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The school was established in 1996 in order to train youngsters to be successful massage therapists as a part of the healthcare industry in Ohio. The institute operates at four locations in Ohio - Cleveland, Lima, Dayton and Cincinnati. The primary focus of the institutes is to train students who are interested in pursuing a career in massage therapy to acquire a license in this field. It prepares the students for the health care industry as a successful physiotherapist and massage therapist. The massage therapy instructors and faculties create a professional and interactive environment for the students to learn better and guide the students towards the successful completion of the course. A quality education is achieved by combining theoretical studies with professional and practical experiences.


Campus Locations:
Cincinnati School of Medical Massages
11250 Cornell Park Dr#203
Cincinnati, OH 45242


Cleveland Institute of Medical Massages
18334-D E. Bagley Rd.
Middleburg Heights, OH 44130


Dayton School of Medical Massages
4457 Far Hills Ave
Dayton, OH 45429


Lima School of Medical Massages
205 W. Market St
Lima, OH 45801



Admission Process
Since this is a medical school, the admission process is a rigorous one which aims to select the best and the most diligent students for the courses. The interested candidate must have a high school diploma or an equivalent G.E.D Certificate. One of the essential requirements is that the candidate must have a positive health card and must not suffer from any serious ailments.


Students can fill out an Information Request Form available on the school’s website if they want to know more about the courses. They should go through the Gainful Employment Disclosures, the link of which is uploaded on the school’s official site. This will help them to know in details the tuitions fees and the admission procedures, employment opportunities and rate of successful placements for the short term version of the courses imparted at the different locations of the school.


Programs Available
The Schools of Medical Massages offers two courses of study:
- Massage Therapy
- Medical Assisting

Massage Therapy
Ohio is the first state in the US which provided a certificate and license for a course in massage. The students who are willing to join the massage therapy course provided by the university have to fulfil a number of requirements. They should commit to around 1100 hours of classroom teaching and consequent practical knowledge. One needs to study subjects like Anatomy and Physiology to gain an insight into the structure of the human body. Along with that, they learn Massage Ethics, which teaches them the philosophy and morality behind taking up massage therapy as a career. They must undertake courses in Business Management if they are willing to have their own clinics afterwards.

They must complete an approved course in CPR and must possess a CPR card while they are graduating. They have to complete 75 one hour massage course in the student massage clinic. Apart from that, they are trained in medical ethics and learn basic business skills to manage their own clinics. They are trained well regarding how to approach the patients.


A student pursuing a career in massage therapy will be required to do the following work:

a. Talk with the patients to know about the symptoms and the affected area which needs massaging. They should take great care in the patient’s medical history.
b. Successfully locate the pained areas of the body.
c. They should know how to manipulate muscles and other soft tissues of the body.
d. Recommend the patients on how to stretch, strengthen and relax and improve the overall posture of the body.
e. They must keep a record of the client’s bodily condition and advancement.


Medical Assistant
The Medical Assistant is one of the fastest growing professions in the current job market. A medical assistant need not necessarily be a doctor, but manage and assist doctors and healthcare practitioners in their work. The medical assistant program offered by the school is designed to impart the proper and the required skills needed to be a professional in the healthcare field. The students receive industry based knowledge through practical courses imparted by the faculty.


The main task of a medical assistant is to be the medium between the doctors and the patients. It required performing a number of administrative and clerical duties which will help the clinic or the office run smoothly. Students are placed in a number of organizations like hospitals, clinics, private chambers and special healthcare centres after the completion of the graduation degree.


The students are placed as medical assistant, medical biller and coder, medical receptionist or front-end office, medical insurance specialist, medical secretary, clerk in different wards and lab technician. As an administrative assistant, a student must perform the following duties:

• Learn to apply computer knowledge in the field of healthcare for keeping records
• Answering the calls from the patients and the medical representatives
• Arranging the patients for admission to the hospitals and accomplishing laboratory works.
• Performing works like billing, accountancy, and other corresponding services.
• Helping the patients fill out the insurance forms.


There are hosts of clerical duties that a student in the healthcare field can pursue. These are the wide array of tasks that a student studying medical assistantship needs to learn:

- Learning accurately the medical history of the patients
- Explaining to the patients about the treatment they will receive
- Taking the patients for examination and diagnosis
- Assisting the doctor or the physician during the examination
- Preparing laboratory tests and collecting specimens
- Recommending the patients about the medicines and the diet as directed by the physician
- Changing the dressing of the patients
- Drawing blood for examination
- Conducting ECG
- Refilling the prescriptions on the direction of the physician

For the successful completion of the courses, a student must undertake:
- Around 1100 hours of classroom teaching and practical knowledge
- Be acquainted with medical terminology
- Learn both theory and practical knowledge in physiology and anatomy
- Get acquainted with the real world clinical procedures
- Complete an affiliated CPR course


These courses will prepare the students to pursue a successful career in the different fields of healthcare management and medical facilities. With a high percentage of job success, the school has been able to establish a reputation in the field of medical teaching.


Financial Assistance
There is a host of financial aid available at the school for the students who cannot afford the two courses. Aspiring candidates must contact the financial aid centre in the school and check the availability of the aids and grants programs at the school. There are certain eligibility criteria which the students have to fulfil in order to access these aids. There are a number of state and financial aid program at the school.
a. Federal Stafford Loan
b. Federal Parent Loan for students pursuing graduation
c. Federal Pell Grant
d. Workforce Investment Act
e. VA Benefits


These are the various financial benefits available for the students at the schools. Students must either contact the school administration staff or go through the website links to learn more about the aid and grants program.