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  • HVAC
  • Building Maintenance Training
  • Carpentry
  • Residential and Commercial Electricity
  • Telecommunications Technician
  • Plumbing and Heating

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Receive the theoretical and hands-on training that is required for a successful technical career. By applying at Orleans Technical College, you can ensure a spectacular career in the mechanical and technical industry. Through a combination of job placement assistance and in-depth education, Orleans Technical College provides a promising career path to students. The school overs a number of programs you can enroll yourself in depending on your career goals and aspirations. As a student, you will learn a number of handy skills that will help you gain an edge over your peers. Additionally, you will be trained by professional and qualified instructors with years of industry experience.

Enrollment and Admission Process
If you are interested in pursuing a program at Orleans Technical College, you must schedule an appointment with a representative from the admissions department. The school’s admission team will readily get in touch with you and will guide you through the admission process. You will be required to take an entrance test that includes English, Reading and Math and take a tour around the school. Other admission formalities include following up with the Financial Services Department and attending a program orientation. You can contact the admission’s department by filling out a contact form on the school’s website. Orleans Technical College is military friendly institute that is perfect for veterans and military members who want to achieve their career aspirations.


Campus Location:
2770 Red Lion Road,
Philadelphia, PA 19114

The Orleans Technical College also provides financial aid to deserving and needy students.
The programs offered at the school include:
• Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Heating Training
• Building Maintenance Training
• Carpentry
• Residential and Commercial Electricity
• Telecommunications Technician

• Plumbing and Heating

Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Heating Training - HVAC

By enrolling yourself in this program at the Orleans Technical College, you can become a mechanic or a technician. This is the perfect career path for students who like facing new challenges every day associated with energy efficiency, electrical solutions and implementing solutions for climate control. Upon graduation, candidates are eligible to apply for a variety of entry-level positions associated with service and repair of air conditioning, heating equipment and refrigeration.

The school is equipped with cold rooms, freezers and ice machines that aid students in receiving practical and theoretical knowledge about refrigeration. Additionally, students are taught about the current technology relating to window units, heat pumps, and central air conditioning.

Building Maintenance Training
By enrolling yourself in Orleans Technical College’s Building Maintenance program, you are likely to develop a wide range of handy skills ranging from heating, plumbing, painting to carpentry. You will learn all the skills which are necessary to maintain or renovate commercial or residential properties. The program teaches diversified skills that also include tiling, papering and painting that help the student quality for a variety of entry level jobs.

Carpentry Program
Carpentry is a significant part of today’s modern development. The craft has been around for centuries and plays an important role in constructing houses. While there are plenty of carpentry schools to attend, Orleans Technical College offers new construction skills that helps students become fine carpenters. Students are taught how to build a house to scale, install doors and windows, construct full-size deck, rough and drywall finishing, etc. If you in search of a promising career that highlights your love for carpentry, then this is the program you should opt for. Training includes safety practices, reading blueprints, practicing mathematics and much more.

Plumbing and Heating

In just a matter of 6 or 13 months, you can take your first step towards an enticing career in plumbing and heating. Upon graduation, you will be provided the opportunity to solve plumbing and heating needs for businesses and homeowners. Graduates will typically be required to work with electric heating, gas, oil, install fixtures and furnaces and much more. At Orleans Technical College, students are provided training on how to install and repair ductwork, radiators, forced hot air heaters or baseboard units. All tasks are carried out under the supervision of instructors until the students are able to perform them their selves. Upon graduation, you should be able to attain an entry-level position as a heating and plumbing technician or a heating contractor.

Residential and Commercial Electricity
This program is specifically designed for students who want embark in an exciting career in Residential and Commercial Electricity with only 6 or 13 months of training. After entering the field, you will be required to handle service wiring from underground up to commercial, residential and public establishments. Students can opt for a range of career paths that range from electrical troubleshooters and installers to electrical assistants. In this program, students are instructed on how to identify, care and properly use electrical tools and equipment. You will also learn basic theories, single and multi-phase electrical motors along with electrical control systems.

Telecommunications Technician
If you are interested in a career that involves providing residential and commercial installations and troubleshooting of wireless and wired networks, home entertainment, cable television and much more then you ought to become a telecommunications technician. At Orleans Technical College, students are provided hands-on instructions on handing splicing of telephone, satellite, cable television and fiber optic cables. Additionally, students are taught on how to use test and tools associated with the telecommunications industry. Upon graduation, you will be able to efficiently perform commercial and residential cable installation as well as installation of programming related equipment.