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  • Business Administration
  • Criminal Justice
  • Medical Assisting
  • Dental Assisting
  • Medical Billing and Coding
  • Nursing
  • Physical Therapist Assistant
  • Therapeutic Massage Technology
  • Personal Fitness Training
  • Paralegal Studies
  • Visual Media and Graphic Design

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Provo College



About Provo College
Provo College is one of the best institutes in Utah that provides quality education to its students. It offers a wide range of courses to students in the field of Business, Criminal Justice, Healthcare, Health & Wellness, Paralegal Studies, and Visual Media and Graphic Design. All these courses are developed with the intelligence and assistance of industry professionals, who help in recruiting the college’s graduates as well as in developing its curriculum.


At Provo College, students get hands-on learning and theory knowledge in the class, which provides them with the skills required in their respective job field. With this, the requirement for on-the-job training is reduced. Provo College offers accelerated and flexible programs with flexible timings, so that students can take them according to their schedule. It provides both on campus as well as online courses, so that people who are doing jobs can also study side by side.


Campus location:

Provo College
1450 West 820 North
Provo, Utah 84601 


Provo College is certified by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS), which is listed by the United States Department of Education as a nationally recognized accrediting agency. Additionally, its certification of degree-granting institutions is acknowledged by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.


Admission Process
Getting into Provo College is very easy. You just have to follow the below mentioned steps and you can take admission into this institute. Follow this step-by-step procedure of the enrollment process, so that you can feel confident, ready, and comfortable to start your first day at Provo College.

• Take an interview with an Admissions Representative of Provo College. In this personalized Career Planning Session, the Admissions Representative will get to know about your goals and interests in order to assist you with your career planning.
• Fill out the Admission Form of Provo College in your interested field of study and submit it, so that it can be received and processed immediately.


Financial Aid to Those Who Quality
Provo College offers a wide assortment of financial assistance programs to its students in order to help them support their studies. The different types of Federal Student Aid programs that Provo College provides to its students are:

• Federal Pell Grant Program
• Federal Work Study
• Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant
• Federal Unsubsidized Stafford Loans
• Federal Subsidized Stafford Loans
• Federal Parent Loans for Undergraduate Students
• Veterans Administration Benefits
• Military Grants


Besides these, Provo College also offers scholarships (College Merit Scholarship and Outside Scholarships), other loan programs (Career Loans from Mountain America Credit Union and Sallie Mae Smart Option Loan and term-based and supplemental Institutional Loans), and tuition reimbursement (for employees, children, and spouses of employees).


Career Services
Provo College offers career services to its students. It provides information about the specific companies and job market and how to effectively write a cover letter and resume. The career services of Provo College also prepares you for interviews through its mock interviews, so that you can gain experience in answering questions that are asked in a real interview. Although, the college does not guarantee job placements, it offers externship opportunities at top-quality firms. Additionally, students can access the resources and tools in order to be successful in their respective career fields.


Provo College offers a wide array of programs to students under Business, Criminal Justice, Healthcare, Health & Wellness, Paralegal Studies, and Visual Media and Graphic Design fields.


Under this field, students learn fundamental skills and concepts in order to have confidence to enter the business world. It offers different programs in Business Management, Executive Office Administration, and Accounting, so that students develop skills in different areas.


Business Administration
This program prepares students for a career in finance, customer service, human resources, marketing and sales, business management and ownership, or administration. It teaches fundamental business concepts and is available online. The Business Administration program is offered in two variations:

(i) Business Administration - Bachelor of Science
(ii) Business Administration - Associate of Science


Criminal Justice
The Criminal Justice course provides students with the current knowledge and necessary skills to start their legal work or career in law enforcement community, crime investigation and prevention, law enforcement, corrections, deal with troubled juveniles, etc. In this, you will learn the fundamentals of criminal law, criminology, a crime control, and juvenile delinquency. The Criminal Justice program is offered in two options:

(i) Bachelors in Criminal Justice
(ii) Criminal Justice – Diploma


There are different programs under the Healthcare category that teach different in-demand healthcare skills to students, including nursing fundamentals, dental and medical office management, patient care, physical rehabilitation, pharmacology, oral care procedures, etc.


Medical Assisting
In this course, you will learn the necessary skills to assist physicians and patients in an actual medical setting, such as conducting lab work, taking vital signs, suturing wounds, interpreting the results, and applying dressings. The program is offered in two options:

(i) Associate in Medical Assisting
(ii) Medical Assisting- Diploma


Pharmacy Technician
Pharmacy Technicians assist pharmacists in correctly dispensing the prescription drugs that save and protect lives. They can work in different healthcare settings, including pharmacies, clinics, hospitals, etc. In this course, students learn to educate patients on drug usage, the regulations and rules of pharmacology, and fill and dispense medications. The Pharmacy Technician program is offered in two variations:

(i) Associate in Pharmacy Technician
(ii) Pharmacy Technician – Diploma


Dental Assisting
In this course, you can learn chair-side assistance, cleaning, diagnostics, dental radiology, pediatric dentistry, and surgical procedures. The Dental Assisting course is provided in two choices:

(i) Associate in Dental Assisting
(ii) Dental Assisting- Diploma


Medical Billing and Coding
In this course, students study how to run a medical office and process insurance claims. Upon completion, they can get into different health care settings, like hospitals, insurance firms, physician’s offices, clinics, etc. The Medical Billing and Coding course is provided in two alternatives:
(i) Associate in Medical Billing & Coding
(ii) Medical Billing & Coding- Diploma


This course trains students to become Registered Nurses. After completing this course, students can work in medical offices, hospitals, nursing homes, ambulatory care sites, home health, and other health care settings. The Nursing program is offered in two choices:

(i) Nursing - RN to BSN
(ii) Nursing - Bachelor of Science


Physical Therapist Assistant
Physical Therapist Assistants help people rehabilitate from disorders, disabilities, and injuries. They provide skilled interventions to customers of all ages with neurological, pain, movement, and musculoskeletal disorders. They help in restoring and maintaining the functioning of their patients in order to make them wholly participate in activities of everyday life. Upon completion of this program, graduates can get employed in fitness centers, school systems, long-term care facilities, hospitals, outpatient clinics, and home care agencies. The Physical Therapist Assistant program is offered in two variations:

(i) Bachelors in Physical Therapist Assistant
(ii) Associate in Physical Therapist Assistant


Bachelors in Healthcare Administration
Students can get a Bachelors degree in Healthcare Administration. In this course, they get to know the business side of healthcare, ranging from finance and operations to the regulatory, ethical, and legal considerations.


IV. Health & Wellness
The Health & Wellness programs are for those students who are interested in getting employed in an environment that focuses on relaxation, health, and an overall sense of balance and well being.


Therapeutic Massage Technology
In this course, students get to learn solid business skills and essential therapeutic competencies that are required to become a successful and well-rounded massage therapist. The Therapeutic Massage Technology program is provided in two options:

(i) Undergraduate certificate
(ii) Diploma in Massage Therapy


Personal Fitness Training
Personal Fitness Trainers help others to stay active and healthy by implementing and designing personalized exercise, lifestyle, and nutrition programs. The course combines science with fitness, so that students can learn the skills to retain as well as serve a diverse clientele. The Personal Fitness Training course is provided in two alternatives:

(i) Associate in Personal Fitness Training
(ii) Personal Fitness Training - Diploma


Paralegal Studies
This program prepares students to execute specialized legal work for a law office, lawyer, government agency, or corporation. Upon completing this course, students can get job titles of Paralegal, Law Office Manager, or Legal Assistant. The Paralegal Studies course is offered in two variations:

(i) Bachelors in Paralegal Studies
(ii) Associate in Paralegal Studies


Online Programs
Provo College offers its different courses on the online medium too, so that busy people can also study while working on their jobs. The various programs that are offered online by Provo College are:

1. Bachelors in Business Administration
2. Associate in Business Administration
3. Associate in Medical Billing & Coding
4. Medical Billing & Coding - Diploma
5. Bachelors in Paralegal Studies
6. Associate in Paralegal Studies
7. Bachelors in Physical Therapist Assistant
8. Nursing (RN to BSN)


Visual Media and Graphic Design
Provo College offers Visual Media and Graphic Design program too, where students can learn the skills needed to design graphics and visual media. The Visual Media and Graphic Design program is provided in two choices:
(i) Bachelors in Visual Media & Graphic Design
(ii) Associate in Visual Media & Graphic Design