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  • Automotive Mechanic Technician
  • Diesel Technology & Automotive Maintenance
  • Classic Car & Vintage Restoration
  • Collision Repair & Finishing
  • Diesel Technology Center
  • Manufacturer Training
  • Motorcycle Technician
  • High Performance & Racing
  • Specialized Street Rods, Hot Rods & Custom Vehicles
  • Professional Welding Technician

Ohio Technical College


ohio technical college

Ohio Technical College is a promising institute for students who want to pursue a rewarding automotive career. OTC is the perfect place for you to receive hand-on technical skills and real world experience that is needed to climb up the career ladder. OTC is considered as one of the forefronts of technical colleges as it offers a diversity of training programs for students to select from.

Students interested in getting themselves enrolled in any of the programs offered by the school must contact the institution using their toll-free number and discuss their details with an admissions representative. Prospective students will be called to meet with one of the admission representatives for a career planning session. The applicant must possess a strong desire to excel in the field and must have the support needed to become a graduate. Furthermore, prospective students will visit the school to meet the staff, teachers and students along with various departments of the school. Students must take an admission test must achieve a satisfactory score which covers reading comprehension and basic math.


Campus Location:
1374 E 51st Street
Cleveland, OH 44103

The programs offered by the school include:
Automotive Mechanic Technician Career Training Program
If you are interested in becoming a professional automotive mechanic or a technician then this is the perfect training program for you. Rest assured, once you have enrolled into OTC, you are bound to have a good future ahead thanks to the comprehensive education experience that helps students become skilled and valuable employees. The program focuses on various aspects of mechanics including engine performance and repair, electrical and electronic systems, suspension and staring systems, heating and air condition and much more.

Diesel Technology & Automotive Maintenance Master Program
At OTC, you can enjoy more career opportunities by opting for a cross-course training program. Allow yourself to stand apart from other mechanics in the industry by opting for a specialized master’s program that combines auto-diesel technician training with automotive maintenance education and become a Professional Auto Diesel Technician. Upon graduation, you will have the experience and required training to handle a variety of equipment including construction equipment, cars, trains, trucks and buses. The training program focuses on automotive engine, drivetrain, welding, braking systems, heating and air conditioning and much more.

Classic Car & Vintage Restoration Career Training Program
If you are passionate about restoring and working with vintage and classic automobiles, then this is just the program for you. The 18-month training program can help you gain real-world skills that will in turn translate into a great career. The unique program emphasizes on classic car restoration while also teaching students about the modern automotive technologies. Within the expanding field of antique and classic car restoration, professionals who are able to gain a comprehensive practical education will be able to go very far.

Collision Repair & Finishing Training Program
In search of a highly rewarding career that is in high demand? Why not become a professional automotive collision technician? This is the perfect career for you if you wish to combine custom painting and creativity. Be prepared to receive intense and hands-on training that will benefit your career. The 12-month training program focuses on mechanical and electrical components, painting and refinishing, welding, heating and air conditioning, plastic and adhesives repair and much more.


Diesel Technology Career Training Program
Do you want to become a professional Diesel Equipment Technician? Well perhaps you should enroll yourself in this 18-month course. Do not settle for ordinary diesel training degree and opt for the specialized Diesel Equipment Technology program offered by OTC. The program is designed to teach students what it is to become a successful diesel technology professional. The program focuses on industry and heavy equipment, electrical and electronic systems, light generator systems, diesel engine performance and repair, light generator systems and much more.

Manufacturer Training Program
OTC offers an array of specific training programs that provides students the opportunity to work with excellent manufacturers. With OTC, you will not only get the quality education you are looking for but the manufacturers will also cover your tuition in accordance to the established terms discussed upon employment. Students can choose from the following programs:

• BMW STEP training program
• BMW Paint & Body STEP training program
• Volvo’s Service Automotive Factory Education (SAFE) program
• MINI STEP training program
• International Technician Training Program (ITEP)

Motorcycle Technician Training
Applicants who are interested in being a part of today’s fastest growing industry can enroll themselves in the motorcycle technician-training program. The 12-18 month program is offered by PowerSport Institute (PSI), which is a branch campus of OTC dedicated to motorcycle mechanics. In this program, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of ATV repair, snowmobile technician, personal water crafty repair along with motor cycle technician training.

High Performance & Racing Career Training Programs
Enjoy working with class sports car and working with intricate engines? Why not become a Professional Racing & Motorsports Technician. This amazing program will prepare you for a thrilling career such as a racecar technician, service and part manager, service writer, automotive technician, engine builder, repair business owner etc.

Specialized Street Rods, Hot Rods & Custom Vehicles Training Program
If you are interested in a rewarding career, then you should opt for OTC. In a matter of 18 months, this course will help you stand outside the crowd. This course is perfect for applicants who wish to pursue a career in the specially industries of customs, street rods and concept vehicles. Other than making external body modification and learning about fabrication techniques, you will also receive training in custom paints and graphics, mobile electronics, interior modifications along with drivetrain and engine modifications.

Professional Welding Technician
The welding technology master training program is specially designed for students who want to become skilled welders. According to experts, welders are in high demand with companies reported finding it difficult to recruit quality welders. The training program focuses on blueprint reading, welder certification, study of practical mathematics, advanced welding principles etc.