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About Southwest University

Founded in 1982, Southwest received its national accreditation in 2004 by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) and the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC). Being a distance education school provides opportunities for students around the world to benefit from the excellent programs offered at Southwest. Whether young men and women choose to earn their Associate's, Bachelor's or Master's degree, Southwest has options available for almost everyone.


The mission of the university is to provide quality education and improve professional careers through distance learning and is dedicated to academic integrity and excellence. The school offers programs that aid in the intellectual development of the students, on a platform that accommodates all in the changing world in which we live.


The curriculum offered is tailored to the needs of the professional world, teaching practices and theories that are necessary to the chosen career path of the student. By choosing distance education, students will find flexibility in their learning that cannot be found through traditional classroom environments.


Southwest cares for the educational welfare of all their students, fostering an environment that promotes self-confidence, motivation and personal growth. Students will develop leadership skills and gain knowledge from opening their minds to new schools of thought. With a diverse community, students will develop an open-mindedness necessary in today's world.


Southwest University offers a range of distance education programs with the option of a degree or certificate. Students can choose any one or more of these courses and excel in their career. From the comfort of their home, applicants can take their classes at any time, thus handling other things side by side. The programs are flexible, so that students can earn their degree or certificate as soon as possible and meet their professional goals. Unlike the traditional college setup, students can enroll in Southwest University any time of the year.


Campus Location:

Southwest University
2200 Veterans Memorial Boulevard
Kenner, Louisiana 70062 - 4005


Southwest University is credited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC) that is nationally recognized as an accrediting agency by the U.S. Department of Education. The college is approved by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) and is certified as a higher education institute by the State of Louisiana Board of Regents.


Admission Process
Enrolling into Southwest University is not that difficult. Request information and ask about their courses or any other queries that you have. Before starting with the admission procedure, check the admission requirements to see if you are eligible or not. Fill up the enrollment form. And, soon their admissions representative will contact you.


Military Friendly University
Southwest University is military-friendly with its many military benefits and tuition assistance. The college is acknowledged as one of the top GI Jobs Military Friendly Universities. It provides educational benefits to active duty military service members, reservists, and veterans. Southwest University is licensed to provide DANTES, Tuition Assistance (TA), and Veterans Affairs (VA) benefits. In addition, the academy offers educational funding for MGIB, Advancement (MyCAA), and post 9/11 military, along with active duty and military spouse career benefits. Dependents and spouses of active duty military men and women can also benefit from scholarships.


Associate of Science in General Studies
This course deals general education, including topics such as English composition, reading, writing, comprehension, principles of communication, business statistics, earth science, computer concepts, international relations, American history since 1500, world politics, sociology, psychology, etc.


Associate of Science in Criminal Justice
This program gives students an understanding of the criminal justice system, its procedures, and interconnection with the society. Students study general education subjects, along with specific topics like police organization and administration, criminal investigation, criminal law, police operations, juvenile justice, criminal court system, criminal procedures, and constitutional law. After completing this course, students can get jobs in state, federal, private, local, or law enforcement agencies.


Associate of Science in Business Administration
This program deals with accounting, business, personal finance, human resource management, business law, economics, principles of management and marketing, organizational management, etc.


Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice
This course includes various topics like police operations, juvenile justice, correction surveys, criminal court system, criminal procedures, constitutional law, and criminal law. After completing this program, students can get diverse job positions in law enforcement agencies.


Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA)
The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, better known as BSBA, can be done individually or with majors. Students can choose one or more major programs in their BSBA course.


BSBA Human Resource Management
This is a Human Resource Management major in BSBA. It covers human resource issues and strategies, decision making and challenges, global human resource management, training strategies and practices, labor relations and collective bargaining, staffing processes, strategic compensation, etc.


BSBA International Business
The major in International Business includes global marketing, global human resource management, leadership in organizations, international management, and international organizational behavior.


BSBA Leadership and Management
This BSBA major encompasses topics like human relations at work, organizational leadership, organizational behavior, structure and processes, strategic management and policy, supervisory management, etc.


BSBA Management
BSBA in Management covers human relations at work, entrepreneurial management, supervisory management, strategic management and policy, and international management.


BSBA Marketing
The major in marketing includes principles of selling, promotional marketing strartegies, public relations, global marketing, consumer purchasing and behavior, sales management, etc.


BSBA Organizational Management
This BSBA major encompasses human relations at work, organizational behavior, human resource issues, decision making and challenges, structure and processes, supervisory management, leadership in organizations, and strategic management and policy.


Master of Science in Criminal Justice
This Master’s degree program covers topics such as police administration and management, criminal investigation, juvenile justice, corrections administration, criminal behavior, criminology perspectives, research methods, etc.


Master of Arts in Management
This course develops the management competencies of students, along with knowledge about business accounts, marketing management, organizational behavior management, business ethics and responsibilities, global management, leadership, and management.


Master of Arts in Organizational Management
This program includes marketing management, issues in human relations, organizational behavior management, organizational theory and design, financial management, management and leadership, effective human resource management, supervision of a diverse workforce, etc.


Master of Business Administration (MBA)
The MBA program encompasses a deep understanding of topics like managerial accounting, business ethics and responsibilities, marketing strategies, managerial economics, human resources strategic issues, and financial management.


MBA Management
This course covers topics such as global management, human resource management for managers, managing change in organizations, designing and executing strategies, etc.


MBA Organizational Management
This program includes issues in human relations, supervision of a diverse workforce, organizational theory and design, human resource management, and management in the 21st century.


Southwest University (SWU) Second Graduate degree programs
Southwest University offers Second Graduate degree programs to SWU graduates, who have already achieved their first graduate degree. These courses broaden and strength the managerial skills of students and exemplifies their analytical skills, so that they can address business problems and implement effective solutions.


Certificate Training Programs
Southwest University provides a range of undergraduate and graduate certificate courses to its students. These certificate programs cover particular subject areas and are designed to meet the professional needs of individuals.

I. Undergraduate Certificate Programs
1. Criminal Justice - Introductory
2. Criminal Justice Advanced
3. Human Resource Management
4. International Business
5. Leadership and Management
6. Management
7. Marketing
8. Organizational Management

II. Graduate Certificate Programs
1. Business Administration
2. Criminal Justice
3. Leadership and Management
4. Management
5. Organizational Management