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About Roadmaster Drivers School
Roadmaster Drivers School offers Commercial Driver License (CDL) program to students, so that they can pass the CDL state examination and become professional truck drivers. This course opens many opportunities for students. Learners can finish this program within 3 to 4 weeks. The experienced instructors of this institute provide theoretical knowledge as well as hands-on training to students, so that they can succeed in their jobs as commercial truck drivers. Students enjoy the facilities of spacious classrooms, computer labs, first-class practice equipment, and latest tractor models and trailers. Their specially designed truck driving course is offered at all the 13 locations of the institute.



History of School
Founded in 1992, it has been more than two decades since the Roadmaster Drivers School is functioning. Its first school was established at the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa, Florida. Since then, Roadmaster Drivers School has achieved milestones and reached new heights with its CDL training program. Today, it is recognized as one of the best drivers’ training school across the nation. The school has trained over 75,000 students.


Tuition Costs and Fee Highlights
As with any other school, the Road Master Drivers School can offer some financial assistance to their students if needed. There are several requirements that students should follow in order to receive financial aid from the school. Also, the Road Master Drivers School works with many big and small trucking companies who are always offering tuition, grants, reimbursements programs and scholarships for those students who are qualified.


The companies are always opened to collaborate with students and offer them internships and jobs. Usually, a representative from the trucking company comes to the campus to follow the training and provide information to the students about what their company offers and how they can be eligible for their grants or scholarship programs. This is a great benefit for all students who are passionate about becoming a successful and experienced driver.


The tuition costs of the Road Master Drivers School include books, the registration fee, and supplies. Also, career guidelines and job assistance after graduation are included in the tuition costs at no extra charge. The additional costs such as travel, housing, meals and personal objects are paid by students and these costs are not directly related to the training program. If you have any other questions about tuition costs and fee highlights you can always check the official website of the Road Master Drivers School or call directly to the office responsible for financial aid.


Veteran Policies
The Road Master Drivers School has a special policy for veteran students. Those students who are eligible for the veteran policy will receive a refund of tuition, fees, and other charges they are not able to pay. Also, if the veteran fails to enter a course in the school, discontinues prior to completion, or withdraws, the whole amount of payment will be refunded, too. If you are interested in this program, and you want to check if your profile as a student matches the one of veteran students, you can call the veteran policies office of the school or check for more information at their official website.


Career Opportunities
When a school is a quality institution, there are always excellent education programs, instructors, practice, and also career opportunities. The Road Master Drivers School is available to everyone and everyone is free to choose their career after the graduation from some of the programs at the school. Road Master students will never be limited when it comes to choosing career opportunities for their future. All students who are taking part in the programs at the Road Master Drivers School are free to select their best choice and of course to choose the company that they would like to work for.


This qualified and unique school for drivers has a mission to give the right direction to all students to choose their career wisely and to make the right choice. So, thanks to all the collaborations with trucking companies, students of the Road Master Drivers School have a chance to take part in the Professional Truck Driving Industry. After their graduation, they become a major part of America’s economy and industry. Also, some of them will share their knowledge and experience from this school in the international industrial market which is a big success for a school like Road Master. If you ever dreamed of being a great and professional driver and take part in the Professional Truck Driving Industry, you should definitely consider taking some of the training programs at the Road Master Drivers School.


Need Help Paying for School?
Roadmaster Drivers School provides financial assistance to students who qualify for it. Financial aid is offered in a number of forms, including regular bank loans, scholarships, post-9/11 benefits, etc. The institute partners with several truck organizations that help students by providing them tuition reimbursement for their education at the Roadmaster Drivers School.


In addition, Roadmaster Drivers School also offers various military tuition assistance and veterans education benefits to active-duty military personnel, veterans, reservists, dependents, military spouses, and military children. However, they are only offered to eligible students, who are determined by the Veterans Administration.


The Roadmaster Drivers School offers two courses, namely Commercial Driver's License (CDL) preparation program and the CDL Refresher Course.


Commercial Driver's License (CDL) preparation program
The Commercial Driver's License (CDL) preparation program, offered by Roadmaster Drivers School, teaches students the essential skills of truck driving. It prepares students to pass the CDL test, so that they can become professional truck drivers and get employed as entry level commercial truck drivers. In order to obtain the Commercial Driver’s License, students must pass both written and driving tests offered by the state or a recognized testing facility. Students receive comprehensive classroom knowledge as well as practical training by experienced instructors, which in turn enables them to operate a truck safely and accurately. With real-world experience on first-class equipment and facilities, students can easily transition to their professional lives.


In the CDL preparation course, students learn a lot of things related to commercial truck driving. Students get hands-on driving experience of a truck, both on the road as well as at their practice facility. Students receive knowledge about map reading and trip planning, in accordance to the department of transportation laws. They get to know how to turn, reverse, and hook a trailer through on-the-road training. Applicants learn various advanced truck driving techniques like recovery and skid avoidance, and several emergency actions for unplanned situations like hydroplaning and break away trailer. In addition, students learn many other techniques and skills required to work as professional truck drivers.


There are two types of CDL that you can receive through this program. One is the Class-A CDL License and the other is the Class-B CDL License. The Class-A CDL License is required for operating an assortment of vehicles with a 26,001 GVWR or more pounds, with over 10,000 pounds GVWR, for instance tractor trailers. The Class-B CDL License is required for operating only one vehicle that has a 26,001 GVWR or less pounds, provided it is not more than 10,000 pounds GVWR. Such vehicles include car trailers, big and small buses, motor homes, passenger vans, Standard size dump trucks, garbage trucks, tow trucks, cement mixers, utility trucks, delivery trucks, etc.


After completing the CDL preparation program, students can get several job positions for intrastate tractor trailer driver, interstate tractor trailer driver, supervisors, heavy truck drivers, transportation and material moving, hauling specialty cargo, furniture delivery, auto-transport drivers, intercity and interstate deliveries, self-employed truck driver, dispatcher, local driver, over-the-road driver, regional driver, bakery delivery driver , produce market driver, grocery store driver, concrete and cement production, truck driver training instructor, courier driver, supply company or building material delivery driver, bus driver, etc.


Moreover, Roadmaster Drivers School offers job placements for the CDL preparation program. With on-site recruiters and lot of work opportunities from well-known companies in the trucking industry, the course enables students to choose the right carrier. Applicants also get various pre-hiring offers as soon as the first week of their training period and get employed soon after their graduation. This program can be finished within 3 to 4 weeks and offers flexible schedules and class timings.


CDL Refresher Course
The CDL Refresher Course is a combination of theoretical knowledge and hands-on training, which includes CDL exam preparation, CDL training, truck repair skills, and truck driver safety education. The curriculum is particularly designed for both former drivers who want to revise and improve their truck driving skills as well as truck drivers who want to prepare and pass the CDL (Commercial Driver's License) examination. This program offers the option of getting a Class-A CDL license or a Class-B CDL license. Students get to learn about the latest information of the trucking industry. After completing this course, graduates can sit for the CDL examination or easily go back into the trucking industry with the help of other trucking employers and professionals.



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