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  • Automotive Technician
  • Diesel Mechanic Program
  • Electrician Program
  • HVAC Training Program
  • Industrial Technician
  • Welding Program
  • CDL Training and Truck Driving
  • Collision Repair Program
  • Applied Business Management
  • Industrial Training
  • Certification Classes

Rosedale Technical College


Rosedale Technical College


Rosedale technical college is a vocational school located in Western Pennsylvania. Rosedale was founded in 1949 and has remained strongly committed to helping manufacturing companies network with qualified graduates from Rosedale’s many technical training programs. With many qualified technicians in specialty career niches retiring, an estimated 600,000 skill technician jobs will stand to be unfilled in the state of Pennsylvania. This means excellent employment opportunities for students of Rosedale vocational college as they build technical skills and pave the way for lucrative future careers with many opportunities for advancement.


Rosedale’s mission is to help tech students and graduates gain the skills necessary to bridge the skills gap in trained professional niches and gain the knowledge necessary to fill the all-too-needed positions offered throughout the state and across the nation. Rosedale Technical College is classified as a a Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) (STEM) college.


As stated by ASTRA in the year 2012, the field of U.S. Science & Technology related jobs is expected to grow an estimated 8,654,000 STEM workers by the year 2018. Roughly 314,000 jobs are expected to crop up in Pennsylvania by the year 2018 as well as an estimated 274,000 jobs in the state of Ohio.


Rosedale Technical College realized the necessity of the energy field to expand as the natural gas and Marcellus Shale industries of Western Pennsylvania continue to grow and require qualified staff. Rosedale’s graduates will have an excellent handle on the knowledge that will place them in a high-paying career that will fulfill both statewide and nationwide needs and the personal dreams and aspirations of each student.


Programs Offered

Technical training programs, degrees and certifications available through Rosedale Technical College include: Automotive technology, Diesel technology, Collision Repair, Electrical technology, HVAC technology, Industrial technology, Technician, Welding, Truck, Repair, Applied Business Management, Business Management, Industry Training and other classes and certification programs.


Automotive Technician
Through a well-stocked room of tools necessary to gain employment at most automotive repair organizations or garage, students will be learning a hands-on approach to gain familiarity and technical know-how in the realm of:

-Engine Performance Bays
-Over 20 Automotive Lifts
-Manual and digital four wheel alignment machines
-Road Force Balancers
-Standard off-the-car Brake Lathe machines
-New car technology


Rosedale offers exclusive on-site training opportunities through the Snap-on diagnostic tools available in the tri-state area. Students have access to:
-Verus and Solus Pro Diagnostic Scan Tool
-Snap-On Multi-Meter (Electrical Measuring Tool)
-Vantage Pro Diagnostic Training Tool
-Ethos Scan Tool


Collision Repair
Students have access to real-world applicable training courses and curriculum that will focus on a broad spectrum of collision repair topics and subtopics. Topics will include:
-Auto Body & Components Repair
-Basic Collision Repair
-Mechanical & Electrical Systems
-Auto Refinishing
-Panel Repair & Alignment
-Glass Replacement


The specialized technology associates degree in Collision Repair awarded to students upon graduation will provide unique access to ASE Certifications and ICAR Certifications. On site tech lab training at the Rosedale Auto Tech Lab and Parkway West CTC Auto Lab provide training and education in:
- Quick Over Body Frame Anchoring System
-10-Ton Trolley Crane
-PPG Paint Mixing Bank
-Global Paint Spray Booth
-PPG Color Matching Light System
-Genesis Three Dimensional Measuring System
-Chief Frame Straightener
-Stick, MIG and TIG welders


Diesel Technology

Students will have access to work and practice at the Ben Wilke training center and will be able to work with:
-4-Post 35,000 lb. Heavy Truck Lift
-Multiple 15,000 lb. Truck Lifts (for Light to Medium Duty Vehicles)
-2 International Eagle Semi’s
-Multiple Trainer Engines from Cummins, Detroit Diesel and Caterpillar
-Various Heavy Truck Scan Tools
-Multiple Forklifts and a Backhoe

Students will also be able to participate in overseeing production of Bio-Diesel Fuel during academic training and accreditation.

Electrical Technology

The Rosedale Technical College electrical shops feature a two-story framed house in an indoor facility. On floor one, students can learn residential wiring and on the second floor, students can practice commercial wiring. The multiple labs in the electrical department feature the following courses and simulators:

-State of the art Mechatronics Unit (commercial conveyor simulator)
-Low voltage
-Commercial Circuitry
-Electronic Machine Control
-Programmable Logic Controllers


HVAC Technology

Work settings in the HVAC industry are usually divided into residential and commercial, meaning that HVAC professionals may work in people’s condos, apartments, homes, etc. or within the settings of commercial businesses or structures (including warehouses, factories and more). There is a comparative ease of entry into HVAC technician jobs working in residential areas. Residential work is less usually involved and requires a more minimal, entry-level skill set. Many opportunities for apprenticeships help HVAC technicians land a spot on the starting run of a corporate ladder as they move up the ranks in time. While the service side of the HVAC industry usually provides steadier work, the installation side of HVAC depends on the amount of new construction and renovation in a certain area.

Curriculum will focus on:

-Basic Refrigeration
-Electricity and Troubleshooting
-Forced Air Heating Systems
-Hydronic Heating Systems
-Blue Print Reading
-Sheet Metal Applications
-Heat Pump Diagnostics
-Thermodynamics and Design
-Control System Analysis
-Air Conditioning Maintenance



For students to begin the admissions process at Rosedale technical college, there or four simple steps they can take. Step one is to schedule a campus tour by filling out the form or call Rosedale admissions office at 412-521-6200. Step two is to meet with a Rosedale admissions representative and address any questions or concerns with them. Step three is to complete and successfully pass an academic entrance exam. From there, participants can schedule a personal interview with the director of admissions to determine acceptance. Prerequisites for entrance to Rosedale Technical College are a high school diploma, GED or equivalent certificate along with a valid driver’s license.


Students have greater access to off-campus student housing through Rosedale Technical College’s Westpoint Apartments. Rosedale offers off-campus housing with fully furnished rooms and many perks for eligible prospective and current students. Westpoint Apartments are located a mere 10 minutes away from the Rosedale campus. Westpoint Apartments includes tennis and basketball courts, footpaths to the local mall, outdoor pool, storage spaces and on-site laundry area.

Westpoint Apartments are located at:

2000 Westpointe Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15205


Eligible students must be 18-24 years old, fill out a roommate questionnaire and meet distance requirements. The newly renovated housing includes chairs, bed (twin, dresser, nightstand) tables, couches, kitchen table, chairs, appliances including television and utilities.



Rosedale Technical College enables program participants to gain employment in valuable trade industries through developing hands-on skills in alignment with industry-specific skill sets and objectives. The most effective form of learning requires curriculum designed to promote success of students in a unique and well-rounded package of academic prerequisites to enter the work force with.


Rosedale works to engage the regional tech economy through providing valuable training that adapts to fit the needs of prospective employers. Giving energy and confidence to students, Rosedale’s programs ensure students have the best and most relevant educational backing when deciding their future career path.


Rosedale technical College is currently celebrating more than 65 years of dedication to student training and success. Through after-graduation networking opportunities provided by the college itself, more students than ever will have access to work right out of the fast-paced and comprehensive degree programs. Rosedale was founded in 1949 and has a long history or student preparation programs relevant to employment in HVAC, Diesel, Automotive and Electrical technology fields.


Rosedale maintains a consistent chain of communication with students, faculty, graduates and trained industry professionals looking to assist students or potentially hire them upon accreditation. Rosedale’s Program Advisory Board Committees provide important feedback for programs so that graduates are able to help with curriculum design and new students have the best-tailored programs to enroll in.