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  • Clinical Medical Assistant
  • Phlebotomy/EKG Technician
  • Medical Coding & Billing
  • Medical Office Assistant
  • Medical Lab Assistant
  • Computer Repair Technician
  • Desktop Support Tech
  • Network Admin Design
  • Network Specialist
  • Information Technologist
  • HVAC/R

Northeast Technical Institute


Northeast Technical Institute



Since the mid 1990s, the Northeast Technical Institute has trained students for careers in a variety of trades, including truck driving, sheet metal fabrication, HVAC/R maintenance, installation and repair and many more. The school has a track record of successfully training students to succeed in their chosen field of study. It employs instructors who are experienced and passionate about the subject matter, and they provide a thorough education on chosen programs. Programs are designed to give students a high quality education, increasing their chances of successfully obtaining an entry level position in their chosen field following completion. NTI’s success rests in its dedication to motivating and training students with hands-on instruction, skilled instructors with real world experience and various student services. With convenient class schedules and even FLEX learning options for many programs, you can easily work the program into your schedule and be well on your way to a new, rewarding career.


Northeast Technical Institute Campus Locations:
51 U.S. Route 1, Suite K
Scarborough, ME 04074


1010 Stillwater Ave.
Bangor, ME 04401


20 East Ave.
Lewiston, ME 04240



Healthcare Related Training Programs

Clinical Medical Assistant

Working with patients during intake, Clinical Medical Assistants aid in the operation of a doctor’s office by asking pertinent questions, taking statistics, conveying information to the doctor, updating patient medical records and interacting with patients, among other duties. NTI will teach you both the administrative and clinical aspects of the job so you will be ready to thrive in a clinical setting.


Phlebotomy/EKG Technician

Working with patients who need to have blood drawn is a critical part of healthcare, and it takes a skilled professional. EKGs are used to diagnose a number of heart related conditions and are also a key component to the medical process. NTI will train you to draw blood in a manner that is more comfortable to patients, and you will also learn how to run other diagnostic equipment such as EKGs.

Medical Coding and Billing

To ensure proper processing and payment for procedures by insurance companies, complex paperwork must be entered into the system efficiently. Upon completion of the Medical Coding and Billing Program, you will be able to process paperwork to ensure that procedures are billed and coded effectively, enhancing the insurance process for the clinic and the patient.

Medical Office Assistant

No clinic or doctor’s office can run smoothly without its front office professionals. From scheduling appointments to processing co-pays, you will become a vital part of the clinical setting. The Medical Office Assistant Program will train you to perform all of the functions necessary to ensure efficient visits for each patient.

Medical Lab Assistant

If you would prefer to work on the back end of patient care, consider training to become a lab assistant. In this job, you will prepare specimens for testing and run various tests to aid in diagnostics, physical assessments and more.

Computer Training Programs

Computer Repair Tech

In a state-of-the-art facility, you will learn everything you need to know to diagnose and repair computers of all types. You will learn a variety of problem solving techniques that will aid you in helping customers determine what is wrong with their computer and how to fix it.


Desktop Support Tech

Help customers in real time by becoming a Desktop Support Tech. This program teaches students how to administer the Microsoft Desktop Operating System, which is utilized by most companies.

Network Admin Design

To aid companies in managing their data and communication tools, join the Network Admin Design Program. Students in this program will be trained to monitor and administer computer networks of the Windows Server platform, allowing companies to effectively share and store data in a secure environment.

Network Specialist

Get more in-depth training on server maintenance and repair in the Network Specialist Program. This program is more comprehensive that the Admin Design program, enabling you to perform more duties of a Server Administrator.


Information Technologist

An Information Technologist can assess the networking and technology needs of a company. It is the most in-depth of the computer technology programs and is great for those who enjoy computers and finding network solutions to help companies function efficiently.


HVAC/R Program
In the Northeast Technical HVAC/R program, students will learn what they need to know to install, maintain and repair HVAC and refrigeration systems for residential and commercial buildings alike. From new construction to existing buildings, HVAC/R is a key component of every building. As an HVAC/R professional, you will be able to aid in climate control in a variety of situations. NTI will teach you the basics of repair, installation and maintenance of the latest HVAC systems and technologies.


Truck Driving Training
To seize the open road while ensuring that freight loads are delivered in a timely manner, go to NTI to train for your CDL driver’s license. The school can train you for a Class A or B CDL license, enabling you to take the test and get a job in the field of truck driving. You will learn safety inspection as well as the fundamentals of operating a large truck on the freeway and through the neighborhood. Hands on training will help you become familiar with the vehicle and log practice hours before taking your test.


Manufacturing Technician
Learn in-demand trades like welding, sheet metal and machine repair in this program. Students will learn safety procedures, skills such as blueprint reading, welding and other tools needed to successfully work in the manufacturing industry. This program will train you for an entry level position in a variety of manufacturing positions.


Sign up for Classes
To begin the process, fill out an online application or set up an appointment with an Admissions Representative. High school diplomas and/or equivalent are required for most programs; however, students may be able to take an entrance exam demonstrating their ability to benefit from the program for some of the courses. Speak with a representative to find out the requirements for your chosen program. After you’ve completed your application, you will interview with admissions staff to determine your goals and determine which program is the best for you.


Paying for your Education
NTI accepts many financial aid programs, including Federal Student loans, a variety of grant programs, the GI Bill and more. To determine your eligibility and financial aid options, speak with a financial aid officer. These officers will meet with you to assess your eligibility, assist you in filling out forms and counsel you on all of your options. The Financial Aid Office has resources on a variety of programs, so make an appointment to determine your options.


Career Services
NTI offers comprehensive career development services to students in each program. Career development training includes resume writing techniques, interview prep and assistance in planning your career. The school will help you locate potential employers and can contact out of state employers to help you increase your chances of being hired if you choose to relocate. NTI graduates are employed by many companies, and each student receives access to the NTINow database, which includes contact information for potential employers, job listings and more.


Computer Certifications
IT professionals who need to brush up on new developments in programming can obtain professional certifications at Northeast Technical Institute. The school offers certifications in Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA, NORA, CETP, EPA, NHA, and AMT. Take advantage of these certifications to enhance your knowledge base and improve your skills. Stay current on different aspects of your current career or your desired career by obtaining a professional certification at NTI.