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Nursing is a well-respected and rewarding career. Whether you are, have always aspired to work as a medical assistant, or if this is a much-needed change of course in your career later in life, St. Paul’s School of Nursing is an excellent school for residents in the Queens and Staten Island areas. A welcoming environment, the best faculty and staff an educational institution has to offer, and reliable resources that will get you working immediately: what more could a student ask for?


Campus Locations:

St. Paul’s School of Nursing Queens
97-77 Queens Blvd.
Queens, NY 11374

St. Paul’s School of Nursing Staten Island
Corporate Commons Two
2 Teleport Drive, Suite 203
Staten Island, NY 10311


About the School
One of the best nursing and medical assistant schools in NYC, St. Paul’s School of Nursing is devoted to completely preparing their students for working in and around the medical field. They serve the public proudly by sending students out into the healthcare workforce with a rock solid foundation of knowledge and confidence. The quality nursing education students find here will ensure that they can meet the demands necessary to assist doctors and patients properly.

The environment for nurses and medical assistants is often hectic, hours are often long, and the nature of the job makes it impossible for them to avoid stressful situations. Working directly with the sick and afflicted takes its toll on all healthcare professionals. The teachers and staff at St. Paul’s are there to mentor students through the mechanical and emotional aspects of the job—all instructors coming from years of healthcare experience themselves.

What sets the staff apart from others at other nursing schools is that they treat the practice of nursing with the utmost respect. Nursing is a science and an art form to St. Paul’s. So, if you want thorough instruction in the field of nursing, or in dental or medical assisting, consider St. Paul’s School of Nursing for the corresponding associate’s degree programs. If you are interested, contact them today and schedule an appointment. You can even request information through their official website. You’ll be glad you did.


The programs available at St. Paul’s School of Nursing are designed to prepare students for the authentic health care professional experience. Graduates of either program will have received a comprehensive education, and on the job experience that will carry them into their careers quickly and effectively.

Research and practice are the cornerstones of nursing instruction here, with the curriculum focusing on the community at large (on a multicultural, technological, and economic level) as well as the patients inside the hospital. The classes for all programs are structured as informative lectures as well as hands-on clinical training exercises. What better way to learn then as you assist real doctors and real patients? Learn from the best, and learn how to adapt to the exciting healthcare atmosphere.

The three programs available are for Associate’s degrees in Nursing, Dental Assisting, and Medical Assisting.


Associate Degree in Nursing

St. Paul’s offers one of the best two-year nursing degree programs in the Queens or Staten Island areas. Residents interested in this field can expect to become registered nurses in no time. Train with St. Paul’s knowledgeable faculty and staff to become a clinical nurse. Instruction varies between classroom lectures—theory and laboratory time—and in-hospital training under the careful supervision of experienced nurses and physicians. The curriculum zeroes in on up-to-date practices and current trends involving legalities and ethics related to the nursing profession. Just a few course topics are:
• Pharmacology
• Foundations of Nursing Concepts
• Nutritional Therapy
• Professional Trends in Nursing
• Obstetric & Neonatal Nursing
• Microbiology for Health Related Sciences


The facilities where students get on the job experience at range from acute care to community-based. Without a doubt, this program is structured to create fully qualified nurses.


Dental Assistant Program

Dental assistants experience a lot on a day to day basis, much like nurses. The practice involves some different tasks. Office and patient care duties call for strong communication and technical abilities. The most important job of a dental assistant is making sure the experience of the patient is comfortable since the dentists’ chair is a common place of anxiety for many.


St. Paul’s offers the opportunity for residents to receive a dental assisting Associate’s degree. Their accredited dental assisting program gets students ready for the demands of dental clinics and offices all over New York City. Come to the Staten Island location to receive training for this incredible position. Hands-on and in class training equip students with the information and techniques necessary to flourish as dental physicians’ aids. Students can expect to become prepared for an extremely wide range of practices in many different settings, like dental group practices, insurance companies, and specialty dental practices.


Medical Assistant Program

Like the dental assistant and nursing programs at St. Paul’s, the medical assistant program creates qualified health care aids to doctors and patients. The general medical assistant program prepares students to work in both administrative and clinical spheres in healthcare offices and clinics. Medical assistants work to maintain the offices of podiatrists, optometrists, even chiropractors. The curriculum is a hybrid of the first two programs mentioned here, with a continued pattern of on the job and in class instruction. Students who participate in this program can expect to come away with an excellent, well-rounded education in this field, and enviable career mobility.


Admission Requirements
After reviewing what St. Paul’s School of Nursing is all about, you’re probably wondering how to sign up. The admission and enrollment process is simple enough for you to get started as soon as possible. First, decide which program is right for you, and feel free to request even more information before applying. There are admissions representatives available to give you an extensive look at what your experience at St. Paul’s will be like. They can provide information regarding the program’s curriculum as well as the school’s policies and procedures.

To make sure that the application process runs smoothly, it is advised that the prospective student obtains all of the proper documents and follow all of the application instructions. If not, it is possible for you to be denied enrollment. If the records provided don’t hold up to the basic requirements for the applicant’s chosen program, the school will advise against enrollment.

St. Paul’s admission requirements state that an applicant must:
• Interview with an admissions representative
• Turn in a completed application for admission
• Be 17+ for the proposed enrollment date to apply
• Have a high school diploma or GED


Those interested in the nursing program specifically must have taken the Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam, scoring at least a 16.


Financial Aid Information
The financial aid department at St. Paul’s School of Nursing is here to relieve your financial worries. If you are interested in any of the programs here, but have no idea how to cover the costs or are at a financial disadvantage, there are many options available. With utmost confidentiality, St. Paul’s financial aid services take into account the student’s salary as well as other monetary burdens. Obtaining a quality education for a quality career will not require you to jump through any major hoops. Plans are tailored to each’s needs, and the options are numerous.

If you qualify after filling out your annual FAFSA, the grants, scholarships, and loans you could receive tend to include:
• Tuition Assistance
• Veterans Benefits
• Federal Direct Loan
• Federal Direct Parent Plus Loan for Undergrads
• Federal Pell Grant
• Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant
• Academic Competitiveness Grant
• Work-Study

It is important to note that St. Paul’s does not recommend for students as well as their families to place all of their bets on financial aid. It is imperative that your personal financial situation is fully understood before investing in school. Regardless, if you have questions or need more information, please contact the financial aid department for help.


Nurse Employment Placement Services
St. Paul’s School of Nursing prides itself on getting students career ready right upon graduation. This starts with training in actual healthcare facilities, but it continues with connecting students to potential employers. Students of St. Paul’s are recommended to local institutions all over NYC, particularly in the Staten Island and Queens areas. If there are specific places that interest you, you can contact the Career Services Center to iron out your future goals.

Companies are searching for nurses, dental assistants, and medical assistants also stay in touch with the Career Services Center in order to find new blood. With strong ties to the community’s facilities, it shouldn’t be difficult to obtain steady work after you finish your two-year program. St. Paul’s also offers the chance for graduates of the nursing program to apply to the New York State Board of Nursing. In so doing, the graduate participates in the NCLEX-RN licensure exam as a member of the board.

The official website offers contact information for companies looking to fill positions. St. Paul’s School of Nursing can proudly recommend graduates, knowing that they have nurtured excellent healthcare professionals perfect for searching companies.