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San Joaquin Valley College (SJVC) Programs

  • Business Administration
  • Construction Management
  • Criminal Justice - Corrections
  • Human Resource Administration
  • Dental Assistant
  • Dental Hygiene
  • Diagnostic Medical Sonography
  • Licensed Vocational Nursing
  • Medical Assistant
  • Medical Office
  • Pharmacy Technology
  • Registered Nursing
  • Respiratory Therapy
  • Surgical Technology
  • Veterinary Technology
  • Aviation Maintenance Technology
  • Computer Systems Administration
  • HVAC
  • Industrial Maintenance Technology
  • Information Technology
  • Networking
  • Security
  • Web Development
  • Database Administration
  • Medical Billing and Coding


San Joaquin Valley College - SJVC


San Joaquin Valley College - SJVC


About SJVC
San Joaquin Valley College is a junior college based in California that provides certificate and associate degree programs for students eager to begin their careers. SJVC courses are offered year-round with classes available in the morning, afternoon and evening. Most associate degree programs offered at SJVC can be completed in about 14 months, while certificate programs last about 7 months.

The flexible scheduling and fast pace allows students to work around other important parts of their life, while completing their education quickly in order to begin working in their desired career as soon as possible. Over 20 different programs are available, spread across business, medical, and technical fields.


San Joaquin Valley College is accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges, which is recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation and the U.S. Department of Education.

To get started at San Joaquin Valley College, simply visit the website and fill out a contact form. After completing this, an advisor will respond to help make sure prospective students receive informationtargeted to their specific situation.


SJVC Campus Locations:

42135 10th Street West, Suite 147
Lancaster, California 93534

201 New Stine Road
Bakersfield, California 93309

1920 Cecil Ave.
Delano, CA 93215

295 East Sierra Avenue
Fresno, California 93710

215 West 7th Street
Hanford, California 93230

2185 West Cleveland Ave., Unit J
Madera, California 93637

5380 Pirrone Road
Salida, California 95368

4580 Ontario Mills Parkway
Ontario, California 91764

11050 Olson Drive, Suite 210
Rancho Cordova, California 95670

333 H Street, Suite 1065
Chula Vista, California 91910

27270 Madison Avenue, Suite 103
Temecula, California 92590

9331 Mariposa Road
Hesperia, California 92344

8344 West Mineral King Ave.
Visalia, California 93291

Financial Aid
Free financial aid consultations are available to any prospective student. SJVC tries to combat the normally high cost of education with affordable course options for students, while also helping students obtain extra aid when needed.There are a variety of ways to obtain financial aid that an SJVC advisor can help you explore.


These options include:
- Federal Pell Grants
- Scholarships
- Loans
- Work Study
- Veteran Educational Benefits
- Payment Plans


If you are interested in more information regarding rates and obtaining aid, visit this webpage in order to contact an advisor:

Programs at SJVC fall into three main categories: Business and Criminal Justice, Medical and Dental, and Technical and Industrial.

Business and Criminal Justice Programs

Business and criminal justice fields offer many exciting career opportunities. The specific programs offered at SJVC provide students the education they need in order to be competitive in their chosen careers and secure the jobs they desire.

Graduates of these programs leave SJVC with an associate’s degree or professional certification from a reputable college that employers will trust. On top of this, all students will be assisted in their job search upon completion of a program.


Available Business and Criminal Justice Programs include:
- Business Administration
- Construction Management
- Criminal Justice: Corrections
- Human Resource Administration


Business Administration Training Programs


San Joaquin Valley College’s Business Administration program is designed for students who want a career relating to business in some way. While some people are naturally gifted at business, anyone can benefit from learning specific skills relating to this career path. SJVC helps students obtain these skills, including things like organization, management techniques, sales, and computer use.

Construction Management

Any prospective student who is interested in construction, whether it be commercial or residential, can get a fast start towards working in this career by enrolling in SJVC’s Construction Management program. Important skills that will be developed throughout the program include project proposal completion, site supervision, design theory, job bidding, communication, and more.

Criminal Justice: Corrections

The Criminal Justice program at SJVC is designed for those who find careers in the correctional and rehabilitation fields interesting. Students should be prepared for hands on work that includes things like physical agility training, using weapons, personal defense, evidence collection, and general aspect of criminal law.

Many students who graduate this program pursue jobs in security related fields to develop more experience before continuing on to become correctional officers.

Human Resource Administration

If working in a human resource division of a business is part of your potential career path, SJVC offers all of the training you need to succeed. The Human Resource Administration program covers all the skills relevant to modern human resources departments Throughout the course students will learn things like evaluation, hiring, training, management, and computer programs relevant to completing their work at high levels.

Medical and Dental Training Programs

Students who love helping other people may find a degree or certification in a health related field extremely rewarding. SJVC offers many programs that help train students to be able to offer services of many kinds, from cleaning teeth to saving lives. If you would rather work with animals, there is even a program specifically targeting the skills needed to enter a veterinary profession.


All of the available programs involve hands on training to make sure students enter the workforce prepared to succeed. Students are also provided with tutoring, help from instructors, help with job searching, and interview preparation services.


Programs offered by SJVC in the Medical and Dental fields include:
- Dental Assistant
- Dental Hygiene
- Diagnostic Medical Sonography
- Licensed Vocational Nursing
- Medical Assistant
- Medical Office
- Pharmacy Technology
- Registered Nursing
- Respiratory Therapy
- Surgical Technology
- Veterinary Technology


Dental Assistant

If your goal is to work in a dental office or if you find this type of work interesting, you can get a fast start towards gaining work experience by enrolling in SJVC’s Dental Assistant program. This prepares students to assist dentists with aspects such as patient care, office work, and laboratory duties.

Dental Hygiene

If you are interested in the dental field but would like something more than being a dental assistant, SJVC also offers training for dental hygienists. This career involves more responsibilities than being a dental assistant, but also usually commands higher pay. Students in this program enjoy small class sizes, high success rates, and accreditation by ADA-CODA.

Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Getting started in sonography is easy if you get your training at SJVC. Skills taught in the Diagnostic Medical Sonography program include how to perform ultrasounds and then record all of relevant information observed. Communication skills relevant to the field are also taught.

Licensed Vocational Nursing

SJVC’s Licensed Vocational Nursing program trains students to provide care to those who need it with supervision and instruction from physicians and registered nurses. Anyone interested in entering the healthcare field who does not have the time to dedicate to become a registered nurse would enjoy this path.

Medical Assistant

If you are interested in health care, but would prefer to remain more hands off that nurses, you may want to consider medical assistant training. This prepares students to work in offices and clinics related to healthcare. Those interested can choose between two different programs.

- The Certificate-level Clinical Medical Assistant (CMA) program, which has an emphasis on back-office procedures.
- The Clinical and Administrative Medical Assistant (CAMA) program, which provides an Associate of Science Degree and prepares students for both front and back office work.


Medical Office

Graduates of SJVC’s Medical Office program are prepared to work in front-office positions in medical offices, including healthcare and insurance related businesses. Two options are available:

- A 7-month, Certificate program that provides training for basic administrative support.
- A 14-month, Associate of Science Degree with advanced instruction relating to billing, coding, and management.

Pharmacy Technology

SJVC’s Pharmacy Technology program prepares students for work under the direct supervision of a Registered Pharmacist. Technicians aide pharmacists with the general activities of preparing medication for dispensing.

Registered Nursing

A Registered Nursing program is offered at SJVC’s Visalia campus for students who have the desire to enter the healthcare industry. All the necessary training is given so that students excel at providing exceptional care to their future patients.

If you have completed a Licensed Vocational Nursing program in the past, you may have already taken some of the credits needed to complete this program. If so, credits will transfer allowing you to complete the program even faster than usual.

Respiratory Therapy

The Respiratory Therapy program at SJVC prepares students to evaluate, treat, and manage patients with respiratory illnesses. As a Respiratory Therapist, you also must have exceptional decision making and communication skills, which will be taught throughout the course of this program.

Surgical Technology

Students completing this program will be prepared to assist surgical doctors prepare for and administer surgeries. While a doctor will always be responsible for the actual surgery, there are other vitally important roles graduates of this program would end up playing in the process. These include preparing any necessary equipment, sterilizing the room and any object involved, assisting the surgeon during operations, and handling samples and specimens that may be taken. All relevant skills are taught throughout the program.

Veterinary Technology

This is the program for students who love animals or who want to enter a veterinary profession. Training covers topics such as animal care, performing lab tests, radiology procedures, and helping with surgeries.

Technical and Industrial Training Programs

SJVC offers several technical programs that may appeal to individuals who enjoy working with their hands. These programs help students get the necessary qualifications to install, repair, or work with a variety of machines and appliances such as computers, heating and cooling devices, and aircraft. Like the other disciplines, students entering a technical training program will be helped with their job search and interview preparation, as well as tutoring for any academic subjects they need help with.


Technical programs and training at SJVC include:
- Aviation Maintenance Technology
- Computer Systems Administration
- Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology
- Industrial Maintenance Technology
- Information Technology


Aviation Maintenance Technology

If you are interested in airplanes or other aircraft, this program will prepare you to perform maintenance on aircraft bodies and engines. Hands-on training is provided that gives students the important opportunity to actually work on the maintenance, servicing, troubleshooting, and repair of real aircraft.

Computer Systems Administration

The Computer Systems Administration program gives students a background in operating systems, applications, and network elements that are relevant to the needs of modern small and large businesses.

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology

The Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration program provides training and hands on experience with the operation, maintenance, and repair of residential and commercial heating and cooling equipment. By addressing this wide range of related fields, graduates can enjoy the job security of having knowledge that allows them to work regardless of the season.

Industrial Maintenance Technology

If large scale machinery is something you are interested, SJVC’s Industrial Maintenance Technology program provides hands-on training with industrial systems and equipment. Students learn the ins and outs of things like hydraulic systems and power transmission components.

Information Technology

There are several different opportunities for students who are interested in computers and information technology at SJVC. Multiple certifications are available to choose between depending on what students need for their intended career. Students may choose to receive one certification, or to combine two which earns them an associate’s degree.


Available concentrations include:

- Networking
- Security
- Web Development
- Database Administration


Online Programs

In addition to all of the programs offered at campus locations, some SJVC programs are also offered online. This provides students that have particularly demanding schedules to further their education and obtain the training they need to advance their careers.


Portals that allow students to access their classes are available twenty-four hours a day. This means that students can access the course content at any time of day, any day of the week. Classes will still have deadlines, but students enjoy extreme flexibility when it comes to when and where their work is completed.


A common concern of students considering online coursework is the ability to receive help if they should need it. SJVC is proud to offer online assistance to students via instructors, advisors, and an online community of other students. On top of this, remote technical assistance representatives are always available for students to contact in the event that a problem arises with things like accessing course work or submitting documents for the class.


The following programs are available online:
- Business Administration
- Construction Management
- Human Resource Administration
- Information Technology
- Medical Assistant
- Medical Billing and Coding

If you are unsure whether or not online learning is the right choice for you, SJVC offers a free and easy quiz that will tell you if online coursework is something that may work for you and your learning styles.

Continuing Education

If you are a professional who is considering furthering your education or who needs to complete continuing education courses as part of the requirements for a job, you may want to consider San Joaquin Valley College’s schedule of events. These vary depending on the time of year, but there is usually something on the calendar. These courses tend to be completed over the course of a day or weekend.