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Spring Arbor University was established in 1873 and since then it has had a very important role in students’ lives and careers. Besides focusing on education background, Spring Arbor University is also trying to increase soft skills in students through their programs to give them theoretical and practical experience and knowledge to prepare them for the real world. The staff of the university invests their time and effort into students with vision, mission, and passion for the subjects, courses, and programs that they are offer.


Students of master’s and also bachelor’s degree programs can have an opportunity for real-life application of their knowledge and experience. After absorbing the theoretical knowledge, the university has programs and activities that will help students implement their knowledge in practical situations and challenges. In this way, students will be more ready for real-life situations and will have an opportunity to change the world through their career.


Spring Arbor University

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School of Education
The School of Education is part of Spring Arbor University. This program is a four-year graduate online education program with a flexible schedule, especially for adults. You can check out all costs and available financial aid for this program on the official website of the university or call the office of financial aid.


This online education program can bring you the knowledge and experience that you have always searched for. You will learn how to be a great educational teacher and develop skills as a professional. The program is effective and can prepare you to be an educator on any subject. There are several programs available in the School of Education which include Master of Arts in Education, Master of Arts in TESOL, Master of Arts in Reading, and Master of Special Education.


Having a master’s degree in education from Spring Arbor University can definitely increase your chances for a better job position after you finish your studies. You will have an opportunity to develop special skills that will open doors to many more opportunities in your career. This program is developed based on traditional and contemporary theory and research. Moreover, you will have an opportunity to learn from high-quality and respected instructors from the educational system.


The World Languages Program
Another quality program that is part of Spring Arbor University is the World Languages Program, which can teach you in multiple world languages. It is a 100 percent ESL degree online which is also suitable and designed for busy adults who have full-time jobs. This program is a unique and high-quality course of study where you can learn the language that you have always wanted. Also, this is a great opportunity for students from all over the world to learn English from home and get a certification and diploma.


Besides the language that you will choose, this program allows you to gain some skills that can help you to teach your own students in your classroom or you can choose to become the ESL specialist. The world language program can open the doors for better opportunities and jobs all over the world. For example, you can teach English in Japan, India, Italy, Spain, and Norway or at any international college or school.


Master of Arts in Communication
If you want to improve your communication and leadership skills, this program at Spring Arbor University is perfect for you and your future career. The program is around 20 months, and you can learn many useful communication skills that will help you to work with any organization, team or company.

The Master of Arts in Communication is an online program where you will have an opportunity to study together with qualified instructors. You will have a great deal of theoretical and practice work, and you will gain skills such as persuasive writing and speaking, ethics, personal responsibilities, communication with companies and powerful people, moral reasoning, intercultural communication and many more. As far as the tuition and financial aid for this specific master’s degree at Spring Arbor University, you can check on the official website of the university or call their office.


Master of Arts in Spiritual Formation & Leadership
If you are interested in spiritual formation and leadership, you should definitely enroll in this program at Spring Arbor University. Here you can find several online courses and the whole program lasts around 24 months. This program is actually one of only three like it in the world. You will have an opportunity to combine your knowledge, experience, theology, spirituality and contemplation in a way that will help you and others throughout your career.


The schedule of the program is very flexible even if you have a busy and dynamic life with a full-time job and maybe a family, too. A Master of Arts in Spiritual Formation and Leadership will give you a chance to learn your faith and depend on it while chasing your career.


Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management
Spring Arbor University offers a unique opportunity to learn the value of being an employee and a leader who is prepared to solve complex problems, build its own team and share motivation and enthusiasm. The approach of this program of Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management is from three sides from which you will gain skills, and you will be able to lead any team or organization.


The first approach is the individual side where you will learn to understand every individual with different character and also to inspire others in a way that they will feel interested in the task. The work group is the second approach in this bachelor’s program that can teach you to take actions, motivate others, and have successful results thanks to teamwork. Also, you will develop skills that will help you to understand different work groups and to have some kind of an influence on their behavior. The organization is the third approach in this program and can teach you to understand and also create a sustainable environment for a successful organization. You will learn how to make the values of the organization like your own and follow them in your career and even your everyday life. The final stage of this program is a capstone course where you will have questions, mostly about the philosophy of life and some other basics about business, ethics, respect for human rights, different lifestyles, accountability in government, and much more.


All of these programs at Spring Arbor University can definitely give you the education that you want and need for a great future career and many job opportunities. Studying online is something that started to be very popular and many people from all over the world are practicing this because most programs are campus-based. Even some of the worldwide known universities have implemented new online studies with different programs for those who are not able to go to classes very often. If you have some other additional questions related to all these programs you can always contact the Spring Arbor University office.