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Park University


Park University


Park University was established in 1875 as a pioneering institution in education, research, and training. The university was founded with the sole aim of teaching and training the students to develop leadership skills and intake quality and life-oriented education. Emphasis is given on the learners to contribute qualitatively to the global community both personally and privately.

The university doesn’t only prepare the students for job and employment but prepares the huge pull of learners to think and act critically and rationally, develop good communication skills and dedicate what they have learned and earned to the services of the others.

The institute has successfully continued its legacy as a center of higher education through a number of extensive programs. The faculties and the executive leaders extend and share their knowledge and experience in the classroom teaching which is both enriching for the students and at the same time, preserve the value of higher education.


Park University
8700 NW River Park Drive
Parkville, MO

The university provides a number of diverse courses through its 40 campuses which are located in and around the US and also through online mode. The programs are divided into undergraduate, graduate and online programs.
The undergraduate course is divided into a number of branches, which includes Bachelor of Science programs, Bachelor of Arts programs, Bachelor of Liberal Education, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Social Work, Bachelor of Public Administration, Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Bachelor of Music.

The Bachelor of Arts degree is offered in subjects like Sociology, Psychology, Political Science, Communication, Criminal Justice Administration, English, Legal Studies, Journalism, Liberal Studies, Spanish and Organizational Communication.


Sociology - This subject deals with people studied through their interactions and group behavior. It also includes an analysis of the societies, cultures, and the institutions.

Criminal Justice Administration - This subject includes a study of criminal justice system and law enforcement system with an analysis of terrorism and homeland security.

Fine Arts - The degree in fine arts introduces the student to different aspects the branches like drawing, photography, painting, handwork with fiber and ceramic. The students receive a state-of-the-art experience of studio work and the use of lights.

Journalism - A bachelor degree in journalism prepares the students for working in reputed news channels and papers. Students study photojournalism, broadcasting and public relations as a part of the curriculum.

Legal Studies - The Legal Studies program prepares the students with a degree in legal studies so that they can pursue their successful legal career. The legal studies course emphasizes on a student’s critical thinking, reasoning skills, logical deduction and a knowledge of the contemporary socio-legal issues. Writing is an important task which a student is pursuing this degree needs to perform.

Students pursuing a bachelor degree in Arts or Fine Arts or Social Work had to fulfill certain requirements:

a. They have to complete have to complete 122 semester hours on an average and a collective 2.0 GPA
b. Students in Bachelor of Fine Arts should take up a major and a minor degree.
c. A college coursework of 45 hours must be completed.
d. The students have to pass the Writing Competency Test
e. They have to finish a second 4-hour elementary level modern language course or a 3-hour intermediate course.


The Bachelor of Arts program includes subjects like
- Accounting
- Chemistry
- Economics
- Fitness and Wellness
- Geography
- Education
- Biology
- Information and Computer Science
- Management
- Mathematics
- Nursing

Social Psychology

• A degree in social psychology enables the students to have knowledge about sociology and psychology and helps in critically studying the society and culture.

• The Information and Computer Science focuses on four core areas- Computer Science, Software Engineering, Data Management and Networking. A degree in any of these prepares the graduates for job positions like web programming, applications programming, database analyst, IT project manager and the allied.

• The Business Administration course focuses on areas like Finance, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Logistics, Management, International Business, etc. These will develop the leadership skills required in businesses and organizations. Many students pursue a career as a marketing specialist, personnel management, marketing management, real estate, banking, investment, insurance, etc.

• The Management degree includes a number of core areas like Accounting, Engineering Administration, Finance, Healthcare, Human Resources, Logistics, and Marketing.

• The Accounting program is designed to prepare students in public accounting, managerial accounting, tax accounting, etc.

• A degree in Graphic Design enables the students to learn digital layout, illustration, photography, visual communication, etc.

A student pursuing Bachelor of Science degree in Public Administration, Science, Nursing and Education require to complete the following:
a. Completing minimum 120 hours and a cumulative GPA of 2.0.
b. Complete 37 hours of Liberal Education Requirement
c. Pass the Writing Competency Test
d. Complete 45 hours of college coursework

For more information on the Credit Hour Requirements, students are requested to go through the website.
There is a host of other Undergraduate Minor programs like:
- Global Studies
- Global Sustainability
- Geographical Information System
- Leadership
- Military Studies
- Peace Journalism
- Philosophy
- Urban and Regional Planning


There is an Undergraduate Certificate course in Computer Networking, Music Performance and Terrorism and Homeland Security.
The Graduate Degree Program (M.A) is offered in subjects like
- Business Administration
- Communication Leadership
- Education and Teaching (Adult Education, Educational Leadership, Language, and Literacy)
- Healthcare Administration
- Public Affairs
- Social Work

The Graduate Certificate Program is offered in subjects like
- Applied Music
- Business and Government Leadership
- Disaster Management
- Finance
- Global Business
- Healthcare
- Management of Information Systems
- Non-profit Leadership

Park University offers a host of online programs for those who are already working and are willing to go for higher studies. The Online Degree Programs are offered in various subjects like:

The Online Associate Degree program in Business and Management and Criminal Justice Administration

The Online Bachelor’s Degree program is offered in Business Administration, Management including healthcare, logistics, marketing, international business and much more, Criminal Justice, Education, Humanities, Information and Computer Science, Natural Sciences, Public Administration, Social Science and Psychology.
The Online Master’s Degree program is offered in Business Administration, Education and Teaching, Healthcare Administration, and Public Affairs.

The Online Certificate Program is available in Criminal Justice Program, Information and Computer Science.

The Online Minor Degree Program is offered in Business Administration, Management, Criminal Justice, Humanities, Natural Sciences, Public Administration and Leadership, Social Sciences, and Psychology.

The Online Graduate Certificates are available for Creative and Life Writing and Leadership of International Healthcare Organizations.


Aids and Grants
The university has a number of aids and grants to help the students cover up their academic expenses. The students can contact the University authority to know the availability and the eligibility of various financial aids program. The university will help the students find out what aids and grants program are best for them. Students can apply for: