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  • HVAC
  • Auto Body & Paint Technician
  • Automotive Technology
  • Diesel/Truck Technology
  • Electrician
  • Medical Assistant
  • Pharmacy Technician

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Campus Locations:
99 Erial Road
Blackwood, NJ 08012

3815 Otter Street
Bristol, PA 19007


Established in 1973, Pennco Tech has transformed the way technical schools operate through the US. Located in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, Pennco recruits the most qualified and skilled instructors that can help you achieve your goals. Choose from a large number of the school’s vocational training programs that will help you achieve your dreams including areas concerning pharmacy technician, medical assisting, automotive technology, heating and air conditioning. Pennco Tech is military friendly institute that is perfect for veterans and military members and/ or spouses’ veterans who want to achieve their career aspirations.

School Admissions
The technical programs at Pennco are designed to be compeleted in short span of time. Thus, upon graduation, candidates can easily enter career fields while increasing their experience. If you want to pursue a program at Pennco, you must fill out a form on their website. The school will get in touch with you and will immediately beginning discussing your options.

• Diesel/Truck Technology (Blackwood Campus Only)
• Plumbing and Heating Technology (Bristol Campus Only)
• Automotive Technology
• Automotive Body & Paint Technician
• Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Heating
• Pharmacy Technician
• Medical Assistant – Administrative
• Electrician

Air Conditioning, Refrigeration & Heating
This program covers the basics of refrigeration repair training, heat transfer, pipefitting, safety, system evacuation, circuits and soldering along with much more. Upon graduation, this program qualifies you to apply for an entry-level position with a heating or air conditioning service. Over the years, ACRH professionals are highly in demand since ACRH systems have become an essential part of sports complexes, offices, modern homes, industrial facilities and offices. ACRH technicians can find job opportunities as office, factories, residential homes, hospitals, etc.

Automotive Body & Paint Technician
If you’re interested in restoring the aesthetics and automotive functions of different vehicles then perhaps you should consider a career as an automotive body and pain technician. Some duties of paint and auto body paint technicians include inspecting cars for structural damage, reviewing damage reports, applying new finish to restored car parts and much more. Upon graduation, you will have the qualities and skills for an entry-level position at a car dealership, auto body shop, automotive auction houses, etc.

Automotive Technology
If you are passionate about mechanics and restoring automotive functionality then perhaps you should opt for a career in automotive technology. As an automotive technician, your responsibilities will include identifying mechanical problems, disassembling vehicle parts, using testing equipment, explaining vehicle issues to clients, ensuring repairs are successful and much more. Upon graduation, you qualify for a number of entry-level positions in the automotive industries ranging from technical support and customer service to service and repair of car parts, etc.


Diesel/Truck Technology
If you are passionate about restoring diesel-powered vehicles to full functionality then perhaps you should consider a career in Diesel/Truck Technology. As a diesel mechanic, your everyday responsibilities would include test driving vehicles to identify problems, conducting an inspection, performing vehicle maintenance, replacing and repairing malfunctioned parts and much more. The Diesel/Truck Technology emphasizes on welding, power trains, combustion engine basics, safety, truck safety inspections, electrical circuitry, etc.

Electrician Technician Training Program
If you have an aptitude for electrical application and theory, perhaps you should consider an electrician career. As an electrician, your responsibilities would include reviewing blueprints and comprehending diagrams, adhering to local and state building regulations, inspecting electrical components such as circuit breakers and transformers etc. Penno Tech electrician’s course focuses on commercial, industrial and residential wiring, transformer installation, telecommunication devices, etc. Upon graduation, you can apply for an entry-level position as an electrical technician on various projects.

Medical Assistant
If you aspire a career that will provide you the opportunity to make a difference in somebody’s life every day then perhaps you should consider becoming a medical assistant. Medical assistants are highly respected throughout the word. Their responsibilities include assisting doctors with patient’s exams, scheduling appointments, administrating physician directed injections, etc. Medical assisting is a rewarding career that keeps patients healthy and happy. Upon graduation, you can apply for number of roles within the medical office setting while assisting the physician in their job.

Pharmacy Technician
Are you passionate about pharmacy and want to serve people within that setting? Perhaps you should become a pharmacy technician then. As a pharmacy technician, your duties include organizing inventory, measuring medication amounts, labeling prescriptions, notifying pharmacists about medications, packaging medications, etc. By opting for this program, you will learn how to meet the highest standards of ethics, confidentiality and professionalism. Upon graduation, you can apply for entry-level jobs at pharmacies, grocery stores, merchandise stores and drugstores.

Plumbing and Heating Technology
If you have an aptitude for mechanics and are passionate about finding solutions to challenging problems then perhaps you should consider a career in plumbing. As a plumber, your duties would include replacing worn parts, adhering to local and state building codes, studying blueprints, etc. The 900-hour program at Pennco Tech comprehensively covers the fundamentals of plumbing and heating systems training. Upon graduating, you should be able to attain an entry-level position as a heating and plumbing technician or heating contractors. As a plumber, you can benefit from a wide array of job opportunities at homes, stores, office buildings, factories, and stores. Pennco Tech is the perfect college for students who want a promising career in technical fields as it will help you fulfill your career aspirations.