
Travel and Tourism

Computer Technology
Computer Programming
Computer Training
Desktop Publishing and Design
Drafting with AutoCAD
PC Repairing
Video Game Design

Child Day Care Management
Child Psychology, Drug and Alcohol Treatment Specialist
Early Childhood Education
English as a Second Language
French as a Second Language
Psychology/Social Work
Spanish as a Second Language
Teacher Aide

Creative Careers
Beauty Care
Cooking And Catering
Creative Writing
Fashion Merchandising And Design
Florist/Floral Design
Interior Decorating
Sewing And Dressmaking
Wedding Consulting
Story Writing
Criminal Justice
Forensic Science
Legal Assistant/Paralegal
Private Investigator
Security/Police Sciences

Dental Assistant
Fitness and Nutrition
Health Care Aide
Medical Billing Specialist
Medical Office Assistant
Medical Transcriptionist
Natural Health Consultant
Pharmacy Assistant
Physical Therapy Aide
Relaxation Therapist
Veterinary Assistant

Vocational Trades
Auto mechanic
Conservation/Environmental Sciences
Contractor/Construction Management
Gardening and Landscaping
Home Inspector
Motorcycle/ATV Repair
Professional Locksmith
Small Engine Repair

High School Diploma

Stratford Career Institute’s distance learning service allows you to earn your High School Diploma in your spare time. The institute has set up an innovative, virtual learning environment where you can get the chance to earn that important high school diploma that can help you achieve your career goals. Moreover, the institute’s monthly payment plan and high-tech online tools can empower you to get your diploma conveniently. The tuition fee for high school diploma is affordable. Moreover, the learning material is easy and the schedule is very flexible. Your instructor would extend hi or her support to you over the phone and through email.



Stratford offers trainings in a variety of business areas. The curriculums for each business program has been designed to let you easily learn new business skills, so you can excel in the competitive business environment. Moreover, the distance learning service has been developed to make it convenient for you to develop your skills and knowledge. The programs in business are at part with international best practices. By the time you graduate from the institute, you’d be ready to kick off a great career or start your own business.


The institute offers trainings in accounting, administrative assistance, bookkeeping, business management, funeral service education, hotel and service management, real estate, entrepreneurship, and travel and tourism.


Computer Technology

The demand for skilled people in computer technology was never so high; therefore, Stratford Career Institute is offering you a variety of computer training opportunities. The distance-learning program will equip you with the most demanded skills. By the end of the training, you will be ready to take a huge leap ahead in your career.


The online technologies make it possible for you to learn even the most sophisticated computer technology programs and skills. Computer technology trainings offered by Stratford include computer programming, basic computer training, desktop publishing and design, drafting with AutoCAD, PC repairing, and video game design.

Stratford’s distance learning counseling/education career training programs are aimed to train you to kick off a promising career in education and counseling. The course instructors are highly competent, skilled and experienced, meaning that you are going to develop new skills that would not only let you achieve your career objectives, but also secure a high position in the education and counseling sector within few years.


The Stratford counseling and education programs include child day care management, child psychology, drug and alcohol treatment specialist, early childhood education, English as a second language, French as a second language, psychology/social work, Spanish as a second language, and teacher aide.

Creative Careers
When it comes to creative careers, Stratford is a household name. The institute is offering a diverse range of career training opportunities under its distance learning services. These programs can help you begin an exciting career in the creative sector. The courses have been designed to equip you will all the in-demand, highly sophisticated and artistic skills.


The offered programs include art, beauty care, cooking and catering, creative writing, fashion merchandising and design, florist/floral design, interior decorating, photography, sewing and dressmaking, wedding consulting and story writing.