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  • Business Management
  • Criminal Justice
  • Accounting
  • Computer Information Systems
  • Construction Technology
  • Fashion Merchandising
  • Finance
  • Graphic Design
  • Health Care Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Industrial Electronics
  • Interior Design
  • Marketing
  • Medical Assistant
  • Paralegal Studies
  • PC Maintenance Technology
  • Retail Management
  • Veterinary Technician

Penn Foster College


Penn Foster College


About Penn Foster
Penn Foster offers a wide range of education options for individuals trying to better themselves and their careers. The organization was founded in 1890, and has grown to offer many services such as college programs, career diplomas, and even high school diplomas.


Penn Foster prides itself on offering affordable programs to students that they can use to learn at their own pace. By enrolling in an online program through Penn Foster, students are guaranteeing they get a solid education at a reasonable price.

Penn Foster takes the stress out of the admissions process by making it extremely easy. There are few requirements and students can enroll from anywhere and begin taking courses almost immediately.


Penn Foster offers many different college level programs that allow students to earn a Bachelor’s or Associate’s degree in a field of their choosing.


Bachelor’s Degree Programs

Business Management
A degree in business management will help students learn the skills they need to begin a career relating to business, regardless of the specific job they wish to enter. Graduates will leave with a fundamental understanding of topics such as management, teamwork, finance, accounting, and more.

Criminal Justice
The criminal justice field is an excellent choice for those interested in law and security related fields. Topics covered in this program include things like crime, how the court system works, procedures for dealing with criminals, and more. Graduates leave prepared to obtain entry level work in this field or to pursue further education.

Associate’s Degree Programs

Anyone who is interested in financial statements or who would like to get started in an accounting career can benefit from this program. This sets graduates up for increased job opportunities as well as the potential to obtain further degrees later.

Business Management
This is an alternative option to the full Bachelor’s Degree available in the same subject. Students who do not have as much time to dedicate and wish to pursue the full degree later can use this as a foundation that will advance their career now.

Computer Information Systems
Computers are becoming an increasingly large part of all businesses. This program is designed to give graduates the skills necessary for entry level work with networks, applications, and other computer related work.

Construction Technology
Students in this course will gain introductory knowledge on subjects such as building materials, technical drawing, and other technological aspects of construction. This is a beginning step towards jobs and careers in residential construction.

Criminal Justice
This is an introductory program for those seeking to get a foot in the door for a career related to law, security, or other aspects of dealing with criminals. Graduates leave with valuable knowledge that can help them obtain entry level jobs, while also having a foundation for further education in the field.

Early Childhood Education
Graduates of this program are set up to work with preschool aged children. Anyone who enjoys children and want an education that will help them excel at work in preschools or childcare centers can benefit from this training.

Engineering Technology
The focus of this program is production technology. Graduates will gain introductory skills relating to building and repairing these types of systems. This training will help students obtain introductory jobs in this line of work.

Fashion Merchandising
This is the program for anyone who loves fashion. Students will learn about every step in the process of designing a product and then actually selling it. This includes design, marketing, and sales. Graduates will have the skills necessary to get started in a career related to fashion or even start their own fashion line.

Management of financial records is an important part of all businesses. Graduates of this program will receive the introductory training they need in order to secure basic jobs in this field and start gaining career experience. This can also set students up for further education after completion.

Graphic Design
A career in graphic design is an excellent choice for people who like working with computers and technology who also have a creative side. Careers in this field can have students working on a wide range of jobs, including designing logos, flyers, web pages, advertisements, and more. This is an excellent choice for anyone wanting to get a start in a related career.

Health Care Management
This programs helps students learn about the administration and management side of health care. The healthcare industry is huge and full of job opportunities and this program is an excellent way for students who do not want to become doctors and nurses to get involved. All students will receive the education they need to succeed, as well as on site training in an actual medical facility.

Human Resources Management

Human resource management is a growing part of major businesses who need specially trained people to help improve the efficiency and productivity of the workforce. Graduates of this program are trained to provide such services and obtain entry level jobs in this field.

Industrial Electronics and Electrical Maintenance Technology
Graduates of this program are trained to work with electrical equipment and their components. As machines become a bigger and more involved part of many businesses, getting trained in this field represents an excellent way to gain many job prospects. All graduates will leave with the skills and knowledge necessary to perform introductory work in related careers.

Interior Design
Interior design can be used to help individuals design their homes or for business to organize their offices to be more conducive to productivity. Graduates of this program receive the necessary training to begin a career in this field.

The principles of marketing are important to any business offering products or services for sale. Nearly all major businesses have departments related to marketing and receiving training in this area prepares students to obtain entry level jobs. Graduates of this program leave with the skills they need to excel.

Medical Assistant
For those who want to start a career in a medical field, becoming a medical assistant is an excellent way to start working and earning job experience before obtaining further training. Students who finish this program are prepared to assist doctors with their work, freeing their time to focus on more skilled tasks.

Paralegal Studies
The coursework for this program covers many different aspects of law. Graduates of this program leave with the skills they need to obtain jobs in law offices and begin working alongside lawyers to obtain valuable work career experience. This can also serve as a foundation for further education in the field.

PC Maintenance Technology
Careers related to this program continue to grow due to the rise of the use of computers in all aspects of business. Graduates will be trained to perform services related to computer repair, software installation, application use, and more.

Retail Management
This is a program designed for students who wish to advance a career in a retail setting. Graduates will leave with all of the skills they need to excel in management settings, such as management, marketing, and more.

Veterinary Technician
This program is for people who wish to start a career working with animals in veterinary offices. Graduates are qualified to take the VTNE, a national examination required for those who wish to start careers as veterinary technicians.