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South Florida Institute of Technology

Career Services
South Florida Institute of Technology offers extensive help to individuals looking into furthering their career with any of SFIT’s accredited programs. The school offers a variety of programs in different fields of interest to suit one’s needs. If you’re interested in the healthcare industry, you can opt for the Medical Assistant Program or the Patient Care Technician Program. These programs from SFIT will give you an entry into the ever-robust healthcare industry and open doors for you in private clinics and public hospitals too.

However, if your interest is geared in working with your hands, you can learn good vocational skills via SFIT’s programs. The Building Construction Technician Program, the Electrical Construction Technician Program, the Plumbing Technician Program and the Refrigeration & AC Repair Technician Program are ideal for individuals who love tinkering and fixing things and indulging in DIY projects at home.

Also, if you’re good with computers, then SFIT has the perfect programs for you to further your career: the Computer Business Application Program and the Computer Graphic Design Program. These programs will enable you to get a good start on your career.


Campus Locations:
South Florida Institute of Technology Main School
720 NW 27 Ave. 2nd Floor
Miami, FL 33125

South Florida Institute of Technology Satellite Location
1275 W 47 PL Ste 201
Hialeah, FL 33012


Enrollment Process and Financial Aid
The enrollment process at the South Florida Institute of Technology has been made easier to facilitate intake of new students and aid them in adjusting to life at college. Both campuses have admissions representatives who guide students through the enrolment procedures with some career counseling to aid in decision-making regarding the program you wish to opt for. The admissions representative will provide a catalogue of the school as well as take you on a tour through the campus. You can also opt to sit in on one class to determine your interest in the program.

During enrolment, students get a basic idea of the campus, the programs and the schedules. At SFIT, anyone wishing to make a new career can join: It’s not limited to high-school graduates and you don’t require previous training to start the programs offered. So if you’re looking for a new career path, you can opt for the program of your choice at SFIT and get ahead in life. For enrolment, a GED is required for admission as a regular student, barring which an ATB (Ability to Benefit) exam will be carried out for admission into the regular program stream.

When it comes to Financial Aid, the South Florida Institute of Technology goes all out to help by ensuring tuition fees for the programs offered are competitive and affordable. Apart from this, the school offers Financial Aid advisors who will take you through the process of applying for loans or grants. Some of the means of financial aid offered in the state include the Federal Work-Study Program, the Federal Supplement Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) and the Federal Pell Grant. SFIT also has its own Financial Aid Program supported by the US Dept. of Education, which is available to those who have already applied for admission as well as financial aid.

Building Construction Technician Program

South Florida Institute of Technology’s Building Construction Technician Program is quite intensive and offers individuals a chance to learn the important aspects of the building and construction industry. With emphasis on skill-sets such as planning and management, technical and production, safety and usage of tools and dealing with labor and community issues, SFIT’s Building Construction Technician Program is a mix of classroom study and shop and laboratory procedures. This program will help you kick-start your career in the construction industry.

Computer Business Application Training Program

SFIT’s Computer Business Application Program is geared towards helping individuals understand the fundamentals of computers and business hand in hand. This program is quite in-depth and enables one to learn business skills and operation of business-related software such as ERPs. So if you’re business-minded and looking into entering the world of business either as an employee or a small-business owner, this program could be perfect for you.

Computer Graphic Design Program

SFIT’s Computer Graphic Design Program is ideal for graduates looking to enhance their graphic design skills. The course teaches you how to use different software for graphic designing and will help you hone your photo-editing and design skills. You’ll not only be editing, you’ll also be creating new designs. This course can really take your career on an upward trajectory if you’re innovative, creative and hard-working.

Electrical Construction Technician

The main objective of the Electrical Construction Technician Program at South Florida Institute of Technology is to enable students doing the course to understand and learn the skills required for an entry-level position in the construction industry. The course emphasizes on the fundamentals of electricity and teaches skills for selection and installation of electrical systems in commercial and residential projects as well as troubleshooting issues in systems. To do the Electrical Construction Technician Program, you need to have a GED or sit for an ATB exam.


Medical Assistant Training

With the healthcare industry growing so rapidly, medical assistants are very much in demand. As a medical assistant, you’re primed to grow in the healthcare industry and you may enjoy a stable career with other benefits. SFIT’s Medical Assistant Program is quite ideal in that it gives you all the knowledge and skills you will require for this position. The program imparts knowledge on medical terminology, laboratory techniques, clinical procedures, safety and cleanliness and basic administration skills.

Plumbing Technician Program

SFIT’s Plumbing Technician Program delves deep into the skills-sets required for individuals to have a thriving career in the field of plumbing. With course material that ranges from administration to fixtures and faucets to drainage and vent systems, the Plumbing Technician Program covers it all. As the construction industry grows, more and more houses are coming up every day. This has created a need for plumbing technicians who know their craft. This is where the South Florida Institute of Technology’s Plumbing Technician Program comes into the picture: to instill skills which will add value to your career.

Refrigeration & AC Repair Technician

If you like working with your hands and enjoy troubleshooting, then SFIT’s Refrigeration and AC Repair Technician might just be your cup of tea. Refrigeration and AC Repair technicians are constantly in demand and get an attractive salary per annum, which is why this Program is popular. SFIT has a tailor-made Refrigeration and AC Repair Technician Program which is a mix of theory and practical skill learning, with emphasis on installation, repair and troubleshooting of refrigeration and HVAC systems. It also teaches the basics of business which helps if individuals wish to work as freelancers and know how make profits.

Patient Care Technician Training Program

For entry into the United States growing healthcare industry, the South Florida Institute of Technology offers an attractive Patient Care Technician Program which focuses on enabling individuals to hone their patient care skills and behavior. A Patient Care Technician spends a lot of time with patients, mostly in hospitals, clinics and nursing homes. If you love taking care of others, then this program is for you. The course material for the Patient Care Technician Program at SFIT focuses on post-operative care, geriatric care, cleanliness, diagnostic testing skills, home caring and phlebotomy, to mention a few.