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Financial Aid

Stevens-Henager understands not everyone can afford to spend a tens of thousands dollars or more on continuing education. However, it is an important investment in your future and almost everyone can get for some form of financial aid to help you realize your dream of a degree.


Stevens-Henager offers many scholarships for a variety of students, full time, part time, high school and GED graduates. Their administrators will assist you in filling out the necessary paperwork to get you on a plan that is reasonable, affordable and keeps you on track to your goal.


The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is easy to fill out, and nearly every financial aid institution and scholarship award committee use this application for selection and funding. If you are a veteran, you are eligible for the GI Bill and funds are available for your spouse. Stevens-Henager will help you sort through the documents necessary and assist you in getting your aid.


Career Services

As a student or graduate of our college, you'll have ongoing access to the skills of your Career Services staff. The administrators will assist you in gaining employment upon graduation by pairing you with positions that match the skills you have developed through your course studies.


Campus Location:

1476 Sandhill Road
Orem, UT 84058

38 3 West Vine Street
Salt Lake City, UT 84123

1890 South 1350 West
Ogden, UT 84401

720 South River Road, Suite C-130
St. George, UT 84790

755 South Main Street
Logan, UT 84321

1444 South Entertainment Avenue
Boise, ID 83709

901 Pier View Drive, Suite 105
Idaho Falls, ID 83402

A Non-Profit Institution
Stevens-Henager is a unique college in that it is a non-profit institution. They provide students with the competitive edge by investing in the programs, faculty, and technology with the tuition they pay in order to get a degree and a better job faster. Scholarships are available to hundreds of students each year, and the cost is affordable. They have a Good Neighbor Initiative that helps provide free programs and services to people who could not otherwise be able to go to college.


Degree Programs Offered at Steven-Henager


Associate's Degree Programs
If you are looking for a good place to start in your higher education, getting your Associate's degree is an ideal place to start. Students will learn all the basics necessary to enter the field of their choice in an entry-level position.


Bachelor's Degree Programs
Taking your education to the next level can mean thye difference between an entry level position or an mid-level position upon graduation. The traditional four year degree offers more intense studies and higher level certification as well as a wider variety of specialized courses.


Master's Degree Programs
At this level, coursework is geared towards both students continuing on from their Bachelor's degree as well as adults looking to further their current careers. Studies are more in-depth, giving graduates all the skills needed for senior management roles as well as high paying positions in their chosen fields.



Medical Specialties: This Associate's program educates students on all the basics in the medical field from medical billing and coding to lab procedures and much more. Graduates will be prepared to take certifications such as CNA, LPN or enter the work force directly in medical office environments.


Nursing Education

Combining classes with hands-on courses gets students started for a career in nursing. This Associate's program will prepare students to be certified in entry-level nursing roles or continue on to become registered nurses.

Respiratory Therapy: Enter the work force immediately after completing this Associate's program as a respiratory therapist. Students will learn how to deliver, set-up, and maintain ventilators and other life support respiratory equipment.


Surgical Technology

Upon completion of this Associate's program, you will be able to join a surgical team in a hospital or medical center where you will competently assist in surgical procedures. Students learn all the medical terms, tools and steps to be a valued team member in surgery.


Healthcare Information Management

This Bachelor's program is designed to prepare students to assist the healthcare industry to transition to EHR (Electronic Healthcare Records). The skills learned will prepare graduates to collect and maintain sensitive data for a variety of uses.


Healthcare Administration:This Bachelor's program prepares students for management in a variety of healthcare settings such as hospitals, rehabilitation centers and more. Graduates will have leaderships skills as well as business, accounting and basic medical knowledge. This program is also offered at the Master's degree level.

Emphasis in Gerontology: Getting a Bachelor's degree with this emphasis will teach students how to care for the elderly and senior population in healthcare settings.



With a Bachelor's degree in nursing, students will learn all the skills needed to take on this critical role in the healthcare field and be prepared for certification upon completion. Registered nurses are the lifeline of hospitals, medical centers, rehabilitation centers and many other medical related institutions.
Nursing Education: This Master's degree program, nurses will further their careers as registered nurses, and teach them the skills necessary to pass on to the next generation.


Nursing Administration

Another Master's degree path that prepares registered nurses to take on an administrative role, which will give them the leadership skills to manage a nursing department, as well as business aspect of the job.


Healthcare Informatics

A critical role in the healthcare industry in which graduates can take on roles as record keepers in any healthcare setting. Graduates of this Master's program will have all the skills needed to obtain, create, maintain, and organize healthcare records, and managing data ranging from demographics to diagnosis and treatments.


Business Degree Programs



This Associate's program offers students an education in all facets of finance, including but not limited to budgeting, bookkeeping and account balancing. It is a stepping stone into the business world with graduates gaining employment as bookkeepers. It is also offered at the Bachelor's degree level.

Emphasis on Forensic Accounting: This Bachelor's degree will teach students all the same skills as in the Accounting degree, but with an added focus on forensics. Graduates will be able to detect fraud and criminal activity through the accounting skills they learn in this program.


Business Management and Accounting Associate's Degrees
Emphasis in Asset Management: Students gain knowledge about business and economics in this course, as well as property management. The emphasis on asset management gives graduates a specialized education allowing them to gain employment as property managers as well as other roles in business, finance or insurance industries.

Emphasis in Event Planning: Taking management and accounting into a different industry such as hospitality, this program offers students to learn all the skills needed for employment as an event planner. Graduates will know how to plan, organize, and execute various types of events as well as negotiate contracts and land sponsors.


Emphasis on Retail Sales Management: In this program, students will learn all the business management skills needed to succeed in the retail industry, such as hiring, training, sales and loss prevention as well as profit and loss analysis.


Business Administration

This Bachelor's degree educates students on domestic and international business. It is a general business degree that includes courses on sales, marketing, operations, human resources and much more. A Master's degree can also be earned in this area of study.

Emphasis on Asset Management: Similar to the business administration program, this Bachelor's degree will focus heavily on real estate and accounting.


Emphasis on Human Resources: This Bachelor's program will cover all the business basics as well as a focus on recruiting, hiring, benefits, and many other employee related topics needed for a Human Resource Manager role.


Emphasis on New Media Marketing: A new Bachelor's degree focus, teaching students how to utilize today's technology to create and execute successful marketing plans. Utilizing all types of social media, graduates will have the skills needed to increase sales in any business.


Emphasis on Technology: This Bachelor's program is designed to educate students in all areas of business administration as well as a focus in technology. Graduates will gain employment in a variety of fields, including technical support roles.


Emphasis on Entrepreneurship: This Master's degree program will teach students all the skills needed to start their own business, become savvy investors, and great business leaders.


Information Technology

Computer Programming: Earn your Associate's degree learning all the various computer languages and how to create the code that is the backbone of all software programs.


Computer Technology and Networking: This Associate's program will give you all the skills needed to understand how computers transmit data, and hardware for building networks.


Computer Science Bachelor's Degrees
Emphasis on Networking and Information Systems Security: Learn how to protect data and transfer from one location to the next without loss or breaching.

Emphasis on Software and Mobile Application Development: Prepares students for a lucrative career in web applications and creating software programs.


Emphasis on Web Design and Development: Learn how to create the most dynamic web pages and develop skills needed to be a valuable developer in any type of employment setting.


Information Systems: This Master's degree program builds on all the other information technology degrees, but with comprehensive studies on organizing and storing data. Careers launched from this program are Chief Information Officer (CIO), Information Technology/Information Systems/Information Management Director, systems analyst, systems architect, and strategic technologist.


Graphic Arts

Graphic Arts: Earn your Associate's degree in this fun field of art on a computer. Students gain skills such as multimedia design and marketing as well as honing their artistry. Students can also continue on in a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Arts with an emphasis in Information Design, learning how to use animation, illustration, and various other print mediums.