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  • Associate of Science in Firearms Technology Degree
  • Advanced Gunsmithing Certificate
  • Ballistic & Reloading Certificate
  • Medical Administration and Office Management - Billing and Coding
  • CompTIA Certificate
  • Cisco Certificate
  • Advanced Security Practitioner Certificate
  • CISSP Certificate

Sonoran Desert Institute


Sonoran Desert Institute


While the Sonoran Desert Institute is a distance learning facility, it provides adequate career services in terms of having a sound reputation that graduates can enjoy when meeting with prospective employers and up-to-date programs that are taught by some of the finest instructors on the field to empower students in their chosen field of study. The Institute is also home to the SDI Online Portal, which is a means for students to access their curriculum as well as a section that enables the search of industry-specific jobs for graduates.


Campus Location:
Sonoran Desert Institute
8767 E. Via de Ventura Suite 126
Scottsdale, AZ 85258

Enrolment and Financial Aid
The Application Process at the Sonoran Desert Institute is quite simple with the Admissions Department willing to help you all the way, right from the moment you complete your application via the website and send it off. From there on, you’ll be guided on what to do next. Since this is a distance-learning institute, the onus of visiting campus and checking out facilities does not come into the picture, which makes the admissions process that much simpler.

Financial Aid is another point of regard when it comes to the Sonoran Desert Institute. Unlike other distance-learning institutes, SDI cares about its students and urges them to contact Student Services so they can be helped in matters of eligibility criteria and application for financial aid. Some of the types of financial aid that new students can look into are Veterans Assistance, Workforce Investment Act (WIA), and Company Reimbursement, Federal Grants and Loans and Private Grants, Loans and Scholarships. The institute also helps by offering financial aid in the form of Payment Plan Options which can be discussed with Student Services.

Associate of Science in Firearms Technology Degree

Among the only firearm degree programs available in the whole of the United States, the Associate of Science in Firearms Technology Degree is a popular program with an intense curriculum. The program focuses on gunsmithing and firearms technology and is a two year course which is further broken down into four 16-week semesters. With this degree in hand, your career options will definitely rise, with jobs being available in security firms, national parks and more.

Advanced Gunsmithing Certificate

Focusing on all the minutiae of gunsmithing, the Advanced Gunsmithing Course is a more in-depth look into the practicalities and intricacies of gunsmithing. This advanced program delves deeper into the craft and technologies of gunsmithing with focus on ballistics, hand tools lab, management of shooting sports and more.

Gunsmithing Certificate

The Gunsmithing Certificate Course at SDI is quite popular, especially with students who love firearms and want to make a career out of this passion. The Gunsmithing Certificate has no credits but boasts a focused curriculum plan that looks into the basics of gunsmithing: assembly, maintenance, cleaning, customizing and selling firearms. This Certificate helps you open your own gunsmith shop or enjoy a career in the military or security industry.

Ballistics and Reloading Certificate

The Ballistics and Reloading Certificate at the Sonoran Desert Institute is a Certificate Course that emphasizes on the swaging, reloading, casting and ballistics of firearms and bullets. The course material encompasses a Hornady Lock-N-Load (R) AP (TM) Reloading Press, which is ideal for learning the techniques for checking ballistics as well as reloading.

Medical Administration and Office Management with Specialization in Billing and Coding Certificate

This SDI Course is designed to enable students to gain familiarity with the healthcare industry and learn industry-specific skills that will enable them to get management-level jobs in the industry. The course program focuses on aspects such as HIPAA compliance rules and regulations, general office administration duties, computer applications, billing and coding, claims reimbursement and more.
Medical Office Management with Specialization in Billing and Coding Certificate
This is among the top healthcare programs offered at SDI via distance learning. The Program focuses on elements of medical office management with a focus of the Billing and Coding Aspects of medical management. In this program, the focus is on Billing, Insurance Claims, general office administration duties, claims reimbursement, medical coding and computer applications. The Certificate course is designed to help students achieve the skills they need for an entry-level job in the healthcare industry. The demand for this certificate is quite high and is expected to rise over the next few years, which is why this is a good option for people looking for a growing career path.

Medical Billing and Coding Specialist Certificate

The Medical Billing and Coding Specialist Certificate Program is designed to help students achieve the specific skills required for billing and coding. This is done with a strong course curriculum that focuses on insurance claims, reimbursement, coding and billing and understanding some types of software used for such applications. Students of this course have a more in-depth curriculum aimed at building strong skills for coding and billing.

CompTIA Certificate

Sonoran Desert Institute’s CompTIA Certificate Program is ideal for individuals who are looking into starting a career in IT. This program is tailor-made by professionals and delves into all things that someone working in the IT Industry should be aware of: networking, hardware and security. A CompTIA Certificate course helps students get entry-level jobs in the IT Industry.

Cisco Certificate

The CISCO Certificate Program at SDI is the perfect program for individuals who are looking into rising up the career ladder in the IT Industry. The course focuses on teaching skills related on designing, deploying and maintaining efficient networks and learning advanced routing security protocols. A CISCO Certification gives individuals a chance to get mid-level jobs in the IT Industry.

Advanced Security Practitioner Certificate

If you’ve always been interested in hacking and security protocols, it might be time to follow your dream and enter into SDI’s Advanced Security Practitioner Certificate Program. This program enables you to get specialized skills in cybersecurity, with an advanced curriculum that goes above and beyond the scope of the CISCO certification, whilst using the same foundation. It’s time to fight cybercrime by ensuring all cybersecurity strategies are followed and protocols put into place. This is what this Certificate Course gives you: the skills to do all of this.

CISSP Certificate

The CISSP Certificate at the Sonoran Desert Institute is aimed at people looking for high-level jobs in the IT Industry. This certificate focuses on skills that will take you all the way to management levels with focus on policy creation, digital protection, personnel training, physical security, collection and documentation of evidence and more.

DoD Directive 8570 Compliance Certificate
The DoD Directive 8570 is one of the main IT regulations released by the government to ensure standard protocols for some aspects of internet security. This is how the DoD Directive 8570 Compliance Certificate came into place. The course is broken down into different modules, with each module set in a logical order to help students who are also undertaking different certificate programs such as CIISP and CISCO Certification.