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About Smith & Solomon
Smith & Solomon is a group of truck driving schools that offer truck driver training to students. It has been more than two decades that Smith & Solomon is in the truck driver training industry. In fact, it is one of the biggest commercial driver training schools in the nation and maintains a fleet of 140 equipment pieces. The institute is considered a leader in providing industrial training solutions to aspiring truck drivers.


Smith & Solomon serves individuals who seek DOT compliance training, in addition to forklift or Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) training. It also serves government and corporate entities that want to professionally train their forklift operators and drivers or require some guidance on DOT compliance. While providing commercial driver education, Smith & Solomon also advises the trucking industry in driver retention, driver compliance, and driver recruitment issues. It is committed towards the trucking and transportation industries with its highest quality driving courses that are offered throughout the United States.


Every student at Smith & Solomon is given special attention with its small class sizes, so that he or she can be properly taught about the responsibility and safety issues, which are inherent to drive a commercial motor vehicle. In addition, it has flexible schedules for its classes with weekend, weekday, and weeknight training, so that students can study according to their own preferences and free time and as per the demands of forklift operators and commercial drivers. With nine truck driving schools in 3 different states, Smith & Solomon has a training fleet of more than 140 trucks, forklifts, and buses.



Smith & Solomon truck driving school was originally established in the 1950s as a trucking company. Then, in 1985 it joined the truck driver education and training field, with two locations, including New Jersey and Philadelphia. Since then, the institute has grown over to nine different locations, which are spread across Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey.


Moreover, Smith & Solomon truck driving school has build strong relationships with nonprofits, churches, state agencies, and trucking community and companies in order to outreach its programs in the above mentioned states as well as across the nation. Till now, the institute has helped more than 35,000 graduates to find jobs within the trucking industry.


Smith & Solomon is licensed and registered by New Jersey State Motor Vehicle Commission, Driving School Number (000028), Delaware State Division of Motor Vehicles, Pennsylvania State Board of Private Licensed Schools, and Delaware Department of Education. Apart from these, it is also a member of National Safety Council, Better Business Bureau, American Trucking Association (ATA), New Jersey Motor Truck Association (NJMTA), Commercial Vehicle Training Association (CVTA), and Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association (PMTA).


Admission Process
It is quite easy to get admission into Smith & Solomon and to enroll into one of its truck driving training programs for truck drivers, forklift operators, and bus drivers and trainers. In order to take admission into this institute, you just have to follow these steps.

• Apply online by filling out the student application form given on the website of Smith & Solomon.
• Call their Admissions Coordinator at 1-800-622-0355, so that they can guide you through their different courses and convenient payment options in order to see what is suitable for you.
• Visit the nearest location of Smith & Solomon truck driving school, including Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.


Military Friendly
Smith & Solomon truck driving school is military friendly with its many military benefits and tuition assistance. It provides educational benefits to military veterans who have served the nation. All of the truck driving schools of Smith & Solomon are approved by the Department of Veterans Affairs in order to conduct Training under the Montgomery GI Bill and the Post 9/11 GI Bill.


Career Services
Smith & Solomon truck driving school assists its students as well as alumni in getting jobs, so that they can make their career and life better. It has a committed placement department who aims at finding jobs for its students and alumni. The institute remains in regular contact with recruiters from chief trucking companies, updates its job lists on a weekly basis, and regularly invites those recruiters to the different locations of the college. The different career services offered by Smith & Solomon include:

• Continual Job Placement
• Dedicated Job Placement Specialists
• Job Lists Updated weekly
• On-site Recruiting
• Pre-hire Applications
• Job Fairs


Programs Available
The Smith & Solomon truck driving schools offer different programs, including the Driver Training Program, Forklift Operator Training Safety Program, and Forklift Train the Trainer Certification Program.


Commercial Driver's License (CDL) Training Programs
Smith & Solomon truck driving schools provide four Commercial Driver's License (CDL) Training Programs to its students, namely CDL A: Tractor Trailer Training, CDL B: Straight Truck Training, CDL B: With Passenger Endorsement, and CDL Refresher Courses.


CDL A: Tractor Trailer Training
The CDL A: Tractor Trailer Training program prepares students to get CDL class A license as well as entry level employment to drive all classes of commercial vehicles. It prepares students to pass their written permit test, in addition to learn how to make maneuvers and truck inspections in a controlled environment. In this course, students also learn how to drive a tractor trailer on the road.


CDL B: Straight Truck Training
The CDL B: Straight Truck Training course teaches students to operate dump trucks, box trucks, and/or straight trucks. In this course, students learn the theory of operating these vehicles as well as prepare to pass the written permit test. They learn about truck maneuvers and truck inspections in a controlled environment and how to drive in real-life traffic situations. After completing this program, graduates are fully prepared to pass the road test.


CDL B: With Passenger Endorsement
This course teaches students the fundamental skills of operating and inspecting the vehicle. They learn the necessary skills that are required to operate the vehicle safely. In addition to this, students get prepared to pass their road permit test. Upon successful completion of the CDL B: With Passenger Endorsement program, graduates get a CDL B with a passenger endorsement and can drive a bus.


CDL Refresher Courses
Smith & Solomon truck driving school offers various CDL Refresher Courses to its students, who already possess a CDL, but have not driven for 6 months or more. It is for those people who want to re-enter the transportation industry, so that they can brush up their skills on a commercial vehicle. The course includes truck driving in order to review the close quarter driving skills and pre-trip inspections of students. It also encompasses driving out on the road, so that students can practice their skills in real-life traffic situations.


Forklift Operator Training
In this program, students learn to safely operate a forklift or a lift truck. The Forklift Operator Training course includes the OSHA-compliant forklift operator certification training theory along with the aim of lowering workplace accidents, injuries, and deaths. It also includes practical operation of a stand-on narrow aisle picker, a motorized hand truck, and a sit-down counterbalanced truck, along with motor and engine operation, instrumentation and controls.


Apart from this, the Forklift Operator Training course encompasses stability and capacity, maneuvering and steering, aisle unloading and loading, tractor-trailer unloading and loading, tiering and stacking, instruments, and operation in open and closed environments. After completing this program from Smith & Solomon, graduates can earn their forklift driver certification.


Forklift Train the Trainer Certification Programs
In this course, companies learn to train their own operators properly. The Forklift Train the Trainer Safety Program helps companies to create cost-effective strategies to train their new operators. Upon successful completion of this course, firms get a comprehensive Instructor Training Manual, which includes certificates, step-by-step guidance, and interactive programs, so that they can have the confidence to train other people. The unique train the trainer course guide includes:
• Tools to organize a training session and prepare the training facility
• Overview of OSHA regulations regarding powered industrial trucks
• Systematic training techniques
• Presentation techniques
• Essentials of effective training
• Instructional aids
• Student materials
• Instructor’s reference guide
• Quizzes
• Practice course layout and exercise
• Slide presentation
• Safety rules
• And, much more


Smith & Solomon Campus locations:

New Castle, Delaware (DE) campus
217B Lisa Dr.
New Castle, DE 19720


402 Rising Sun Rd.
Bordentown, NJ 08505


1701 Lower Rd.
Linden, NJ 07036

583 13th Street, Suite 103
Hammonton, NJ 08037

730 Airport Rd.
Lakewood, NJ 08701

170 Benigno Blvd.
Bellmawr, NJ 08031

98 Grove St.
Dupont, PA 18641

103 E Main St.
Norristown, PA 19401

4219 Richmond St.
Philadelphia, PA 19137