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About Ohio Christian University
The mission of OCU is to prepare students to serve as members of both the church and society. This is accomplished with an education fully integrated with the bible and teachings in the Wesleyan tradition. Graduates from OCU will leave with a full education in their chosen discipline, along with other key abilities such as being able to articulate a Christian world-view and apply biblical teachings to everyday life.


Campus Location:
Ohio Christian University
1476 Lancaster Pike,
Circleville, Ohio 43113


The School of Business and Government

You can earn an Associate’s, Bachelor’s, or Master’s degree in a business related field from Ohio Christian University. Several different specifications are available to make sure you get the training you need to take your education and make it work for you after college.


Studies at OCU include a robust general education curriculum that gives students a solid background on a variety of subjects they will find useful throughout life, including literature, Religion, philosophy, music, mathematics, sociology, and more. An important part of OCU’s mission is to provide a Christ-centered education in the Wesleyan tradition.


The School of Business and Government gives students the ability to study topics such as business management, accounting, criminal justice, finance, and more.

Some of the specializations available include:


- AA in Business Management
- BA in Accounting & Finance
- BA in Business
- BA in Business Management
- BA in Criminal Justice
- BA in Emergency & Disaster Management and Business
- BA in Government & Public Service
- BA in Government and Business
- BA in International Business
- BA in Pre-Law in Business
- BA in Sports Management

Two Master’s programs are available in the business category. These are a Master of Business Administration and a Master of Management.

General Studies


Ohio Christian University strives to offer as many different majors as possible. Some students may not have a specific specialization in mind, and for these students there are Interdisciplinary Studies options that allow the student to develop their own curriculum with the help of an Academic advisor.Also under the General Studies banner is a Pre-Nursing program that serves to prepare students for more intensive programs at other colleges and universities.


Specializations include:

- AA in Interdisciplinary Studies
- AA in Pre-Nursing
- BA in Interdisciplinary Studies


Music Degree Program


The Music program at Ohio Christian University offers specializations for students interested in learning about music’s role in worship as well as those who are interested in music education. Anyone who shares a passion with music or who is interested in becoming a leader in ministry would find these programs valuable.


Majors include:
- AA in Worship Leadership
- BA in Music Education - Instrumental Concentration
- BA in Music Education - Vocal/Choral Concentration
- BA in Worship Leadership
- BA in Worship Leadership & Business
- BA in Worship Leadership & Christian Ministries
- BA in Worship Leadership (With a Minor or AA)


Psychology Degrees

The psychology programs at Ohio Christian University are designed to help students discover aspects of human nature while special attention is also given to how faith and theory are translated into human action.


Some of the available options in this disciple are general and provide a foundation to base further education off of, while others like the Bachelor of Arts degree in Chemical Dependency Counseling are for those with a clear career goal.

Specializations in this discipline include:
- BA in Chemical Dependency Counseling
- BA in Psychology
- General Psychology Concentration
- Pre-Counseling Concentration
- Research Concentration


Religion and Ministry Degree Programs


The religion and ministry disciplines are designed for students interested in entering the Christian ministry or teaching the Word of God. Whether students are interested in ministry for children or adults, locally or cross-culturally, there are programs available to meet their needs.


Students choosing one of these programs will gain a command of Wesleyan theology and both the Old and New Testaments.

Specializations available:
- AA in Religious Studies
- BA in Children's Ministry
- BA in Christian Ministries
- BA in Christian Ministries and Business
- BA in Christian Ministries with Intercultural Ministries Concentration
- BA in Intercultural Ministries
- BA in Intercultural Ministries: Nursing
- BA in Pre-Seminary
- BA in Youth Ministries

A Master of Arts in Ministry program is available, with two tracks to chose from, Pastoral Care and Counseling or Practical Theology.

Teacher Education

Ohio Christian University offers a wide range of education related disciplines for students to study. Within some of these disciplines, students may be required to further specialize in specific subjects that they will become qualified to teach.


Available majors include:
- 4th & 5th Grade Generalist Endorsement - 12 Credits
- AA in Early Childhood Development
- BA in Early Childhood Education [Pre K-3]
- BA in Middle Childhood Education (Grades 4-9)
- Language Arts/Math Combined Concentration
- Language Arts/Science Combined Concentration
- Language Arts/Social Studies Combined Concentration
- Math/Science Combined Concentration
- Math/Social Studies Combined Concentration
- Science/Social Studies Combined Concentration