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About Southern California Health Institute
Southern California Health Institute aims to provide students with an exceptional education in medical and physical therapy. Founded in 1995 in Los Angeles by Boris Prilutsky, the institute was called IPPT school of massage, physical therapy aide and chiropractor assistants then. His curriculum was based on European Medical Massage Therapy. The institute also offers health and wellness programs.

In 2008, the institute collaborated with rehabilitation centers and hospitals to update their physical therapy programs. They also collaborated with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) in 2013 so as to integrate their curriculum for the Personal Fitness Trainer program. And in 2014, the Southern California Health Institute was the first school that offered the medical billing & coding specialist program, after partnering with AAPC.


Campus Locations:
5200 Lankershim Blvd.
North Hollywood, CA 91601



The Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS) has accredited the Southern California Health Institute. The United States Department of Education has listed ACICS as a nationally recognized accrediting agency and has been recognized by the Council of Higher Education Accreditation. The Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE) has approved the Southern California Health Institute as a vocational school in California.

The United States Department of Homeland Security has authorized the Southern California Health Institute to accept international students. The institute has also been approved to accept military veteran’s benefits by the California State Approving Agency for Veterans Education (CSAAVE). The Southern California Health Institute has got permission as regional training vendor for the South Bay Workforce Investment Board (SBWIB).


Financial Aid to Those Who Qualify
Students can apply for Title IV Federal Student Aid funds by completing an application for the Federal Student Aid for each year. The Student Finance Office then calculates the financial need of the student by estimating the family’s contribution. Students will be awarded PELL grants depending on this, unless they have a Bachelor’s degree or higher. To be eligible for these grants, students must be a US student, have a valid social security number and be enrolled and should have demonstrated financial need. There are different types of financial aid offered that include:

• Federal- The US Department of Financial Education grants students funds for expenses like tuition, fees, books and transportation. Under Federal Pell Grant funding, students are funded for 12 full-time terms. There are also several loans available for students like Federal Direct Student Loans, and Federal Parent PLUS Loans for Undergraduate Students (PLUS).

• State- The institute also trains eligible individuals who meet the requirements established by the Workforce Investment Board (WIB). These development activities can help job seekers, laid off workers, youth, incumbent workers, new workforce entrants, veterans, persons with disabilities, and employers.

• Institutional- This College works with TFC Tuition Financing to create a payment plan to help your financing needs. It can help you establish your credit or increase your credit rating. You will be to secure any type of future credit including credit cards and home mortgages.

Student Services
The Southern California Health Institute has student programs like:

Honor Society: Students can join the Alpha Beta Kappa Sigma Gamma society and participate in many community outreach programs like a Christmas toy drive at a children’s hospital, cooking meals for families whose children are recovering from surgeries, cancer awareness bake sales etc. The society also organizes events like May Day picnic, beach parties, alumni mixers and Christmas parties. The society has also started programs for students without housing which includes blankets, toiletries etc. They also mentor other students.

Career Center: Students are encouraged and guided to develop their careers through counseling sessions and resources. You can contact the career center staff for any kind of career advice.


Military Friendly School

The Southern California Health Institute is a military friendly institute and the California State Approving Agency for Veterans Education (CSAAVE) approves or disapproves veterans' education and training programs. They also prevent any abuses and try to promote the veterans education by monitoring their training programs.

Advanced Professional Massage Therapy Program

Students can learn about massage therapy in the Advanced Professional Massage Therapy program. They will be trained in medical massage therapy, specialized massages, Russian sports massage and lymph drainage and trigger point therapy. The program also trains students about anatomy, physiology, pathology and business principles. Students can also complete their hours in the massage clinic on campus.


Physical Therapy Aide/Sports Rehab Program

Students can learn the aspects involved in physical therapy, sports rehab aide and massage therapy in the Physical Therapy Aide/Sports Rehab program. The program includes the utilization of physical therapy equipment and treatment of back and limb disorders using medical massage. It also teaches students about rehabilitation, anatomy, physiology, pathology, sports massage, CPR and first aid certification and business principles.


Personal Fitness Trainer/Health & Wellness Professional Program

Students can study how to be a personal fitness trainer in the Personal Fitness Trainer/Health and Wellness Professional program. It is based on scientific research, experience from fitness experts and involves a combination of scientific content areas, laboratory performance arenas and work activities. The course teaches subjects like anatomy and physiology, weight management, exercise physiology, sports-specific training and fitness program design.


Medical Billing & Coding Specialist Program
Students are trained in medical billing and coding procedures in the Medical Billing and Coding Specialist: MBC program. The course’s material is provided by and in partnership with AAPC (formerly: American Academy of Professional Coders). This program has training in three fields:
The Certified Professional Biller

• This portion has the most up-to-date facts on the health insurance industry and reimbursement methods.
• This portion will teach you how to handle claims at a physician’s office, within a health clinic, health facility and other healthcare entities.

The Certified Professional Coder

• This portion teaches students the latest medical coding information for claim submission and revenue.
• This portion teaches students about coding in physician office settings and instructs student on how to read a medical chart.

The Certified Inpatient Coder

• This portion instructs students about the latest fundamental medical coding skills for a hospital.
• This portion also teaches students the diagnosis codes for hospital stays.

There are also a number of workshops and seminars for the students like:

• Acupressure for Tension Headaches
• Applied Kinesiology
• Aromatherapy
• Ankle Disorders
• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Relief
• Chair Massage
• Discovering and Eliminating Chi Blocks
• Hip Disorders
• Hot Stone Therapy
• Shiatsu Massage
• Sports Massage
• Lymphatic Drainage
• Pregnancy Massage
• Reflexology
• Thai Massage