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Since the founding of Regent Christian University, the school has focused on affecting change all over the word through Christian leadership. The school motto “Christian Leadership to Change the World” emphasizes the mission to positively influence lives all over the world through consistent delivery of academic programs at the undergraduate and graduate level. Courses and degrees are offered online as well as on campus and prepare Christian students to become leaders in service and significant achievement. With an increasingly positive reputation being developed on a national and international platform, Regent University remains humble as they continue to deliver high quality academic curriculum and offer Christian leadership opportunities with global reach.


Regent University has a vision of educating students on biblical and theological principles and applying them to a real-world global context. Through being equipped with the right Christian principles to change the world, Regent’s three core values revolve around the principles of innovation, integrity and excellence.


Founded in 1978, Regent University’s faith-based programs have gained national and international notoriety. The university’s sterling reputation includes past and recent achievements alike. Achievements include:

- 1,522 degrees awarded in the year 2016
-8,630 students enrolled in fall term in the year 2016
-21,376 proud college alumni members as of September 2016
-Regent offers abroad opportunities in England, Italy, France, Turkey, Israel and Spain
-An estimated 75 countries are represented on campus
-Regent University is recognized as being among the nation’s top academic centers for Christian action and thought
-Regent University offers associate, bachelor’s and master’s degree opportunities worldwide
-Faculty, students and administrators of Regent University share a sentiment of having a calling, backed by biblical concepts and principles. This calling provides a positive backing and active university climate for the significant work done at and through the university.


Regent University’s Accolades include:
- Being ranked by the U.S. News & World Report as among the Top 20 Best Online Bachelor’s programs in 2016.
- Ranked #15 for Veteran-accessible online bachelor’s degree programs.
- Ranked highly in overall academic quality of business and educational programs for graduates and undergraduates.
- Regent University is among the only 14 universities receiving an A rating from the ACTA.
- The School of Law faculty at Regent University were awarded title of top 10 faculty by the Nation of Princeton Review in the years 2013-15
- The Law of Moot Court at Regent University was awarded title of Top 2 Globally by the University of Oxford's Price Media Law Moot Court Programme in the year 2013 as they competed against academic teams from Cambridge and the University of Oxford and the University
- Regent topped a list of Military-Friendly universities and schools in publications by G.I. Jobs and Military Advanced Education magazines
- Regent University was recognized as being the third safest U.S. college by NICHE, 2015
- Regent University was awarded the title of 15th Most Beautiful Christian college by the University Campus by Christian Universities Online in the year 2015
- Over 715 Hampton Roads Teachers of the Year have earned their degrees from Regent University’s School of Education. The university possesses a 95% rate of passing from the school of leadership licensure assessment exams
- Regent University has been awarded over 395 international and national film awards granted by the School of Communication & the Arts


Programs Available

Regent University offers an incredible range of degrees and certificates through online and on-campus programs. Certificate, undergraduate, master’s and doctoral degrees include:

Addiction Counseling
Adult Education
Advertising/Public Relations
American Government
Biblical Studies
Chaplain Ministry
Character Education
Christian Education
Christian Leadership
Christian Spiritual Formation
Church & Ministry
Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Clinical Pastoral Education
Clinical Psychology
Community Transformation
Computer Science
Counselor Education & Supervision
Creative Writing
Criminal Justice
Curriculum & Instruction
Early & Elementary Education
Educational Leadership
Educational Psychology
Educational Technology & Online Learning
Emergency Management & Homeland Security
Entrepreneurial Leadership
Evangelism & Church Development
Exceptional Education
Film & Television
Finance & Investing
Financial Planning
Future Studies
General Studies
Gifted Education
Higher Education
History of Christianity
Homeland & International Security
Human Resources
Human Rights
Information Security
Information Technology
Innovation Management
Intercultural Studies
Interdisciplinary Studies
International Organizations
International Relations
International Studies
Internet and Social Media
Marketplace Ministry
Marriage, Couple and Family Counseling
Mathematics Education
Mid-East Politics
Military Ministry
Missional Discipleship
National Security
Non-Profit & Faith-based Organizations
Not-for-Profit Management
Organizational Communication
Organizational Development Consulting
Paralegal Studies
Political Theory
Practical Ministry

Professional Studies
Public Administration
Rhetoric and Public Culture
Rhetoric and Public Culture
School Counseling
Script & Screenwriting
Secondary Education
Special Education
Strategic Foresight
M.Ed., Cert.
Terrorism and Homeland Defense
Wealth Management
Worship & Media
Youth Ministry

Regent University makes it easier than ever to earn degrees both online all over the world and on campus. Regent also allows students to get the most out of networking possibilities to gain the most inspiration for future career paths. The Christian foundation provided by Regent University provides the framework for students from all walks of life so that they may feel inspired to find their life purposes. High school students planning for college are welcomed at Regent University for consultation, tours, financial assistance and orientations.


College students from other universities have greater opportunities for transferring to degree programs sponsored by Regent University. Adult professionals who are looking to pursue advanced degrees are also welcomed to participate in Regent’s many master’s and doctoral degree programs. Regent University offers over 96 accreditation programs in many fields of study.


Regent is dedicated to meeting the needs of students with access to convenient online, evening and campus classes. Up to 90 transfer credit hours are offered to transfer students through Regent University. An estimated $18 million dollars are offered annually through Regent University’s sponsored financial aid and scholarship programs. Regent is also nationally recognized as a military friendly institution with its Yellow Ribbon Program.


Financial Aid

Regent University remains committed to helping students follow their passions and future career callings through affordable education and excellent academic investment programs. Through the financial advisory team, a college education and post-graduate studies are easier to pursue with personally tailored financial aid packages that best benefit each individual student. Regent sponsors state, federal, private and school-funded scholarship financial aid opportunities for college payment. Roughly 88 percent of students at Regent University are granted access to financial aid opportunities. Regent University was ranked in the top 7% of affordable tuition institutions. Financial aid advisors go above and beyond the call of duty to research on behalf of students needing assistance to pay for degree and certification tracks.


In comparison with out of state institutions and private colleges, Regent University offers an affordable annual tuition rate. Average tuition and fees from out of state universities is estimated to be around $22,203 and $30,094. In contrast, Regent University offers annual tuition around $16,188.


Forms of federal aid sponsored by Regent University include:
Pell Grant (Undergraduate Students Only)
Stafford Loans
The Federal Stafford Loan Program
PLUS Loans
Graduate PLUS Loan
Parent PLUS Loan


Forms of financial aid for out-of-state students looking to study at Regent University include:
Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant (VTAG)
Cybersecurity Public Service Scholarship Program
The Commonwealth of Virginia
Virginia Teaching Scholarship Loan Program (VTSLP)
Virginia Community College Transfer Grant

School-based scholarship programs for financial assistance at Regent University are available through academic departments including:
College of Arts & Sciences
School of Business & Leadership
School of Communication & the Arts
School of Divinity
School of Education
Robertson School of Government
School of Law
School of Psychology & Counseling