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  • Veterinary Technician
  • Animal Care & Administration
  • Basic Animal Grooming
  • Veterinary Office Assistant
  • Companion Animal Trainer
  • Diagnostic Medical Sonography
  • Practical Nursing
  • Medical Assisting
  • Medical Office Technology
  • Diagnostic Cardiovascular Sonography
  • EKG Technician
  • Medical Billing and Coding
  • Phlebotomy Technician
  • I.T Systems Administration
  • HVAC-R Program
  • Paralegal Training
  • Dental Assisting Program
  • Massage Therapy Program
  • Contemporary Business Management
  • Hospitality Management
  • Social Media & Digital Marketing Program

Stautzenberger College


Stautzenberger College


Campus Location:
1796 Indian Wood Circle
Maumee, OH 43537

8001 Katherine Blvd.
Brecksville, OH 44141



Veterinary Technician Program

This program is an AVMA accredited veterinary technology technician program located near Cleveland and Akron, OH. Students will gain experience in the field throughout the course of study in a wide variety of settings, including small animal and large animal care, as well as non-profit. The faculty share their knowledge with students in all areas where animals can be found, whether for science, service or as pets.


Animal Care & Administration

The coursework in this certification program is geared toward animal science, welfare, and operations management. Students gain an understanding in areas such as training, husbandry, disease, behavior, nutrition, conservation and medicine. Graduates can qualify for a wide variety of employment opportunities in care and management of domestic and exotic species. The responsibilities depend upon the organization, but include maintaining safe, healthy, and sustainable animal care facilities, as well as promoting general animal advocacy and awareness.


Basic Animal Grooming

This program is offered in a 10 or 12 week courses, where students explore their artistic side while caring for each animal’s well-being and overall health. Students will learn to identify dog breeds, maintain grooming equipment, bathing and drying techniques, dog anatomy, basic animal grooming and patterns, and health and safety concerns.


Animal Welfare and Management

This online program teaches students how to care for and manage a wide variety of species, domestic and exotic. The courses cover topics such as animal husbandry, law, welfare and ethics. Graduates will be ready to take on roles in a plethora of animal organizations such as shelters, rescues, the ASPCA and veterinary offices.


Veterinary Office Assistant

This 16 week long, online program teaches students about animal science, welfare and operations. Students develop an understanding of animal behavior, husbandry, and infectious diseases. Graduates will be ready to take on roles as veterinary office administrator, and take the CVOA (Veterinary Office Assistant Certification).

Small Animal Massage

This hybrid course combines both online and practical studies which include techniques in massage as well as anatomy and physiology all which improve animal physical well-being. Students will learn techniques that help relax, rehabilitate, and relieve pain for animals. It is similar to massaging the human body, however the stress points are different, and since animals cannot communicate verbally, animal massage therapist must interpret animals behavior and reaction for the massage to be effective.

Companion Animal Trainer

This program is a short ten weeks, preparing students for the training and exercising of companion animals for a variety purposes. This combination program offers instruction online and at our Brecksville, OH campus. Skills in a wide variety of areas are needed to become an animal trainer, whether for service or show.


Diagnostic Medical Sonography

This 24 month program will teach you all the skills you need to become a sonographer, which is an ever growing field for employment. The course combine classroom and clinical work which include anatomy and physiology combined with all the proper scanning procedures. Externships will be conducted in supervised environments such as clinics and other medical facilities.


Practical Nursing

Students can complete this program in eighteen months and will be ready to sit the National Council Licensure Examination-Practical Nurse (NCLEX-PN). The program covers a wide variety of curriculum from ethics to practical skills that will help graduates be successful LPNs (Licensed Practical Nurses).


Medical Assisting

Students will learn how to deliver clerical and clinical services to medical personnel that assist in the efficient running of medical offices. This program can be completed in eighteen months, or twenty-seven months with graduates earning a Medical Assisting diploma or Associate's Degree, respectively.


Medical Office Technology

This 24 month program is a comprehensive one that educates students in critical thinking combined with technical skills. Courses cover billing, medical law, admin procedures, transcription as well as oral and written communication. Students will develop skills that will allow them to be successful medical office administration, in a variety of medical settings.


Diagnostic Cardiovascular Sonography

This 24 month long program used a combination of classwork and clinical to gain knowledge in the science and art of sonography. Students will learn cardiovascular anatomy and physiology, among other cardiovascular exam protocols. The opportunity for clinical training is available for all students through externships in supervised settings. This is a dynamic career path in ultrasound and other sonographic equipment, critical to diagnosis and treatment of various conditions.


EKG Technician/Cardiographic Technician Certificate

Students learn the necessary components such as anatomy and physiology specifically related to the heart along with a variety of diagnostic skills, not to mention how to operate the 12-lead EKG. Graduates will be proficient in vital signs as well as BCLS certification (Basic Cardiac Life Support).

Medical Billing and Coding

This program can be completed in 15 months and will prepare students to take the Certified Professional Coding exam. Graduates will be proficient in administrative procedures, billing, medical law and insurance processing.


Phlebotomy Technician Training Program

Phlebotomists, essentially a role that handles all manner of drawing, handling, researching, and transfusing blood. Upon completing this program, graduates will be prepared for the exam to become a Registered Phlebotomy Technician.

Information Technology Programs


I.T. Systems Administration

Earn your Associate's degree in twenty four months, learning all the necessary computer skills to gain employment in a wide variety of technical positions from network administrator to support technician. Students will be eligible for certifications such as CompTIA, and MCTS (Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist) to name a few. This comprehensive program covers the management and technical aspects of communication, troubleshooting and critical thinking in the IT field.


I.T. Enterprise Administration

Students can complete this program in as little as 21 months, earning a certificate for work at the Enterprise level. The course work includes networking, server administration, and hardware components. Graduates will be prepared to take on roles in any industry, with capabilities to install, configure and manage Microsoft networks and software.


HVAC-R Training Program

HVAC-R classes cover everything from installing, maintaining, and repairing of HVAC-R systems, including safety as a primary focus. Graduates will be prepared to take on positions in any industry related companies as HVAC technicians. This includes but is not limited to homes, office buildings, schools, and hospitals.


Paralegal Training

Paralegals are an important part of any legal office, providing assistance to lawyers such as filing, legal research, and document preparation. The coursework includes ethics, computer software, law office technology, and procedures. Students will hone their skills in time management, organization and communication to take on the role of legal assistant.

Dental Assisting Trade Program

Students will have both administrative and clinical courses, in which externships are included, to help them learn all the skills necessary to become a Dental Assistant. Graduates will have skills such as X-rays, record keeping and scheduling along with knowledge of infection control, radiography and other dental procedures.


Massage Therapy Program

This program will prepare students to sit the Ohio State Licensure Examination, having learned techniques in various massage modalities. Courses are hands-on, not only learning about anatomy and physiology but business as well. Graduates will be prepared to take on roles as massage therapists in medical or clinical settings, or confidently have the skills necessary to open their own practice.


Contemporary Business Management

This diploma program provides students with the skills necessary for contemporary business management and teach them how to maximize time and money resources that include human participants and technology. Courses include humanities to develop a well-rounded graduate who will be valuable in any office environment.


Hospitality Management Program

Graduating with a degree in Hospitality Management gives you opportunities in areas such as restaurants, hotels, resorts, country clubs, cruise ships, and much more. You will learn leaderships skills, operations, strategic planning, and managerial accounting. The curriculum is designed to give you all the necessary skills to be successful in running any establishment successfully. As a Hospitality Manager, you will be directly involved with customers and employees, ensuring balance between the needs and wants of both, while creating a fun and enjoyable environment.


Social Media and Digital Marketing

This program teaches students all the basics of marketing and advertising, with a specialty in the new and upcoming social media and digital marketing. Graduates can confidently create content, implement marketing strategies, and deliver measurable results. Courses include communication, strategic marketing, and how to build an audience as well as analytical thinking.