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About the College

Founded in 1903, Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences has been providing South Central and Lancaster County Pennsylvania with academically challenging and rewarding programs granting students unique access to hands-on medical care training experiences so that they may learn alongside industry professionals and healthcare leaders. PA Colleges is a private and accredited four-year university with a wide array of associate and baccalaureate programs. Additional health care certification programs are made available through PA College both on campus and online.



While admissions can be daunting, PA College allows for more ways than ever to make the process of considering application easier and more accessible than ever. Admissions resources can be found through PA College’s website, by phone or by visiting the campus’s Office of Admissions. Prospective students are encouraged to make contact with any questions or concerns, as well as make an on-campus appointment.


Office of Admission
Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences
850 Greenfield Road
Lancaster, PA 17601


General Admissions Requirements to PA College include:
-Passage of high school level courses or GED equivalent (a minimum 16 unite: 4 English units, 1 Biology Unit, 1 Science Unit including lab and 2 Algebra units)
- Accredited high school or GED institutions must be provided whether public, private or accredited home school organizations
-Post secondary equivalents of college-level credits may be considered equivalent to fulfill the high school level prerequisites. Preferred academic qualifications include a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher
-Satisfactory ACT or SAT exam scores. To enter test scores directly, send the SAT or ACT codes (SAT code #2374 or ACT code #3609). Though these exams will not be required if a period of time exceeding 2 years elapses since graduation or GED award.
-Applicants are preferred (though not required) to have a combined math and reading score of over 1000).



To successfully complete the application process to PA College, students must provide the following documents and resources:

- Proof of high school or GED diploma along with official school transcripts which include include the official school stamp.
- Additional transcripts or transfer credits from any other institutions attended.
- An official GED transcript (in place of a high school transcript).
- SAT scores supplied by the ACT or College Entrance Examination Board.
- At least two recommendations from past or current guidance counselors, college instructors, teachers, professors, past/current employers or community organization leaders. Recommendations should be submitted through PA College’s electronic portal during the application process.
- An admissions essay describing a list of personal goals or objectives each student has for their education and future careers.
- For entrance to undergraduate programs, students are asked to supply information on the top 3 reasons they want to be a Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences student. Essays should be no greater than 500 words and should be submitted electronically as Word documents, .JPGs or .PDFs on the website’s file browsing feature.


Once applications are submitted, the PA College Admissions Committee will review them as soon as possible. Admissions decisions will be issued within 30 days of applications being received. Acceptance into associate and certificate programs through the university are issued bi-annually. Class acceptance will be awarded in August as classes range from January to June.


When accepted into a sponsored bachelor’s or master’s degree program through PA college, class scheduling can usually be made throughout the year (reliant on course availability and space allowed in each degree program).


Deadlines for associate degree and certificate program applications are twice: once in the start of January and once by August 1st. Deadlines for master’s and bachelor’s degree programs will not be subject to deadlines and are accepted on a first come, first served basis depending on space allowed in individual programs.


Financial Aid

PA College offers a variety of financial services including financial aid counseling, application services and grant programs. Among PA College’s many grant programs is the Federal Pell grant, SEOG grants and grants from the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA).


The eligibility requirements for any of PA College’s grant programs include:
-Determination of financial aid eligibility by the U.S. federal government
-Proof of U.S. citizenship or permanent residency
-No prior academic credential of bachelor’s degree
-Successful completion of a FAFSA (the Free Application for Federal Student Aid)
-Applicant must agree to comply with Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences’


Financial Aid Academic Progress Policy

To successfully enroll in the Federal PELL Grant program, students will be awarded to the tune of less than 6 credits if found eligible. For this program, the U.S. Department of Education decides eligibility. Students must comply with PA College’s drug policy provided by the student handbook. Students must calculate academic award amounts and budget accordingly. Maximum grant about for the 2016-17 academic year is $5815. In the event of a student’s Pell Lifetime Eligibility Used (LEU) exceeding Pell Grant funding, (600%) students may only be eligible for a partial reward.


To successfully qualify for aFederal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG), students must meet the criteria of PA College’s Student Financial Services and Financial Aid Office. PA students will be given priority based on whether or not they also qualify for Federal Pell Grants. Students may be awarded with increased funding due to greater need as assessed by state and federal poverty guidelines.


To receive the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA), students must apply for a FAFSA within the deadline of May 1st in each academic year. Students are responsible for checking on complete status notifications available online at: Students must create an account and file necessary forms to access eligibility status.

For this grant, students must be a resident of the state of Pennsylvania for a minimum time period of 12 consecutive months immediately prior to the FAFSA filing date. To qualify for this grant, additional criteria includes student necessity to be enrolled in at least six academic credits per term, be approved for a study program of at least two years through PA College and maintain academic progress guidelines supplied by the PHEAA. Lastly, students must complete a minimum of 50% of total hours of credit necessary to complete a program of study through each specific classroom instruction. For courses to count as credits for the state grant, each course must be directly applicable to the degree or certificate program to hand. Students must not have prior educational loans or pending claims reinsured or guaranteed at the state, federal or institutional level.


Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences has been providing programs, certificates and degrees at the associate, undergraduate and graduate level for over 100 years.
Pennsylvania College remains dedicated to preparing individuals for successful careers as health care professionals in fields ranging from respiratory care, nursing, medical lab science, radiology and more. PA College offers students unique opportunities to excel in the classroom as well as through clinical practice subsequent to graduation. PA College stands ready to follow students through the process of after-graduate resource management and finding career prospects.

PA College offers the following degrees and certificates:

Associate Degrees
Cardiac Electrophysiology
Cardiovascular Invasive Specialty
Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Nuclear Medicine Technology
Respiratory Care
Surgical Technology

Bachelor’s Degrees
Health Sciences
Healthcare Administration
Nursing (RN to BSN)
Three-Year BSN

Master’s Degrees
Healthcare Administration
Health Sciences – Education
Nursing – Administration
Nursing – Education

Cardiac Electrophysiology (Academic Certificate)
Cardiac Electrophysiology (Professional Certificate)
Cardiovascular Invasive Specialty
Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Foundation for Health Informatics
Healthcare Administration
Medical Laboratory Science
Nuclear Medicine Technology
Surgical Technology

Online Degree Programs

PA College currently offers comprehensive and easily accessed online degree programs through their newly renovated online portal. Bachelor’s degrees provided through the online extension include Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences, Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration and Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN-BSN). Courses provide the same information and curriculum as the face-to-face curriculum provides, but through a well-tailored and convenient online format. Starting in the fall of 2015, PA College offers online four master’s degree courses and programs including a Professional Certificate in Cardiac Electrophysiology.


Online degree programs are designed to meet the needs of busy students requiring flexible scheduling and the ability to work on their own time as they lead busy career lives and personal lives. More and more individuals require the ability to pursue an advanced degree so that they may in time change specialties or careers. Through Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences, more students will be able to pursue their educational goals through being delivered rigorous, high quality education at their fingertips.