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About Salter College
Salter College is a private two-year college that provides an enriching balance of professional career and liberal arts education. The institute, with its faculty and staff, is dedicated towards meeting the needs of its students through support services and quality education, while fostering an environment that encourages intellectual curiosity, academic excellence, life-long learning, continued higher education, and social responsibility. The college is of advanced standing for both women and men and offers complete training through programs that train students for professional careers in health care, computers, and business fields.


Campus locations:

West Boylston (Worcester) campus
184 West Boylston Street
West Boylston, Massachusetts 01583


Chicopee, Massachusetts campus
645 Shawinigan Drive
Chicopee, Massachusetts 01020


Salter College was established in 1937 in Worcester, Massachusetts by Mrs. Dorothy Lowell Salter. It was named the Salter Secretarial School, a private school, which was dedicated exclusively towards women training, so as to make them professional secretaries. However, to fulfill the professionally trained personnel’s growing demands, the program schedule of the institute was expanded to year-round in 1981, with both evening and day divisions.


After some time, the word ‘secretarial’ was removed from the school’s title, so as to provide diversified programs to all students. Furthermore, in February 2007, Salter School changed its name to Salter College and became a two-year private college. Although, the Salter College separated from the Salter Schools, it maintains its historic commitment to provide career education with liberal arts programs in professional fields.


Salter College is certified by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS), which is listed by the United States Department of Education as a nationally recognized accrediting agency and is acknowledged by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. Moreover, the Medical Assisting Certificate program at both the campuses of Salter College is credited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP),, on the reference of the Curriculum Review Board of the American Association of Medical Assistant Endowment (AAMAE).


Financial Aid
Salter College offers a wide range of financial aid programs to its students in order to assist them and support their education financially. Financial aid is available for students who qualify. The different types of financial assistance programs offered by Salter College include Grants (MASSGrant, Part-Time Grant, Federal Pell Grant and Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)), Loans (Federal Stafford Loan and Federal Parent PLUS Loan), and various other options (Vocational Rehabilitation and Veterans Administration Funds). In order to apply for any of these financial assistance programs, students must fill up a Free Application for Federal Student Aid form (FAFSA) at


Career Services
Salter College has a Career Services Department that assists its students as well as alumni in their job search. It conducts Career Directions Seminar that provides students with a pragmatic approach to search for employment. Additionally, students of Salter College are offered personalized sessions, so that they can talk about their individual needs regarding employment and confirm their job search tools. The different career services offered by Salter College are:

• Weekly Job Postings
• Job Search Advising
• Alumni Networking
• Company Profiles
• Resume Preparation
• Externship Opportunities
• Employer Database
• On-site Career Fairs
• Reference Books
• Internet Access and E-mails
• Job Search Materials
• Laser Printer and Fax Services


Programs Offered bu Salter College
Salter College offers different courses in the fields of healthcare, computers, and business, including Associate Degree and Certificate programs.


Associate Degrees
Salter College offers its students Associate Degrees in three subjects, including Medical Assisting, Medical Office Administration, and Office Administration.


Medical Assisting
In the Medical Assisting course, students receive comprehensive education in both administrative and clinical functions of a Medical Assistant. Students learn how to make appointment schedules and bill insurance companies. Medical Assistants assist physicians in everyday responsibilities, such as recording and taking vital signs, sterilizing medical equipment, explaining treatment procedures to patients, etc. After completing this program, graduates can get employed in doctors’ offices, hospitals, specialty offices, and alternative medical offices.


Medical Office Administration
The Medical Office Administration course prepares students for professional environments, so that they can become successful Medical office support personnel. It provides students with a solid background in medical office administration skills as well as liberal arts. The course also includes working on computerized accounting software and Microsoft Office Applications. Upon successful completion of the Medical Office Administration program, graduates can become medical secretaries, who then transcribe dictation, prepare messages, help physicians with speeches, articles, conference proceedings, and reports. They also arrange patient appointments, order clinic supplies, and take essential medical histories.


Office Administration: Medical Concentration
The Office Administration with Medical Concentration course prepares students to become efficient support personnel in professional office environments. It encompasses a coursework in liberal arts, office administration, and medical office administration. In this program, students learn medical administrative assistant training, patient accounts training, and medical records training. The Office Administration with Medical Concentration course also covers extensive knowledge of computerized accounting software and Microsoft Office Applications. Upon successful completion of this program, graduates can find occupational opportunities as medical administrative assistants, patient account keepers, and medical records keepers.


Certificate Programs
Salter College provides students with five different certificate courses, namely Massage Therapy, Medical Billing & Coding, Medical Assisting, Culinary Arts, and Multi-Skill Health Technician.


Massage Therapy
This program teaches students the classical massage techniques, soft tissue manipulation, and advanced therapeutic procedures. Students receive theoretical knowledge and hands-on training, so that they acquire the necessary competencies and knowledge that are required to become a certified massage therapist. The Massage Therapy program also develops important business skills in students in order to increase their level of professionalism, including business development, human relations, and communication skills.


Medical Billing & Coding
This course offers students comprehensive training in the processes of basic claims that are associated with third party and medical insurance reimbursements. Through the Medical Billing & Coding program, students develop the necessary skills, so that they can solve common problems and complete insurance forms with the help of different topics that instill the knowledge of diagnostics, insurance terminology, records management, and procedural coding.


In this program, students also get to learn how to perform pre-authorization referrals, bill and code insurance claims, and insurance verifications. After completing the Medical Billing & Coding program, graduates can get employed in doctor’s offices, insurance companies, hospitals, dental practices, medical equipment suppliers, third party billing offices, nursing homes, ambulance services, etc.


Medical Assisting
This course prepares students to enter the medical field. The Medical Assisting program provides students with hands-on training in both administrative and clinical procedures. They learn the necessary practical skills that are required to gain employment in doctor's offices, hospitals, chiropractor's offices, etc. Through this course, students can learn how to answer telephones, greet patients, update and file patient records, and handle correspondence, in addition to assist the physician with patient procedures, like checking vital signs, sterilizing medical equipment, collecting and preparing lab specimens, and drawing blood.


Culinary Arts
This course prepares students for exciting jobs food service preparation. In the Culinary Arts program, students get to know about the basic culinary arts skills and concepts. They also gain helpful experience in the kitchen with the help of practical learning. Through a combination of hands-on and classroom courses, students gain an essential base in cost control, food production methods, nutrition, food marketing, and sanitation. The laboratory classes expose students to the art of cooking, catering, and baking, in addition to working as a personal chef.


Multi-Skill Health Technician
This program prepares students to get employed in different types of clinical settings. The Multi-Skill Health Technician program teaches students all phases of phlebotomy and cardiovascular technology, including the study of how to obtain blood samples from patients by venipuncture or capillary. After completing this course, graduates can get different job titles, such as Phlebotomist, Nurse’s aide, Electrocardiogram technician, Physician’s aide, etc. They can work in various settings, like physician offices, diagnostic and medical laboratories, hospitals, community care clinics, ambulatory health care services, and other healthcare centers.