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Prepare for a Health Care Career in as Few as 8 Months at Southeastern College!

At Southeastern College we’ll help you choose the health care program that is perfect for your personal growth and interests, and will support you at every step along the way. Receive hands-on instruction from caring instructors with practical experience in the fields in which they teach. Southeastern Institute’s small class sizes and individualized attention can be just what you need to succeed.


Southeastern College also offers:

Career placement assistance for graduates
Day or evening classes
Financial aid available for those who qualify


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As a student at Southeastern College, you will gain the training, skills, and knowledge you need to prepare for a rewarding career in occupations such as:

Medical Assisting
Electronic Medical Billing and Coding Specialist
Professional Clinical Massage Therapy
Pharmacy Technology



The career services at the Southeastern College are quite advanced, since the institute believes in doing everything to help students gain job placements. There is a Department of Student Services which boasts a 24-hour online career portal to connect graduates to prospective employers. Also, it is within the school’s policy to ensure that all students who need aid in getting placed get help, by carrying out mock interviews, helping in resume building and student development courses. While the Southeastern College does not guarantee placement, they do guarantee all the aid students need to get placed.


Campus Locations
Southeastern College Columbia,
1628 Browning Rd. #180
Columbia, SC 29210


Charleston Main Campus
2431 Aviation Avenue, Suite 703

North Charleston, South Carolina 29406


The school offers the Professional Clinical Massage Therapy Program for individuals who wish to help patients achieve ease with their massage skills. Also, if you’re looking for a career in the healthcare industry, then Southeastern Institute might be the right place for you, with its excellent Medical Assisting Program, Electronic Medical Billing and Coding Specialist Program and Pharmacy Technology Program.

Enrolment and Financial Aid
Enrolment at the Southeastern College starts with a decision: the decision to study here. The institute has an Admissions Coordinator who can sit down with you to discuss your options regarding your field of interest. The Admissions Coordinator will also take you on a personal tour of the campus and facilities so you can see the study facility for yourself before you apply for admission. You can also opt to catch the Career Presentation to help you decide on the program that fits your needs.

Once you’ve decided to gain admission, you can apply directly via the website. The institute urges prospective students to apply well before the deadlines for application to ensure that they can get space on the individual programs.

Southwestern College also has a strong Financial Services Department which works to aid students in achieving financial aid from different sources so they can pay for tuition. The Financial Services Department ensures that all students who need financial help fill in the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form and submit it. The Financial Administrator within the department sits down with students and informs them of their options when it comes to applying for and receiving financial aid. The various types of financial aid accepted by Southeastern Institute encompass private loans from institutes such as Sallie Mae and Wells Fargo, Federal Student Aid and grants, either private or via the government.

Professional Clinical Massage Therapy

A hands-on course which requires effort and dedication, the Professional Clinical Massage Therapy Program at Southeastern College is quite in-depth and wide. It focuses on the key elements of clinical massage therapy such as massage and treatment of postural distortions, soft tissue problems, degeneration of the body due to paralysis or other medical diseases and more.

The Program has the theoretical aspects of massage such as the legal side of massage therapy, the art of creating a spa-like environment and the theory of neuromuscular clinical massage. It also features a hands-k approach to clinical massage therapy with top instructors teaching students the different skill-sets of different types of massage therapy. In fact, students need 90 hours of practical experience in this Program so they can get their certification in Professional Clinical Massage Therapy.

Medical Assisting Training Program

If you’re looking for an entry into the healthcare industry and if your passion is to help people feel good and get better, then the Medical Assisting Program at Southeastern College is what you need to opt for. This Program is very intense so students can get all the right skills-sets and education for being outstanding and respected medical assistants. Training for Medical Assisting includes taking vital signs, carrying out electrocardiograms, giving injections to patients, phlebotomy, dealing with patient records and handling insurance claims and much more. The Medical Assisting Course is very much hands-on, so students can get all the experience they need before facing patients.

Electronic Medical Billing and Coding Specialist

Students who wish to enter into the healthcare industry and work in the comfort of an office can opt for the Electronic Medical Billing and Coding Specialist Program at Southeastern University. In the modern world, all medical records are digital so as to ensure that they can be accessed wherever and whenever they’re needed. To this effect, the Electronic Medical Billing and Coding Specialist Program helps students understand the different software used for EMRs as well as train them in using these.

Students who train under this program can go on to have amazing careers in making life simpler for patients and thus helping them by ensuring all records are accurate in terms of coding, diagnostics and insurance claims processing. Individuals also learn to maintain healthcare records properly so that the quality and care given to patients is reflected from the records.


Pharmacy Technology Program

The Pharmacy Technology Program at the Southeastern College is ideal for individuals who wish to enter the pharmaceutical industry but don’t have the ability or wherewithal to spend years in school. SEI’s Pharmacy Technology Program is very focused and helps individuals in getting the skills their need to become Pharmacy Technicians. Some of the skill-sets required for pharmacy technicians include packing of medication, distribution of medication and medical supplies and basic health-care skills.

It also has a theory level where students are taught about the legal aspects of pharmacy technology and the concepts behind medication packaging, to mention a few. SEI’s Pharmacy Technology Program comes with certification at the end of the Program so job-hunting for graduates is facilitated.


Southeastern College is institutionally accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges, 2101 Wilson Blvd, Suite 302, Arlington, Virginia, 22201. Further information may be obtained by contacting the Commission at (703) 247-4212.


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