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About Sessions College
Sessions College prides itself on being the only fully online design school that has degree and certificate programs in the visual arts. Founded in 1997, Sessions College teaches students the necessary skills required to be adept in a fast-changing industry. With the goal of empowering creative minds, this school seeks to provide a technical and critical thinking for professional careers in art and design.

Students take part in rigorous training programs taught by professional artists and designers who have experience in online education. There are active discussion groups where degree program students analyze each other’s projects.


Campus Location & Online:

Main Campus
51 West Third Street, Suite E-301
Tempe, AZ 85281


Sessions College is certified by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC). Founded in 1926, the DEAC is a national accrediting agency, as listed by the U.S. Department of Education. Moreover, the agency is affiliated by the Council of Higher Education Accreditation. Sessions College is also regionally accredited at the certificate program level by Middle States Commission on Secondary Schools. The Middle States Commission on Secondary Schools seeks to improve secondary education and serves public and non-public secondary schools, vocational technical institutions, special purpose schools and distance education institutions.


Financial Aid
For getting financial assistance in Sessions College, you can speak to the financial aid staff, from Monday to Friday, during normal business hours. They will discuss several options with you including low monthly payments with no interest and a low upfront payment, benefits for US military service member or his kin, employer tuitions, third party lenders and institutional scholarships. Depending on whether it is a degree or certificate program, eligible students may be able to use Pell Grants, Federal Direct Loans, or Federal Direct PLUS Loans as financial aid.

Student Services
Sessions College has a number of services for students and you can contact the student advisor with your name and inquiry. Student advisors will provide you with detailed accounts of students’ experiences and learning:

• Student Handbook: The Student Handbook of Sessions College details the rules, regulations, and policies that govern degree programs, certificate programs, and individual courses.

• Student Gallery: Browse through a number of creative art projects by students on the gallery, which also has nominations by professors. You can also check out the profiles of Student Ambassadors who are a talented bunch and connect students to the outside world and administration officials. You can even purchase discounts on your design software on the Student Store page.

• Career Help: The Career center helps those students who have almost completed their certificate courses at Sessions and are looking for a job.

• Alumni Connection: Browse through Design Local/Study Global Project and connect with some top ranking former students. The ‘For students’ section provides you with all details of how to get the best out of your online creative education.


Military Friendly College
Sessions College provides several benefits for prospective military students like the GI bill education benefit where families of military servicemen are eligible for Post-9/11 and MGIB options which can cover the entire cost of tuition. You can also minimize the role of certificate course expenses by choosing from different Sessions College tuition plans. The Military Spouse Career Advancement Account (MyCAA) can provide you with up to $4,000 of assistance for military spouses. Sessions College is military friendly as service members have one year of leave of absence without any penalty. The policy of anytime, anywhere is also beneficial for service men as it offers 24x7 access classes, online admissions and expert advice.

Undergraduate Certificate Programs

Undergraduate certificate programs are conducted over two semesters but active US military service members can complete this program in four semesters. It is possible to transfer all credits to Associate in Occupational Studies programs at a later stage. You can graduate with a double major by combining two accredited Design Undergraduate Certificate Programs in three semesters.


Graphic Design Certificate
The Graphic design program helps students build their design portfolio by creating various print designs, developing logos and creating job appropriate color palettes.

• Fundamentals of color
• Typography
• Composition
• Using Designer software tools like Adobe, InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator


Web Design Certificate
Students will be given a brilliant overview of all the elements involved in visual designing for the web that include appealing page designs and graphics.
• Digital Imaging
• Color
• Typography
• Adobe Dreamweaver


Digital Media Certificate
This course provides students the necessary training in computer graphics, motion graphics and video.
• Digital imaging
• Illustration
• How to animate your artwork in digital video
• After Effects
• Flash


Illustration Certificate
The Illustration undergraduate certificate program teaches students how to create commercial, large-scale illustrations using stylized and realistic techniques.
• Vector graphics
• Still life and figure drawing
• Color theory
• Composition
• Painting
• Implementing these concepts using Photoshop and Illustrator


Advertising Design Certificate
Students gain an understanding of how to create advertisements using the elements of copywriting and concept development.

• Branding
• Marketing
• Color theory
• Typography
• Layout
• Implementing these concepts using Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign


Digital Photography Certificate
Students will be taught how to take professional photographs and how to use Photoshop and Lightroom to understand digital imaging.
• Professional photography scenarios
• Proficiency in using Photoshop and Lightroom


Print Design Certificate
Students will gain knowledge of graphic designing techniques that are tailor-made for the print industry that include print design production and layout.
• Advanced graphic design training with a focus on developing a strong portfolio


Advanced Web Design Certificate
In the Advanced Web Design course, students will need to have a basic idea of Adobe, Dreamweaver and Flash beforehand. They will be taught advanced coding and design techniques and web accessibility.
• Advanced Web design training in WordPress, Web type, CSS, and more

Online Design Degree Programs


The Sessions College Associate of Occupational Studies(AOS) degrees offer credits that can be completed on a full-time or on a part-time, extended schedule. These degree courses help students gain a deeper understanding in visual art and design, written communication, critical thinking, and industry-standard technology.


Assocatie's Degree in Graphic Design
In this course, students will learn how to convert ideas into images through creative online techniques and will learn the nuances of print design and branding projects.
• Solve design problems
• Create design mockups
• Design for different clients and audiences
• Control the fundamentals of design
• Create professional print design projects


Web Design Degree Program
This course entails that students are trained in all aspects of web designing using a rigorous curriculum and also helps them develop their professional portfolios.
• Identify needs of different clients and audiences
• Manage stages of a Web site project
• Plan and present Web sites
• Use design fundamentals and industry-standard technology to create Web sites


Digital Media Degree
Students are taught the aspects involved in motion art, 3D modeling, and digital video production and editing in this degree course.
• Motion-based projects
• Build video and animation projects
• Work with 2D and 3D environments
• Manage and implement cross-media projects
• Combine art and design skills with motion technology


Illustration Associate's Degree
In this course, students are encouraged to find their own style with classes in technical illustration, commercial illustration, painting and sequential art.
• Representing the world through drawing via traditional and digital media
• Creating expressive images and graphics for print and the Web


Advertising Design
In advertising design, students are taught concept development, account management and copywritingand how to use advertising to connect with consumers.
• Creating persuasive ad campaigns
• Visual design skills
• Copywriting
• Psychology
• Creating effective messages


Digital Photography
This digital photography degree course teaches students how to use photography equipment, production nuances and software.
• Gain a working knowledge of photography equipment
• Software
• Production techniques essential in the photographic industry

Vocational Certificate Programs
There are a number of online professional certificate program options available according to your interest. Once you complete one course, you can add on more courses to get an Advanced Certificate Program. These vocational certificate programs start every month and videos are supplemented by graphics and text walkthroughs.


Graphic Design
In this exciting and dynamic field, students are taught how to create a professional portfolio, software skills and gain knowledge of design.
• Visual design skills
• Print design
• Branding


Web Design
Students learn the various aspects of creating web site mood boards, designing web graphics and at the end of the course students will be able to showcase their own published websites on their portfolios.
• Standards-based coding
• Web graphics and layouts
• Interactive design


Multimedia Arts
In this course, students will be taught the skills associated with digital video, motion graphics and visual design which can be used in various multimedia projects like web-based media projects.
• Video and motion graphics for use online


Digital Arts
In this course, students gain hands-one xperience in digital imaging, digital illustration and traditional drawing.
• Vector illustration for art and design projects


Marketing Design
This course teaches students the skills that can enhance any business using the techniques of promotional design, branding and advertising.
• Promotional and advertising design skills to attract corporate design clients

Fine Arts
In the Fine Arts vocational course, students are taught how to enrich their visual art vocabulary using traditional media and digital photography.
• A rigorous and traditional approach to drawing and art making