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Redstone services the Denver and Broomfield areas in four different programs.
The school is categorized as a career-focused college. A career-focused college is school that stresses career training and has less focus on general education studies than traditional schools. Much of the programs consist of real life training, lab work, and on-hands work. The school has over 7.5 million dollars worth of equipment, including a Lear jet for hands-on instruction. Redstone College is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS) to award associate degrees and diplomas to students upon program completion.


Campus Locations:
10851 West 120th Avenue
Broomfield, CO 80021

7350 Broadway
Denver, CO 80221


Career Services
The online career services page allows students to connect with important services and assistance to aid in achieving career goals. With the help of advisors at Redstone College, students are able to develop skills and utilize tools necessary for a successful job search. Redstone College offers unique and extensive career planning that begins when students register and continues beyond graduation. Many of the services and tools available include:


- On-Campus employer recruiting
- Job search techniques
- Employer contacts
- Assistance following graduation


Financial Aid


All standard federal and state financial aid is offered to candidates who qualify. You can meet with a financial aid officer to see what your needs are and how these needs can be met. Redstone College is honored to offer and give aid to those who have served or are currently serving their country in the military. Redstone is a member of Service Members Opportunity Colleges (SOC), which is a group of colleges and universities who help service members and their families to study and then earn college degrees. It does not matter if you are serving in active duty, are a member of the reserves, or are a veteran or retired service member, you can take advantage of the many Redstone programs. Redstone has been awarded a spot on the Military Friendly Schools list for their commendable help to the military.


Airframe and Powerplant Program

A&P professionals work to keep aircrafts in optimum condition through servicing aircrafts, while following important regulations outlined by the FAA. Skills will be taught and practiced with mentors in lab to guide and monitor the students. Labs are in three hangars equipped with comprehensive training equipment and many engines. Areas of study will include:


- Aircraft Electrical
- Hydraulics and Landing Gear
- Aircraft Instrumentation
- Aircraft Flight Controls
- Aviation Science
- Aviation Maintenance
- Reciprocating Engine Systems
- Fuel Metering and Propellers
- Turbine Engine System


Redstone College will also prepare you for the FAA certification, which is required for employment with many major airlines, manufacturers, and companies. Some potential career paths will be in general aviation, military contracting, fixed-base operations, manufacturing, repair centers, oil and gas, as well as other desirable spots.


Avionics Training Program

This Avionics program will prepare you for a career in the area of Aviation Electronics. Avionic professionals will work to maintain, repair, create, and install avionic components safely and efficiently. Graduates of this program will be trained in the fundamentals, as well as in advanced and complex equipment. Areas of concentration for study are communications, navigation, air traffic control, instrumentation, and also automatic flight control. These areas are mastered in the classroom and in lab space. Coursework for the training will include:


- AC Electronics
- Communication and Navigation System
- DC Electronics
- Digital Electronics
- Gyroscopes and Autopilot Systems
- Instrumentation and Control
- Pulse Microwave Systems
- Solid State Electronics


Redstone College includes preparation for certain Federal Communications Commission certification tests, as some of these are essential to secure employment. Certifications through the National Center for Aerospace and Transportation Technologies are available too. All tests are available to take on campus. Prospective careers in Avionics include work as avionics, field, and also bench technicians.


Wind Energy Program

Join this high demand field by completing this unique program. There are many opportunities in the area of wind energy nationally and internationally, too. The current growth in the wind energy sector will create a larger demand for talented wind energy professionals. With this program you will earn your Associate Degree in Wind Energy Technology in 15 months. The program will include work with a wind turbine in the lab and practice at Redstone’s 35-foot safety training tower. There will also be training in repair skills, and students will become proficient in working with wind turbine components. Courses will include:


- AC Electronics
- DC Electronics
- Introduction to Wind Energy
- Programmable Logic Controllers
- Solid State Electronics
- Wind Turbine Structures
- Wind Turbine Design
- Wind Turbine Maintenance
- Advanced Wind Turbine Troubleshooting


Redstone graduates will be ready for entry-level position in the wind energy field. They will work in positions like wind turbine technician and wind field service technician.


HVAC Program

Climate control and refrigeration equipment is needed in residential, commercial, and industrial structures. This equipment is maintained by HVAC professional. Redstone College provides two programs that allow students to become skilled HVAC technicians. Choose from the 10 month diploma program or 17 month associate degree program to prepare for a career in the HVAC industry. Graduates of both programs will gain proficiency in HVAC work through courses including:

- Air Duct Calculation and Fabrication
- Building Mechanical Codes
- Electricity and HVAC Control Systems
- Forced Air Gas Heating and Air Conditioning Systems
- HVAC Pneumatic Controls
- Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Fundamentals
- Supermarket Refrigeration and Ice Machines
- Hot Water and Solar Heat Systems
- Chilled Water Systems
- HVAC System Design and Heat Load Calculation


Careers as HVAC mechanics and installers are always needed. There are three major areas of work in the HVAC field: residential, commercial, and industrial.


Redstone College provides a comprehensive education in all three sectors of HVAC work. Work can be found as an HVAC service technician, HVAC installer, and refrigeration service technician upon graduation.


For more information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the program, and other important information, please visit our website at,