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PCI College offers a range of programs in the Allied Health and Computers fields. Students can enroll in both on-campus and online programs. PCI College aims to make it easier for students interested in establishing a career in Allied Health or Computers find the right pathway by offering programs which have duration of less than two years. Each of the programs at PCI College incorporates a blend of hands-on and real-world training and learning to prepare students for tackling the challenges of professional life.

Enrollment Process
PCI College assists interested students by offering communication through phone or the form provided on the website. Any questions or concerns can be sent to the school’s Admissions Department and they respond accordingly. Using the form provided on the website, students can send their applications for admission. The school will then guide them to follow the due process to obtain an admission. The details for all the programs offered by PCI College are readily available on their website.

PCI College offers a range of career-focused academic programs. One of the two main areas of focus is computers, under which the following programs are offered:


Campus Location:
17215 Studebaker Road, Suite 310
Cerritos, California 90703


1225 W. 190th Street
Gardena, California 90248

Computer Networking Program
Computer networking is a lucrative and viable field for modern professionals. The demand for computer technicians is high and hence, the field offers a secure career option for graduates. PCI College offers a comprehensive Computer Networking program which puts students on the path to A+ certification and a wide range of job options, from basic PC technician to Field Service Technician.

The program incorporates hands-on training to teach students the skills they need to succeed in computer networking, including troubleshooting systems and designing hardware systems. Ancillary education is provided for Microsoft Server. Students who are interested in pursuing a career in computer networking will benefit from PCI College’s program.

Office Management Systems Training
The growing use of computerized systems in big and small businesses around the world has led to an exponential growth in jobs for office management system specialists. PCI College offers a program in Office Management Systems which teaches students the skills to operate and recalibrate a range of applications used in offices. A key focus of this program is the office apps designed by Microsoft. The program provides students mastery over these applications, broadening their field of expertise and improving their job prospects.

This program is ideal for students who want to find jobs in IT departments of corporations. Upon completion of the program they will be able to gain an entry-level position, which can range from computer operator to word processor. The hands-on training students receive and the skills they develop through this program will enable them to get secure employment with significant chances of growth.


PCI College also offers a number of programs in the Allied Health field, including
Diagnostic Medical Sonographer
Sonography is a key component of modern day diagnostics in the medical world. Doctors and physicians rely on sonographers to provide them sonographic data which is then used to diagnose a wide range of medical conditions. Sonography is also widely used during pregnancy to monitor development of the fetus. The Diagnostic Medical Sonographer program offered by PCI College covers gynecologic, abdominal, and obstetric sonography, as well as echo and vascular technology.

This program is ideal for students who are keen to work as sonographers. PCI College offers an Associate’s Degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonographer. This technical and highly specialized skill requires training and guidance, which are provided at PCI College. Students learn in a real-world setting and are able to replicate the skills from school to the clinical site they work at.

Medical Assisting Training Program
This 30-week program is designed for students who are interested in assisting doctors and physicians at the leading hospitals in California in either a clinical or administrative capacity. Upon completing this program, students can hope to find employment as Medical Assistants or Medical Billers. The comprehensive program offers real-world experiences and hands-on training to prepare students to handle the rigors and pressure of working in a healthcare facility. The program covers medical insurance, medical billing, and basic human anatomy, among other topics.


Medical Billing & Coding Course
While the Medical Assisting program at PCI College opens the doors to a career as Medical Biller, specialized education in this particular domain is provided in the Medical Billing & Coding program. Students receive the requisite knowledge and skills required for them to serve as Medical Billers and/or coders. This includes processing medical claims, learning the ins and outs of medical coding, and handling insurance reimbursements. Students are also briefed on the different healthcare programs offered by the state as well as how to handle Worker’s Compensation.

Students who want to specialize in the field of Medical Billing and Coding will benefit from enrolling in this program. With the high job placement rate of PCI College, gaining an entry-level position will not be a major challenge.

Dental Assistant Certificate Program
The Dental Assistant program offered by PCI College lasts just 9 months, upon completion of which you can find work as a dental assistant. The Dental Assistant program covers the basic of dental care, including handling patients as well as managing a dental office. The skills and knowledge provided in this program ensure students can start working as soon as they graduate. All the programs offered by PCI College are available on-campus, including daytime and evening classes, as well as online. Students can select the option which best suits their preferences and needs.

Overall, PCI College provides the perfect foundation for students seeking to enter the computer or allied health field as a professional. The range of programs offered by the college and the flexibility of their classes makes it an ideal option for working students.